Sunday, 3 April 2011

Super Saturday

I'm currently waiting for a cake to come out of the oven (will share the details later if it's a success!) so it's the perfect time for a post about yesterday - a great day! It started off with a super green smoothie...

Tropical Green Smoothie
  • 1 banana
  • 1 pear
  • 1/3 of a fresh pineapple
  • 2 handfuls spinach
  • 60ml vanilla rice milk
  • xanthan gum
Topped with toasted coconut flakes...

I loved this! Will definitely be including more smoothies/green smoothies from now on - so refreshing and feels like a great start to the day :) I am however very envious of all of you with decent blenders that can make pure green smoothies - the best my food processor can manage is green with darker green flecks!

Lunch was a quick one as we were off to see her daughter in her dance show. I had wholewheat penne with some peas added for the last few minutes of cooking, served with a "sauce" of sun dried tomato houmous and nutritional yeast...

this was really tasty, and the houmous was such an easy way to make a sauce - I just stirred it and the nutritional yeast through the drained pasta whilst it was still on the hob to warm up, yum.

Then it was time to go to the dance show - daughter was so cute! She was in the second youngest group - the littlies always make the audience go "awww"! & her costume was a bright pink leotard and tiara with fairy wings and a crown, bless! She didn't know all the steps as she'd missed the rehearsals and first couple of performances, but she followed along a second or two behind everyone she had a huge dressing on her neck I hope people wouldn't have thought badly, they all look so cute even if they don't know exactly what they're doing!! Daughter then joined us in the audience to watch Acts 2 + 3, which my sister was in. I was very good and just stuck to water in the intervals - daughter and Liam had ice cream in interval 1 and chocolate in interval 2!!

The reason I managed to resist anything was that Liam and I were going out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary :) We decided to go to a local restaurant we could walk to so we weren't so rushed. For my starter, I had lightly spiced butternut squash...

This was amazing, so thick and creamy, and the spice was delicate but not at all overpowering...I plan to recreate this very soon! :) I also had a mouthful of Liam's starter - roasted pepper and goat's cheese salad (what I would've chosen if the soup of the day hadn't been butternut squash!)...

this was tasty, although piggy that I am, I'd have wanted it to be double the size - my soup was definitely more filling!

For main, I didn't have a lot of choice! When we'd been to this restaurant before, there had been a large choice, with their menu including a pizza section, a salad section and a pasta section as well as more traditional mains. However it had been majorly cut down - to literally 6 items plus another 2 specials - 1 meat, 1 fish. There was only 1 vegetarian option so that's what I went for - artichokes, mushrooms and leeks in a creamy white wine sauce in a puff pastry case...

I hadn't ever had artichokes before and wasn't a fan (I think these were tinned ones which may not have helped?) but the rest of it was tasty, if a bit stodgy. I also had lots of broccoli and mangetout on the side. I was too full for pudding after this (and 2 Pimms & lemonades...summer's on its way!!) but Liam ordered one for himself and I ended up eating almost half of it!! Belgian waffle with fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream...

this was lovely, and lots more fresh fruit than I was expecting - raspberries, strawberries, half a passion fruit, star fruit and a physalis, delish :)

It was so nice to be able to go out for an evening and have conversation that didn't revolve around/get interrupted by the children for once!! And yummy food always helps :)

Today is the opposite - Liam is at work so I am spending time solely with the children - playing with baby, writing with daughter etc, and baking with daughter while baby sleeps...all good fun! :) Yummy smells are now coming from the oven so I better go investigate... have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. I still have not tried a green smoothie! I think my blender would be like yours- leaving the flecks in!


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