Wednesday, 11 January 2012

WIAW - Back to Smoothies

Hello! Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks as always to the lovely Jenn for getting us all together! :-)

I'm basing this week's WIAW on yesterday, although there were quite a few snacks (banoffee cupcake, Lindt sea salt chocolate etc) that went unphotographed. I think I got most of it though!

Despite the cold weather, I've been craving a smoothie for breakfast for a while recently, and yesterday I finally dusted off my blender and got round to making one. This was a banana, about 250ml milk, 80g frozen raspberries, a couple of handfuls of spinach, a pinch of xanthan gum and a few drops of vanilla stevia. I've had smoothies before where I've made a thick paste out of peanut flour to go on top. I decided to do the quick version today by just sprinkling peanut flour on top...hmmm, still tasty but not so pretty!

I had this bowl x2 and there was lots more peanut flour stirred in under the surface. I'd forgotten how filling smoothies were!

Lunch was another meal I'd been planning to make for a while. A Food Doctor pitta filled with tahini carrot salad, falafel and good!

Despite being a satisfying lunch, the snacks I mentioned at the start still occurred after I'd picked Izzy up from school/while I was making dinner. Mid-afternoon munchies = seemingly a difficult habit to break!

After I ate dinner yesterday, I immediately blogged the recipe - it was that good! Vegetable cottage pie with sweet potato mash, mmm!!

The above photo doesn't really do the meal justice. I loved this so much. I've never really been that much of a fan of potato topped meals. My other cottage pie recipe was liked by others, but it wasn't my favourite. This one however = new love! The sweet potato makes it so much more flavourful, definitely one to make again!

After dinner, I was clearing space in the freezer to put the extra portions in, and came across these...

Chocolate Samoa Fudge Babies. There were actually 5 of them in the box when I took them out the freezer, but 3 of them had "disappeared" before I thought to take the photo!

What was the best thing you ate today? Do you feel you're "back to normal" after Christmas yet? I'm slowly getting there. Now Izzy is back at school and Liam is back at work, I'm able to get back into some sort of routine with my meals but there are still too many chocolates around tempting me into unplanned snacks!!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the unplanned snacks, most of mine have consisted of leftover Christmas chocolates too! Other than that I think I'm pretty much back to normal diet/exercise wise so I guess a wee bit of added chocolate won't do much harm.

    Quick question, are your falafels homemade or shop bought? Love the look of your lunch in this post and think I may have to recreate it ASAP :)

  2. Your dinner sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I can't wait to try it at home :)

  3. I still have quite a lot of leftover chocolates, but that is about it. As I am just sitting around I have not been that hungry, so not having as many snacks as usual. I had a smoothie the other day too- I just really fancied one.

  4. After lots of smoothies and salds i am slowly getting back to my normal self. :D


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