Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Day of Firsts

Baby's first birthday, daughter's first day at school, and probably the first time I've eaten an entire box of biscuits instead of breakfast!

These were yummy and addictive, lovely squidgy Christmassy spiciness! :) My Grandma gave them to me - she has a habit of giving me food that she doesn't want to eat herself, but is then the first to comment when I gain any weight! I figured I may as well try them before healthy eating starts tomorrow, but then I couldn't stop eating them, they were so yummy! Meant that between them and a latte I was too full/guilty to have any 'proper' breakfast though...not a good food start to the day!

On a more positive note, daughter went to school fine, and whilst a little clingy at first, soon settled in and had a great day! Baby had a good birthday too, he has been given so many new toys...he can't seem to decide which to play with first - keeps flitting between all of them!! My day improved food wise too so all good :)

As it was the baby's birthday, Liam and I took him out to lunch - just to a local restaurant/pub which is very child-friendly. I had planned to have a proper meal but Liam was only planning to have a bacon sandwich, so I decided to have a "smaller portion" of battered cod, mashed potato (I know, I'm weird!) and peas...

this was really nice :) quite glad I had a small portion as their regular sized cod is huge! I also pinched a few of Liam's curly fries...

we were both full so decided on no seems Liam's small appetite was a good influence on me today!!

I would have managed a snack-free day if it hadn't been for daughter coming home from school and offering me some of her chocolates (ie she wanted some herself and knew best way was to offer her parents first!!)...I stopped myself at 3, yum.

Dinner...we were all super tired - baby barely slept last night so Liam and I have been like zombies today! Luckily my peanut butter jar was nearly empty...

so for dinner I filled it with porridge made up with mashed banana and lots of cinnamon...

I was tempted to top this with granola but as the porridge filled the jar so nicely I decided to keep it simple. Glad I did, this was delicious...

the perfect dinner for when you're too tired to cook! :)

Bit of a short post today... I'm super tired so can barely think straight, plus it seems I haven't actually eaten that much today...sadly it hasn't been particularly healthy either! Fingers crossed baby gives us some more sleep tonight!!


  1. I love those leibkucken biscuits and I could not find them anywhere this christmas! Sainsburys always used to do them in bags (and cal wise they were about 50 cals a biscuit so pretty good)- I love their soft spicy flavour. I have cookie envy!

  2. Overall, you were probably well under with calories for the day. So what if the food wasn't 'healthy?' I often think that I end up eating more if I don't go for the nub of my tastes than if I just went down the intuitive route sometimes. I think everyone's entitled to biccies for breakfast every now and again!

    Hope you get some much-deserved shut-eye :)

  3. Maria - these were from M&S but I'm sure I saw them in Lidl in bags as well...hope you have better luck finding them next year!! :)

    Jess - don't know what my daily cals were like when I wrote this post, havent counted in ages, but later on Liam suggested sharing the last tub of icecream in the after half a tub of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked with caramel sauce on top...I'm pretty sure I was over!! :) Ah well, I enjoyed it, definitely agree that intuitive eating is a good idea, so long as I listen to my own hunger and not Liam's too! Baby slept better last night so feeling a bit more alive today, thanks :)


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