Sunday, 16 January 2011

Foodie Catch-Up

Apologies for the lack of posting lately - I have had such a busy week! Finished off by an even busier weekend - worked all day yesterday, then today, my "relaxing" day while Liam works - our poor daughter was screaming in pain for 2.5 hours so ended up taking her to the out of hours doctors - ear infection - I'm hoping that the combo of antibiotics and Calprofen will sort her out and allow us to all catch up on sleep tonight! She's desperate to go to school tomorrow so hopefully she'll be feeling better by then! :)

So onto food, I have eaten a lot this week! A lot of it hasn't been photographed so I will just give you the highlights...there were many biscuits, chocolates etc eaten behind the camera!!

Cocoa porridge with chopped tinned pear, topped with chocolate & macadamia nut granola

A big bowl of granola :)

Pumpkin porridge topped with Graze rocky road mix (cranberries, dark chocolate buttons & pecans)

Pear & vanilla porridge topped with Graze milkshake mix (dried banana, dried strawberries & white chocolate buttons)...the white chocolate worked so well with the pear in this one! :)
Huge bowl of pumpkin porridge topped with dark chocolate drops & peanut butter to keep me going at work!

Yeo Valley apple flapjack yoghurt, topped with granola

All delicious, I love my breakfast bowls! :)

I've had some great main meals too...:
Chorizo style sausages, roast sweet potato discs and (burnt!) roasted broccoli

Leftover vegetable lasagne smothered in cheese!

Peanut butter & mashed banana sandwich

Divine prawn Thai coconut noodle soup...this was so good!

Fish finger & chip butty

Fried egg & cheddar sandwich...I've eaten a lot of sandwiches this week - quick & tasty! :)
Special fried rice from local takeaway after tonight's hospital trip...too tired/too late to cook!

Also a not so great meal - after the success of the Innocent Mushroom Risotto Veg Pot, I was expecting great things from the Thai Curry version...

however I was majorly disappointed...

I kept trying to tell myself that it tasted nice etc but I wasn't able to convince myself...I ended up chucking some of this away which is so unlike me...yuck!

I've also eaten lots of snacks this week...the photos below are only the tip of the iceberg!

A latte with (2 in the end!) Nak'd Cocoa Orange bars dipped in!

Lindt chocolate with a touch of sea salt (all 100g of this has been eaten this week!)

Last of the mince pies

Granola & chocolate buttons

Lots of cakes! (in my defense, lol, Liam ate one cheesecake slice & daughter ate one strawberry cream cake, but other 4 were devoured by me!)

Apple turnover & a latte...bliss :)

Innocent smoothie and chocolate brownies...

...topped with Baileys extra thick cream...these brownies are so good, new discovery! :)

I also received a Graze box this week - I used to get them a year ago but stopped as they are quite expensive for what they are, especially when I was eating all the punnets in one day! I was sent an email offering me the first box free and next 3 half price to welcome me back in the New Year...will probably stop again when it goes back to full price but for now I enjoyed receiving some healthy(ish!) goodies. This is what I got this week...

honeycomb flapjack, dark rocky road mix, milkshake mix and sweet as a nut (frosted cashews, honey almonds & honey hazelnuts). The two mixes I used for great porridge toppers, both were delicious :) the honey nuts I had taken to work for my afternoon break on Saturday, but I was so busy that I didn't get a chance to take it (got to leave 15 minutes early instead, yey!) so I still have that one to eat. The honeycomb flapjack was munched as soon as the box arrived...

this was gorgeous...they didn't do flapjacks last time I had Graze boxes...would keep them going if I could get at least 2 of these in each delivery! :-D they tasted just like home made flapjacks, soft and fresh tasting...far better than any shop bought ones I've ever had! Hope I get flapjack again next week! They also do a '7 fruits flapjack' which sounds quite nice. I know I could very easily make my own flapjack, but problem is I then scoff the whole tray - this is nicely portioned to limit the damage!! :)

Lots of yummy food! I think part of why I struggle with how much food I eat is that is so tied up in my identity...I spend so much time planning my next meals! Different food means different things to me - when baby sleeps and I want to relax I'll have a latte for some "me time", when I'm feeling bored/upset I "need" chocolate, when I'm not feeling too great (which seems to be most of the time recently!) I "deserve" some kind of carby food (be it chocolate brownie or cake or pb & banana sandwich!) to make me feel is no longer just about fuelling me and stopping me feeling hungry! Even after the Chinese takeaway tonight...I was stuffed but said to Liam that I felt like I needed to eat something. He was shocked (he hadn't even managed to finish his dinner, much smaller appetite than me!) and I explained it wasn't like I was hungry, just felt like something was missing, there was a gap to fill. Didn't end up eating anything as I was too tired to move, laziness beat emotional "hunger" for this evening anyway!

I went shopping after work and bought some easy healthy food - a couple of pots of microwaveable fresh veg to have with some protein for easy lunches, some parsnips to roast as a tasty snack for example, and some big pots of yoghurts for when I can't be bothered to prep anything. I'm hoping that if there is plenty of healthy food to hand it will stop me reaching for the cakes and chocolate...we'll see!!


  1. I like the fact that graze portions things out- I know I could get a bag of brazils and chocolate buttons and dried cranberries, but I would eat much more! I have a box every fortnight and normally me and Andy share the punnets as a snack with our weekend lunch. Rocky road is one of my faves- I always click send soon (you could try that with the flapjacks as they try to include the send soon options with your next box).

  2. Lots of delicious-looking foody photographs, espcially the breakfast oat ones :) I have some money-off coupons for the Innocent Veg Pots and was planning to try one or two for lunches this week... might give that Thai one a miss though!

  3. Maria - I do like the portion control with graze, and the tubs are good to take in my bag for a snack when out :) I tried to request they send me flapjacks soon - that's how I got it last week- but for some reason send soon not available for me on the flapjacks at mo :( I've requested milkshake mix again though, went so well with pear porridge :) have you tried tinned peaches in porridge yet? Recommend tinned pears now too, I preferred them with vanilla extract than cocoa - allowed the pear to take centre stage, yum.

    Bronagh - Thanks, I love my breakfasts! :) couldn't really put my finger on what was wrong with the Thai curry pot but definitely not nice...for me anyway, different tastes I guess. Loved the mushroom risotto one though, they're the only 2 I've tried so far. I like the look of the piri piri one with patatas bravas in too, let me know what you think if you try any of them! :)


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