Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lunch at the Beach Hut

Today has been such a good day :) After my amazing cocoa-raspberry "pudding" smoothie for breakfast, it was then time to get ready to spend some time on the beach. Liam went into uni, but the kids and I met up with my Mum...having an equal ratio of adults to children is always helpful!! Mum rents out a beach hut each summer with two of her friends, which provides a great base everyone :)

Fully stocked with mugs, plates etc...Mum even cooked a risotto down there a couple of nights ago!!

We walked through town to get to the beach and picked up a couple of salad pots for lunch - one with egg mayonnaise on top, and one with prawn mayonnaise (daughter's choice). These are a bargain at £3.20 and can feed 2 adults, they're huge!

I only ate the egg mayonnaise one, probably had about two thirds of that pot in total. It had lots of different food in the mix - the basic cucumber, lettuce, grated carrot, sweetcorn plus plain cooked pasta, potato salad, coleslaw, cooked beetroot, and couscous...

this was so tasty...

...I went back for seconds!

For dessert, daughter cut up & arranged a fruit plate for us all to share. There would have been more but baby ate a whole banana to himself, as well as munching a load of grapes!

It was then play-time! Mum sat with a magazine whilst "watching" baby in the pushchair, and daughter and I went to play in the sea! Note to self: revealing bikini body for the first time this year after eating a big lunch was not the prettiest sight...but who cares, we had fun! Don't worry, I won't scare everyone with a bikini photo, but I did get a photo of the rare sight of me in a skirt!

I desperately need some new clothes - I'm currently existing on a few tops, a couple of pairs of jeans, plus hand-me-down skirts/trousers from my Mum that are too big for her!! Old before my time!! Speaking of which, my Honeymoon Clothes Weight Loss Challenge was a complete fail - I only managed to lose 0.6 of a pound in 8 weeks!!! Grrr, I have no willpower - I did well for a few weeks then put most of it back on again! Mum and I couldn't go shopping this week anyway as Liam had to go into uni each day to make sure his dissertation gets done. We're going to go shopping in May/June half term instead...hopefully I'll be a bit happier with my body by then as well - whether I've lost weight or not, I'll hopefully have accepted by then that that is the body I'm taking to Barcelona!

Anyway, back to the fun stuff! Daughter and I had a great time playing in the sea...

We weren't brave enough to actually swim (the water was so cold my feet went numb!) but we still got wet - despite the small waves, daughter and I used our hands/feet to splash each other!

Poor little girl didn't stand a chance - she only managed to get me wet up to the middle of my back, whereas she was drenched from head to toe!! Heehee, good fun, she loved it, and she obviously wasn't too cold as she managed an ice lolly afterwards for the walk home!

The beach was really busy - nothing like it will be in summer of course - but lots of people making the most of the sunshine :)

Such a good day :) Baby was really good as well which made all the difference - he happily stayed in his pushchair in the shade until the last twenty minutes or so, when he had a quick wander around on the beach.

Once back home, baby had a nap and daughter and I relaxed until Liam got home. Then it was time for an easy dinner - the others had leftover meatballs from the freezer and I had the last of last night's Sweet Potato & Kidney Bean Burritos with some lettuce and sweet chilli sauce...

This was delicious again, but not a big enough dinner considering a) I'd had no snacks today, and b) I ate twice this amount for dinner yesterday! So I followed it up with a Nakd bar dipped in peanut butter, an idea I first got from Jess' blog...

A really tasty combo!

I ended up eating it with a spoon as the Nakd bar turned out to be really crumbly for some reason, odd. Still just as tasty though :)

And that's it for today, I think anyway. After I posted last night I ended up sharing a box of fudge with Liam...

That was a rational decision though as, weirdly, I checked the box yesterday, the 20th April, and it was best before 20th April exactly! I know it would've been fine to leave for longer...but any excuse to eat it! It was a mixed flavour box, and luckily for me Liam dislikes walnut fudge, one of my favourites (from this selection anyway, I don't want to limit my options in regards to favourite fudge flavours in general!!)

I don't think there's anything sugary left in the house that I really fancy at the moment though, and not feeling hungry at the moment, so hopefully I won't just snack for the sake of it once I hit 'publish' on this post!

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  1. Your day at the beach looked fantastic- I love it that the sun is shining (although it feels to me more like the summer holidays!)


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