Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunny Weekend

Hello! Have you all had a lovely weekend?

My weekend started with more Mississippi Mud Pie...

I was channelling memories of our honeymoon with this chocolate and cherry breakfast!

I was worried the rest of the day wouldn't be able to live up to this lovely start, but it did pretty well! ;)

My Dad was visiting for the weekend, and took the children to my Grandparents' for lunch. Liam and I made the most of the peace and quiet by going out for lunch ourselves. I started with a latte...

and then had goats cheese and caramelised onion on toasted sundried tomato bread...

and some chips to share with Liam...

This lunch was tasty, but I was a little annoyed. The goats cheese dish was the only thing on the menu that was vegetarian, it was marked as vegetarian on the menu, but when it came out it was drizzled with pesto that wasn't mentioned on the menu. And let's face it, in the little town I live in, the pesto probably wasn't vegetarian. I still ate it - the pesto was mainly on the tomatoes which I don't eat anyway - but I did mention it to the waiter when he collected our plates. Mainly so that they could either change their menu, or just not put the pesto drizzle on the next time. He said he'd check in the kitchen and came back into the room - but not up to our table - and just kind of shouted at me "you're ok" with a thumbs up sign. That annoyed me. I didn't make a huge deal about it or anything, but it just felt like he was really dismissive. Meh. We still had a nice lunch, it just irritated me a bit.

Rather than spend money on dessert, we walked home and had (another) big slice of mud pie. This stuff is so good! This was my piece which, admittedly, is rather huge...but Liam's was even bigger! I'm jealous of his ability to eat anything and everything without gaining any weight! ;-)

The children both had a nap when they got back from spending time with my Dad, so Liam and I got to sit down with our chocolate cake and watch a whole DVD in peace...bliss.

For dinner, I was lacking energy and inspiration so Liam went to Waitrose and bought some ready meal curries. They didn't have my usual cauliflower curry or lentil daal so Liam got me some aloo gobi saag (potato, cauliflower and spinach) plus the usual rice and naan. He did also get me chana masala but I gave that to the children - I don't do beans or chickpeas unless they are mashed/blended!

Yellow but tasty!


Today has been mainly spent outside. We did a quick shop in Waitrose as soon as it opened, and then Liam to Izzy swimming while I stayed at home with Toby. I'd planned to take him for a little walk, but he was mega tired/grumpy, so he went for a nap and I got to spend time in our sunny back garden painting my toe nails! Bliss - definitely appreciating the child-free moments this weekend!!!

Once Liam and Izzy got home, we had lunch. I'd been looking forward to these for a while - crisps & dips!

Toby didn't quite manage to wait for the others to get back before he got stuck in...!!

His favourite was the sour cream dip, Izzy and I love the guacamole and Liam had no choice loves the salsa - perfect!

After lunch we headed back outside for a walk - it was too sunny not to really! Izzy took her scooter...

Rare photo of me for no real reason...

Playing down by the river...

We didn't walk too far as we'd chosen not to take Toby's pushchair, but it was nice to get out and stretch our legs.

Now we are all having a sit down before thinking about cooking dinner, getting everyone ready for the week ahead etc. This weekend has gone slower than most, but the two days still always go by too quickly!

What have you done this weekend? Is it spring yet where you are? Hopefully I'm not going to bring the bad weather back by saying it, but I wore flip flops today, yey! Definitely a sign that summer is on it's way to me! :)


  1. Hasn't the weather been gorgeous?! I've had a retail therapy filled weekend, the best kind!

    1. Retail therapy is always good! Well, not so much for me with whinging children in tow, haha, but I'm sure yours was more enjoyable! ;)

  2. I'm still totally drooling over your Mississippi Mud Pie, especially for breakfast .... I would SO do that ;-). We had a fantastic day yesterday with friends, today as a run and slobbing on the couch - exactly how I like it.

    1. It was a great breakfast! I didn't have any yesterday though - despite the others having some - don't know what's up with that! I'll make up for it by having some with coffee in a bit :)

      Your weekend sounds lovely :) I like to have a mix of doing things and relaxing - the relaxing part is important else I don't feel like I've had a weekend!

  3. Flip flops- that is impressive! I had a little walk on Saturday and wore my sunglasses because it was so sunny :)
    I get annoyed with restaurants too- we went for dinner with friends on Saturday for a birthday, and the thing that annoys me the most is when they say something is veggie when it has parmeasan in it (similar to your pesto)-I was going to email them because the waiter we had was really good and they were having a bit of a busy time (and a nightmare with another table that were so demanding and rude). Yum to the chocolate and cherry breakfast.

    1. I love flip flops - they are the most comfortable shoes for my (difficult) feet so I wear them at the slightest hint of warmth!

      Yes, the parmesan things is annoying too. There was another dish on the restaurant's menu that was pasta with parmesan and pesto in it, but that wasn't marked as vegetarian so that's fine. The dish I chose was marked with (V) and didn't have any mention of pesto, so I think the chef probably just added it for decoration without thinking. Hopefully he'll at least think next time now!


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