Friday, 18 May 2012

So Glad It's Friday!

This week has been long! Mostly full of nice things - Liam's birthday and my birthday, but also issues with Izzy being "ill":

These were taken on Wednesday, when she was sent home from school at lunchtime. She was absolutely fine within herself - no temperature, eating normally etc - just the rash. I thought it looked like an allergy, possibly to a new brand of suncream we used at the weekend, so I gave her some Piriton which got the rash down enough for me to feel happy about sending her back to school yesterday. I explained my thoughts to her teacher who seemed fine with Izzy being there, and as I didn't hear anything from the school during the day I assumed all was well.

Then when I picked her up yesterday afternoon, despite her rash looking loads better, they said they wanted me to take her to the doctors before bringing her back to school again. Sigh. So I managed to get her an on the day appointment, took her down yesterday 5pm, and the doctor agreed with me - most likely an allergy, definitely not slap cheek (what school were worried about I guess), no medicine needed, seems to be getting better on its own, all that's needed is a bit of reassurance for the school (!). I felt so bad for wasting the doctor's time, but didn't see what else I could do as the school wouldn't otherwise let Izzy back! Luckily he was very understanding, and I can see that school do need to cover themselves and don't have the medical knowledge to diagnose children, but I did feel a bit annoyed at being forced to take my perfectly well child to the doctors for no real reason! I'd even looked up slap cheek on the Internet (I know, I know, don't Google!) and it says that it's no longer contagious after the rash has come out anyway, which the doctor agreed with, but still the school didn't want her back. Oh well, rant over, I'm happy to say her rash has almost completely gone now, but it did add to the week seeming so long!

Today has been a better day however. Toby and I went into town this morning to hand in notice on our house (moving 2 weeks tomorrow, eek!), meet a friend for coffee, and get his haircut. He didn't particularly like getting his hair cut - the poor hairdresser had to do most of the cut while Toby was resting his head on my shoulder (!), but it needed to be done. And this evening Izzy is at her first ever school disco - she is so excited! There is a tuck shop as well, so I gave her a little bit of spending money in one of my old bags - she thought this amazing and is apparently likely to be the only one of her friends with a "grown up bag", ha, cute!

I haven't got a huge amount of food photos to share with you in this post. My meals today have been eaten in the dimly lit Costa - I may have actually gone in there twice today - the first time with just Toby for "breakfast" (iced gingerbread latte & a shared bag of mini muffins - I ate the white chocolate raspberry ones), and then again a second time when I bumped into my friend (hot gingerbread latte & a brownie). The second Costa visit was at 12.30pm so I didn't really eat lunch when I got home, just ended up having a bowl of granola and milk and (separately!) some cold sliced sesame smoked tofu. Random and unphotographed!

I have a few photos from yesterday though. I haven't really got back into healthy eating after our birthday week yet...!

Custard tarts - love how deep the M&S ones are!

Defrosted blueberries & strawberries with a little sugar and *ahem* a lot of double cream!

Last night's dinner (which I'd intended to be my birthday dinner, but I hadn't had time to buy the vegetable crisps by then) - breaded camemberts, cranberry sauce, vegetable crisps & lettuce:

Tasty, but I am beginning to miss vegetables again now!

How has your week been? Any plans for the weekend? I don't have many - get back on track with my eating, continue packing up the house, and look after the children while Liam builds a fence and a larder at the new house (!!). I'm a bit concerned about that last one - I keep suggesting that Liam might like to ask his good-at-DIY Dad to help him, but he is adamant that he can do it himself... I have decided to "trust" him in the knowledge that he always has next weekend to do these things with help if necessary!! ;)
At our current house, we have a huge floor-to-ceiling food cupboard, with many shelves, all completely full of food. Our new kitchen is bigger than our current one (there is room to have the table & chairs in the kitchen which will be great) but there is a lot less storage space - the exact same amount of cupboards as our current kitchen, minus the food cupboard/larder, yikes! So Liam is going to put some shelves into the under-stairs cupboard (which opens into the kitchen) won't be as big as our current larder, but it will be much better than nothing. And I suppose it means I have 2 weeks to eat as much of our current dry goods food as possible!!


  1. Aw Izzy looks so cute all dressed up for the disco :) I love it when they have a disco at school (we have one at Halloween time which means some of the children get a bit too hyper though!). We have slapped cheek (slap cheek?) going around our school at the moment, and because we have a few pregnant teachers (and of course parents) it is a bit worrying for them- because like you say once the rash comes up it is passed being contagious, so it is hard for the pregnant people to avoid it.
    This weekend is pretty busy for me- we were meant to be building our shed at the allotment today (were going to build it on my birthday weekend before we went away)- my parents got it for me and Andy as joint birthday presents, but anyway it is in our garage, won't fit in our car, my MUm was going to drive over and pick it up but now her car won't go into reverse, so that will be postponed! But we are visiting friends this evening, and I want to get some new running shoes this weekend, and then tomorrow Andy and his brother are running a local 10K race, so I will be going along to that. And at some point I have to fit in writing reports and making notes for parents evening! So busy but mostly good :)

    1. Thanks, she had such a good time :)

      Yes, I forgot to mention the problem slapped cheek can cause for pregnant women when I was having my little rant (!), it must be so worrying if you are pregnant and exposed to it, but like you say, the problem is that you are contagious before the rash comes up anyway. At least the doctor saying that Izzy doesn't have slapped cheek will hopefully be reassuring if there are any pregnant teachers etc at the school.

      Oh that sounds slightly stressful with the shed, I hate car issues! Hope you have a nice weekend anyway, and the race goes well for Andy and his brother :)

  2. How adorable does Izzy look all dressed up?! Glad the rash was nothing serious, it must be natural to panic when the school rings you up out of the blue.
    Also i'm now craving a Costa after reading about your treats :D

    1. Haha, I know, she loves dressing up :) yes, I never like getting a phone call from the school, although you can usually tell from the tone of voice straight away whether it is serious...the worst is when you get missed calls from them, then I panic!

      Haha, I always crave Costa! Well, Starbucks really, but luckily for my bank balance we don't have one of those in our town! ;)

  3. The schools round here are a nightmare for sending kids (and teachers) to us when they don't believe the parents! We have an outbreak of whooping cough here and the schools are sending about 20 people a day our way for even looking like they might cough; out of the 100 or so kids we've seen this week, 2 have been diagnosed...none of the others have a cough, let alone the whoop!

    *rant over*

    I am totally craving an egg custard tart now! St Nicks Market in Bristol does THE best portugese ones.

    1. It must be so frustrating for the health professionals having to deal with all the people who aren't actually ill, especially when the parents/patients aren't even the ones who think they should be there. Luckily the doctor who saw Izzy was really nice/annoyed with the school if anyone, but I did still feel really bad for wasting his time!

      I love egg custard tarts. We have relatives in Portugal but I haven't been over there for a few years, mmm, love pretty much everything in their local bakeries! I hardly ever go to Bristol - we usually go to Bath instead because my Dad lives there - but will have to remember that recommendation if I am ever up there, thanks! :)

  4. Kids school discos are such fun they have a fabulous time :-)

    1. Yes, Izzy loved it! Although she seemed to spend more time playing "duck duck goose" than dancing! ;)


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