Friday, 31 August 2012

Foodie Penpals August 2012

This month I was lucky enough to receive my foodie penpal parcel from Pia, who lives in Germany. Armed just with the knowledge that I don’t eat meat and prefer sweet things to savoury, she sent me an awesome parcel filled with childhood favourites and new-to-me products!


As a lot of the products would be ones I wouldn’t recognise, she sent me a lovely letter explaining what they all were (plus a postcard of a seal as there is a seal shelter near the town she lives in. I thought I would copy extracts of the letter to explain some of the products, so here goes!

First up, we have the vegetarian jelly sweets, yoghurt gums:


Pia wrote that she likes to put these in the freezer to eat as a cold treat when it’s hot outside. I’m going to go and put the rest of my bag in the freezer as soon as I finish this as that sounds delicious, plus otherwise they are going to disappear too quickly before I get the chance to try them cold!



These, especially the pink ones for obvious reasons, remind me a lot of percy pigs…so good! Smile

Next are some treats for Izzy and Toby, chosen by Pia’s 5 year old twin boys. Brandt rusk biscuits, and Kinder chocolate bars:


I am saving the Kinder bars for when Izzy goes back to school (next week, sob!) as they are the perfect size for a lunchbox treat, but both bags of biscuits – or “toast” as Toby, kind of understandably, insists on calling them – have been eaten and loved!



The Eszet cuts, or something similar, are something I remember from my French exchanges when I was at school. You put them on toast or bread…I can’t wait to tuck into these!


Also some ice cream sauce which looks like Magic Shell – was that what it was called? Again, years since I’ve had any of this!


Pia’s favourites were the Knopper wafers…


which I’ve tried and agree are really tasty, and so pretty too!


and also the lemonade powder which you add to water to make sparkling lemonade…


I can’t work out what the green (“waldmeister”) flavour is…anyone??

The final product that Pia sent me is an old favourite – Nutella! Open-mouthed smile In cute little to go pots…I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to be nice and give these to Izzy and Toby, or keep them for myself!!


Such a fantastic parcel. Whilst I do enjoy eating healthy foods most of the time, sometimes I need to indulge my sweet tooth, and this parcel was such fun – I had a big grin on my face when opening it, and then again when I showed it all to Izzy – she shares my enthusiasm for all foods!!
Thanks again Pia and family!! Smile

I sent my parcel this month to Vanessa at A Green Mess. I don’t think she’s written her post about it yet, but I will update this when she does!

If you want to learn more about Foodie Penpals, or sign up to take part yourself next month, then head on over to This is Rock Salt and fill in the form by the 4th of September.

What was your favourite childhood food? Or the thing you remember most fondly from childhood anyway?! Sweet or savoury??


  1. Hey Waldmeister is woodruff in english. its a sweet kind of very artificial tasting herb. Often used in Icecreams and Beverages.

    1. Oooh thanks for that, I've never heard of it before in German or English!!

  2. I love foodie penpals! This was my 3rd month, and also got some fun items :)

    1. Yes, it's fab isn't it :) I love receiving and making up the parcels, such fun!

  3. Mm, I'm off to Holland next month with a day trip to Germany, I shall be looking out for those "toasts" that Toby loved, they look so good!

  4. Amazing, what a generous parcel! I'm so excited that we have even more European Penpals this month, it's brilliant seeing all the exotic treats :D


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