Friday, 3 August 2012

Gym In The Morning!!

Something weird happened when I woke up yesterday... I had a huge burst of motivation to go to the gym! Haha, I can't remember when I last a) went to the gym (as opposed to going to a class) and b) exercised in the morning! I wanted to do some kind of exercise though as I can't make tonight's Body Pump, but last night's Body Combat that I wanted to try was cancelled due to the instructor being away, boo. So I'd gone to bed on Wednesday thinking that I was unlikely to find the motivation to go to the gym yesterday evening, but clearly my subconscious had other ideas!

At 8.30am (early for me!!) my just-out-of-bed body was dragged into the gym and I blearily started time I think I'll take time to have a coffee before leaving the house! It wasn't the best workout, but it was better than nothing. I did 10 minutes each on the rowing machine, bike, cross trainer, wave machine and a different type of cross trainer; and then did some planks and bicycle ab crunches, plus stretches.

I came home and downed an iced coffee before jumping in the shower, and then was able to start my day properly knowing I'd already exercised. It was actually quite nice, but I definitely prefer going to classes rather than just to the gym.

I grabbed a leftover slice of mushroom pizza to keep me going until lunch...

And then lunch was poached eggs with asparagus, one of my favourites :)

I've been sent some Total yoghurts to try so mid-afternoon I ate a pomegranate raspberry split pot...

I need to try this again before I properly review it (Izzy was rushing me & kept stealing spoonfuls!!) but it was good, I love these split pots for a snack - some protein, but still sweet.

Our fridge seems to have started hoarding green vegetables lately, so as we're going away for a long weekend today, last night's dinner was operation eat up as many veg as possible. Egg fried quinoa with broccoli, courgette, spring onions, broad beans and red pepper...

This made a huge amount so we have another lot for the freezer too. I didn't add any strong flavouring to the mix while cooking as I wasn't sure which way to take the meal, but after this photo I added soy sauce to mine and Liam put sweet chilli sauce all over his. Standard! Tasty though, and as I said to Izzy - a good lot of nutrients before we go away!

Not that she needed any encouragement to eat up...

She ate all this and then about half a big tub of Rachel's peach and passion fruit yoghurt (needed eating up) topped with a chopped nectarine. Love that she has such a good appetite :) Unlike Toby, who as you can see chose to play rather than eat, grrr, he'd live on bread, milk, apples and bananas if he could.

After we'd put the children to bed, my snack monster came out full force (perhaps it is better for me to exercise in the evenings - at least while I'm at the gym I'm not sat at home munching!!). Some trail mix was consumed...

Dried cranberries, almonds, cashews, chocolate covered almonds and white chocolate covered raisins. This was tasty, but I wish there were more of the chocolate covered things in the mix.

Plus a Clif Mojo bar (love these!)...

and also an unpictured large glass of chocolate milk. Why do I never choose to snack on fruit?! We have lots of nectarines that need eating but, despite loving them, I only ever seem to want to eat fruit during the day time.

Do you prefer to exercise in the morning or the evening? Do you find the time of day that you exercise makes a difference on your eating habits? To be honest, I think last night's snacking was just down to me being in a bit of a "meh" mood yesterday. It used to be that a morning workout would motivate me to keep having a good food day so as not to "ruin" my hard work. However evening exercise definitely stops the snacking as I don't eat for 2 hours before the class, and then by the time I get home I only have time to eat one thing (so usually something vaguely healthy) before bed.

We are off to Butlins today (my first time ever going, eek, I hope the positive reviews are more accurate than the negative ones!!) so I wont be posting on here until Tuesday at the earliest. Liam is off work all of next week too so I'm not sure what we'll be up to, but hopefully I'll still get some time to sit down at my laptop!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love exervcising in the morinig, I find that I get way more done that way. The trail mix looks so good!

  2. I much prefer to work out in the morning, I'd rather get up at 5 or 6am and workout than go later in the day, I find I have more energy and I also feel amazing for the rest of the day afterwards.

  3. Have a fantastic time away.

    I go in swings and roundabouts with morning vs afternoon workouts; at the moment I either workout before lunch or late afternoon/before dinner .... helps the munchies for me.

  4. Have a lovely time :)
    I prefer exercising in the morning- I feel fresher then, and I like to have it done to have the rest of the day.
    But after work if I don't exercise I am more likely to have a cup of tea and some nibbles, whereas if I go out, I can't, so I tend to be healthier I think!

  5. I was sent those total yoghurts too. The split pots are delicious, aren't they!

  6. I always exercise in the morning as otherwise I find too many excuses why not to do something...but I know what you mean about snacking in the evening! Have fun at Butlins!

  7. Exercise in the morning works best for me to, can't get my self motivated in the afternoon - looking forward to the kids going back to school so I have time to exercise though I have really enjoyed our family bike rides.


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