Sunday, 29 April 2012

Weekend Highlights

Hello! Good weekend? We have mostly stayed inside sorting things out for the house move (well, sorting through things we won't be taking really - lots of too small clothes etc!) least the rain has forced us to make a start!

Despite the horrible weather, I have been craving smoothies/yoghurts/ice cream etc recently, I have a bit of a sore throat so that's probably why. This morning I satisfied the craving with an amazing milkshake - it might be a bit too cold for frozen fruit, but it's never too cold to blend banana, milk, cocoa powder, peanut flour and agave nectar...

A-mazing! Luckily I made double quantities of this with 2 bananas etc - I normally get 2 glass fulls when I make myself smoothies, but the children loved this choco pb banana milkshake so much that, despite making double, there was only enough left for me to have 1.5 glasses.

I've also been soothing my sore throat with some yoghurty snacks...

Alpro caramel dessert with tropical granola
Rachel's Pear & Plum yoghurt (really good!) with granola

And of course chocolate makes everything better...

This was yesterday. Today is probably the first day since Easter that I haven't joined in with the 'sharing an Easter egg in the afternoon' activity which seems to have become a tradition around here. I did sneak in some unpictured hazelnut chocolate though. And we do still have 4 Easter eggs left, so I'm not completely out of the woods yet!

There have also been some "proper" meals around here too. Delicious lunch on Friday - meat-free burgers, goats cheese, red pepper houmous, salad & pitta bread...

This was really good. I'd thought up the combo on Wednesday and had been dreaming about it ever since! It was super filling though, I could have probably done with just one burger and half the goats cheese.

We had more pitta breads for Saturday lunchtime. This time as a DIY, use everything up, meal with egg mayonnaise, basil tofu, goats cheese, houmous and unpictured cucumber which was added upon Izzy's insistence...I'd completely forgotten about the need for veg!

Yum, I love these type of meals. Egg mayonnaise and houmous did not go well together, but everything else was great.

We've also spent a bit more time on dinners this weekend. Things got a bit hectic last week so we ended up relying on pasta etc more than I'd like. I made paneer and pea curry for dinner last night (with white rice as Liam reckons he's "allergic" to brown rice and I didn't feel like dirtying an extra pan!)...

I love this meal, pretty quick to make too using curry paste and chopped tomatoes. The paneer wasn't as "squeaky" as usual as I'd had to stick it in the freezer when our fridge broke, and the defrosted version was a lot softer than usual. Still good though, and certainly better than wasting it.

Finally, Liam cooked dinner tonight!! Inspired by Amy's meal a few days ago, he made falafel burgers and sweet potato fries:

Yum! I was just about to write that the burgers could have done with a bit more spice, but we've just realised that Liam forgot to had the harissa paste which probably would have solved that problem!! We never manage to get oven-baked sweet potato chips to go crispy either...any tips? Still tasted amazing though, and such a treat to be cooked for, thanks Liam! :)

What was the best thing you ate this weekend? A toss up between the chocolate peanut milkshake and the falafel burger with sweet potato fries for me. Luckily I will be able to repeat both tomorrow - I've already pencilled in the milkshake for breakfast again, and there were enough leftovers tonight for me to have a repeat for lunch tomorrow - win!


  1. Well done Liam - your burgers look awesome!!

    Hope everything is going well with the sorting out for the move - won't be long till you're in your new place and you get to unpack it all again!

    Your smoothie mixture almost sounds like a dessert... i will have to recreate to confirm this!

    1. Haha, they were fab, I'm lucky he's so good at following recipes! :)

      Thanks, we're gradually getting there. We've now booked a van, so just got to get everything packed up. I can't wait until we are in new house & unpacked - that is what I am focussing on!!

      Yep, smoothie is very dessert like, just make sure you keep the blender lid on! ;) You're lucky Rowan isn't old enough to be as mischievous as Toby just yet!!

  2. Your smoothie sounds delicious. Just got to love that choc, pb and banana combo!

  3. I was going to make those on Saturday (the falafel burgers) but was too tired and could not be bothered! They look lovely though. I think unless you have a deep fat fryer you are never going to get fries as crispy as from a restaurant- I cut them thin and add a little coconut oil, and some of them crisp up.
    I had a waffle for breakfast yesterday which was amazing :)

    1. I had more success with the fries I made with the leftover half sweet potato for lunch today. I think the problem is that as a family we just "need" too many - even when spread over 2 trays they still aren't one layer so don't crisp up as well. Next time I'll have to spread them over 3 trays!

      Mmm, I love waffles :)


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