Saturday, 28 January 2012

Full Of Goodness

Happy Saturday!

Have you all had a good start to the weekend? We've had a nice day here, not too busy but it's been nice to spend some time at home. I've also eaten really well (for me) today which always makes me feel more positive!

I started the day with an unpictured latte, as always. Izzy had wanted to go to gym club this morning, but Liam took her only to find that it had be cancelled as the hall was in use. So when she got back home and we snuggled up on the sofa watching The Pacifier and eating sliced apple with peanut butter. Toby had a bowl of his own as he doesn't share well!!

I love this but am usually too lazy to make it myself (silly I know - I always seem to reach for the chocolate instead!) but Liam chopped these apples up for us, yey, thanks Liam! :)

For lunch I did actually get off my bum and take the time to make something. Not that it took long - this soup was so easy, but really tasty. Just sliced leeks, diced carrots, red lentils, veg stock and a tsp of curry powder. I didn't even bother to blend it - I prefer chunky soups as it feels like you're actually eating something! Served with a part-bake bread roll - I can't eat soup without bread!

This was so tasty, and super filling. Probably a way too big portion size, but at least I figure it was full of good stuff - better than eating rubbish! This was when I thought of today's post title - I found myself sat at the table saying to Izzy and Liam "eat up, this is full of good for you" etc, haha, I do find myself being too "Mum-like" sometimes!!!

The soup did a good job of keeping me full for the afternoon. I did end up eating one of Izzy's Halloween chocolates in a moment of weakness, but it was just a tiny chocolate eyeball so not too bad. And a few blueberries when I found myself staring blankly into the fridge!

For dinner, Liam cooked sausage and mash for him & the children, so I made myself a smoothie. Simple yet tasty seemed to be my motto today - this was just a banana, frozen raspberries (and a couple of frozen blueberries ruining the colour!) and Kara coconut milk, plus desiccated coconut on top. I also drizzled on some agave after taking the photo as it wasn't quite sweet enough for my liking.

Sausage and mash was never my favourite meal even when I did eat meat, so I wasn't at all jealous of their meal. Izzy, on the other hand, spent most of the time staring longingly at my "pretty pink smoothie" and asking constantly what it tasted like. Bless her, I didn't want to risk letting her taste it and getting gravy on my spoon, but I've promised to make it again for us both soon!

I've even prepared a treat for myself to have later on. I found myself getting a bit peckish at about 5.30pm, but instead of eating something so close to dinner, I decided to make myself something delicious for later - Jemma's choco, pb and nana pudding - love this!

Yum. This is currently sitting in the fridge waiting for me :) It's weird - knowing it was there if I wanted it seems to have stopped me reaching for other things, yet I haven't eaten this yet either. Shows that most of my snacking isn't actually because I'm hungry I guess. This pudding will be needed later though, when Liam sits eating chocolate and/or ice cream as usual!!

I'm so pleased I've actually managed a good day of eating for once, it shows I can do it, now I just have to keep it going for more than one day!

What are your favourite good-for-you treats? I have such a sweet tooth, but snacking on biscuits all day long does me no favours either for my energy levels or my weight. Having something like Jemma's pudding as a treat to look forward to sometimes works well though - it tastes no much nicer than shop bought "treats" and is better for me too, I just wish it was enough to tame my snack monster every day! Some "good" days are better than none I guess! :)


  1. I think the concept of 'good for you' is so subjective that it's hard to say what constitutes a treat full of 'goodness.' Because I'm trying to face up to eating too many 'healthy' things and resenting people eating pizza or something, when in reality the calories in the stuff I have by far exceed the crap that they are eating. So, I'm not sure that any treats are good or bad, because it's about portion size and frequency as well as content. I shouldn't be allowed near nut butters.

    Your smoothie is an amazing colour. I'm not surprised that Izzy was entranced by it. I want one too!


    1. Yes, you're right. I suppose I'm just so relieved to have successfully eaten lots of "whole" foods today, and eaten less frequently than usual (after days of pigging out on biscuits/big bowls of pasta/pizza (really not as good as it looks - I ate a whole cheese pizza for dinner last night & felt so uncomfortable afterwards)/Costa muffins etc) that I'm in a bit of a "I've been so good today" mindset - not very good really, it shouldn't be such a big deal to keep my excessive appetite under control, but at the moment that's how it feels.

      Portion size is definitely more important though - I'm awful for portion sizes, I easily eat as much as Liam and when he is full, I'm still hungry! :(

      The smoothie was even prettier in real life than in that photo! Whenever I had spinach etc it gets much uglier - mainly frozen raspberries is the way to go for bright pink!! :) xx

  2. I love all fruits as a treat, especially cherries. I also love dark chocolate. Mmmmmmm!

    Sounds like you had a lovely Saturday :)

    1. Mmmm, I love cherries too. They're one of the few "nice" (ie not apples & bananas!) fruits that Liam likes which is good, but does mean that they always disappear much more quickly when I buy them!! ;)

  3. I think I'm getting to the point where I want to know that what is in my food is real and not full of, for instance, stabilisers and preservatives and E numbers and false foods. I know this means making things form scratch but I'm borderline giving up ham so anything is possible!
    Lovely Saturday was had here ... not!! I cleaned out the kids bedroom and man was it a mess up there - 3 round plastic baskets and 2 boxes whittled down to 1 round and 2 boxes + 1 large bin bag & charity donation box EISH, I'm never buying them another toy again!!

    1. Yes, I know what you mean about knowing what's in your food. I'm actually pretty good (now, I didn't use to be) about cooking meals from's all the snacking I usually do between meals that gets me. If there are fudge babies etc in the freezer then I'll usually go for those, but if not I'll reach for Liam's biscuit tin...I always seem to bypass the fruit bowl!

      I so need to sort out the kids toys - we have 2 boxes of toys down here, 2 boxes of books plus lots of toys in Izzy's room & another 2 boxes of toys/books in Toby's room. Ridiculous. I keep trying to sort them out with Izzy around, but of course she wants to keep everything, so maybe I need to wait til she goes back to school on Monday and get rid of lots of stuff then!! Well done you for getting yours sorted - hopefully productive Saturday can mean relaxing Sunday? :)

  4. That smoothie is such an amazing colour :) I never liked sausages or mash either- I would have been envious of your smoothie too. Plus that soup looks delicious- I love either chunky soups or really thick ones, no coloured water for me. And I had forgotten all about that choc banana pudding- I used to make that for when I got back from body pump- yum.
    Good for me treats would be things like the cocoa mint nakd bars (yum), or some expensive fruit like cherries or fresh pineapple. Or something like chocolate covered nuts/ raisins as because they contain something healthy they must be OK :)

    1. Thanks, I do love simple smoothies for their pretty colours, bring on Summer when I will make them more often! :) I love the choc banana pudding, so easy to make and it tastes so rich and luxurious :)

      Haha, I like you're thinking of chocolate covered nuts and raisins, love them! :)


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