Tuesday, 12 June 2012

First Time Spinning

Do many of you go spinning? My sister started going a few weeks ago and loves it, so last night Mum and I went to a taster spin session (that you could only go to if you'd never been spinning before) to see what it was like. Monday is also Body Pump day so we ended up going to spin 7-7.45pm and then Body Pump 8-9pm! Body Pump I, as always, loved...spinning I'm still not sure about. The instructor said to give it at least 3 classes before giving up on it, so I am booked in to go tomorrow, eek! All but two of the spinning classes at my gym are at 6pm or earlier, which doesn't suit me as Liam doesn't get home until 6.30pm, so I will be going to tomorrow's class on my own (ie not with Mum or my sister) as they can't do Wednesday and are doing the early Thursday class instead. Must be brave, must be brave. I woke up this morning with a bruised bum (!) so went and bought some padded cycling shorts today, but I need to try them on again tonight - I'm used to wearing 3/4 length capri trousers so feel uber self-conscious in the above-knee lycra shorts!

Anyway, I wasn't really sure what to do about my eating yesterday as I was going to be out the house from 6.30-9.30pm and wanted to make sure I didn't eat to close to the spin class.

I ended up having early lunch with Toby at 11.30am of yorkshire puddings, goats cheese and sweetcorn (slightly weird, but what I fancied!) Toby wasn't overly keen on this meal so I ended up eating most of his two yorkshires with cheese as well, yum, the type of food I used to eat when I was at uni!! :)

I then had "dinner" at 4.30pm. This was a bit repetitive - leftovers from lunch of goats cheese and sweetcorn + houmous that needed eating, in a pitta bread leftover from the weekend! Judging from the poor quality photo I was nonetheless in a hurry to eat this!

I had 5pm as the "deadline" for eating (2 hours before spin) so when that got close and I was still hungry, I had a big spoonful of new-to-me honey peanut butter:

Not as nice as Dark Chocolate Dreams in my opinion, but still tasty!

A couple of hours later, off to the gym I went! The taster spin session was with the lady who teaches the beach body boot camp I go to, and probably wasn't really any reflection of the pain I have let myself in for tomorrow!! It was a 45 minute class, but a lot of that time was spent getting the bikes set up right for us, and explaining what normally happens in a spin class (while just leisurely cycling). It still got me and Mum super sweaty, and as I said earlier, I'm still feeling a little sore today, so we shall see what tomorrow's class brings!!

Whilst I didn't want to eat close before spin, I didn't really have the same reservations about eating before Body Pump as it isn't heavy cardio in the same way. So I'd taken a bar in my bag in case I was hungry between classes. My first time ever trying a Luna bar - thanks Maria for sending me one!

I only ended up eating a few bites of this before Body Pump as everyone started setting up their weights early, but I ate the rest when I got home later. This wasn't at all what I was expecting, it was really good! For some reason I have it in my head that I "don't like protein bars" but I think what I actually mean is "I don't like Clif bars" as every other protein bar I've tried I've really enjoyed!! So thanks Maria, for sending me yummy food, and opening my taste buds to things I might not have tried otherwise! ;)

Back to Body Pump - loved it! It had moved to a smaller room in the sports centre as the instructor had got a new speaker system and wanted to try it in the small room to see if we could all hear him. The class had been held in the huge sports hall previously and no one apart from perhaps the front row had a chance of hearing the instructions! This did mean that last night we were all a bit more tightly packed, which wasn't ideal for triceps or abs, but apart from that it worked fine and meant we could hear much more clearly...including the instructor singing along to the tracks which, whilst causing us to a cringe, did also make us laugh which I suppose is a good thing!!

As I didn't get home until 9.30pm I was too tired to eat much more, so I just had plenty of water and finished off the Luna bar. I made up for it today though with a trip to Costa for breakfast, half of this cake for an afternoon snack (I saved the other half for Izzy, very impressed my willpower lasted until she got back from school!!)...

Rhubarb and strawberry crumble cake from the bakery...delicious! :)

And also a delicious quick dinner - Liam got stuck at work longer than usual so the children and I made the most of being able to have a "non-Liam friendly" dinner - mashed avocado with nutritional yeast on toast with a sprinkling of Munchy seeds...

Yum, so good! Izzy and I loved this, but Toby took one look at the green and turned his nose up, nooo!! ;)

So, padded shorts - yes or no?? And any other tips for surviving my first proper spin class? I tried the shorts on again a minute ago and they cut into my thighs too much for my liking, so I think I will be taking them back. I'm possibly going shopping in Exeter tomorrow though so I will see if I can find any other ones that fit me better. Still not convinced I'll feel comfortable wearing them without capri trousers over the top though...will have to see how confident I'm feeling tomorrow evening!!


  1. Yay glad you liked the Luna bar- I was sent one once from America and I really loved the flavour- I will send you a choc/mint one at some point too as I have a box of those from i-herb- my fave flavour I think (a lot of the chocolate ones taste the same I think- they do some flavours on wiggle)- anyway, glad you liked it :)
    I have never done spinning- I suppose because I do running I think that works my legs, plus the classes are late, and I like to be home with Andy some evenings. I wore cycle shorts out running the other week for the first time- I did feel very self conscious but it was so hot! I think padded ones sound like a good idea for spinning though.

    1. Thank you, it was really good - I love that you sent me all things I'd never tried before, thank you! :-D

      My sister only started spinning because she is injured so has had to take a month off running. Although now she loves spinning and is planning to continue with spinning and running next month! I know what you mean about evening classes though - when I'm going to a class I hardly see Liam - he gets home at 6.30pm and minutes later I rush out the door!

  2. My top tips for spin are to make sure you take a water bottle that will fit into a bike bottle holder. I forgot once and had to leave it on the floor which was really annoying. Also take a small towel as you will get sweaty. Your bum will hurt the first few times but you'll get used to it. I've always worn normal gym clothes.

    1. Yes, definitely need a water bottle! I forgot to take a towel though!! I had put it by the front door to remind me, but still managed to forget so ended up having to use my hoodie instead! :-/

  3. What is it with Body pump instructors singing along, every class I have ever done all the instructors sing at some point :-)

    I vote padded shorts (I have DHB ones from Wiggle). oh and I did a tester spin class once and nearly died so am full of admiration for anyone who does spin classes, you go girl!

    1. Haha, not just our body pump instructor that's a bit strange then! ;) he also grunts a lot, but seeing as he uses weights twice as heavy as me that doesn't really surprise me!!

      Very glad I wore padded shorts - not in pain today, yey! I like classes because they motivate me to actually exercise - I think if I had to motivate myself to go out for a run/exercise at home like you do then I'd never do anything!

  4. I've never worn padded shorts to spin because I find we stand up so much that when we do eventually sit down regardless of the bum pain it's better than standing up haha. People do wear them though so don't feel self concious, and definitely don't wear baggy shorts like tempo shorts.....bad chafing occurs. My top tip is stick with it. Your bum does get used to it after a few goes and it becomes a bit more enjoyable after a few I think!

    1. Thanks! The instructor said to give it at least 3 tries before deciding you don't like it so I've booked in again next week. I didn't *not* like it, but I definitely don't enjoy it as much as Body Pump at the moment.

  5. I do spin quite a lot and love it, your bum doesn't really hurt after the first class or so so normal clothes will be fine :)0

  6. I've never been spinning, I'd like to try it at some point though. I don't like luna bars, but I love clif bars :P

    1. Ha, opposite to me then! Yes, give it a try. I love trying lots of different classes - you never know which ones you'll like until you give them a go :)

  7. Most people in the spin classes I go to wear capris, or bring their own padded seat covers as opposed to padded shorts. I don't bother and just wear regular shorts as I have enough natural padding :P But most people who bring the seat covers seem to swear by them.

    Spinning is very much what you make of it - only you can truly judge your resistance and how hard you are working, and also most intructors offer modifications for some of the standing/squatting/single leg stuff that can be incorporated into the classes. Spin is *so* instructor-dependent though. I have been to some great classes but also some truly awful ones. Hopefully you'll experience the former.

    1. There are 4 or 5 instructors that do spin at our gym I think, but only 2 classes that are late enough for me to go to. The Wednesday one is run by the woman that does Thursday boot camp too so she was the "safe" option as she's lovely, but once I've been to a few classes I might be brave and try the Tuesday class run by the male instructor who does Body Pump...apparently he's not as easy going but might still be fun, and good to see what different classes are like!

  8. I used to go to spinning several times a week and seem to remember any aches and pains disappearing after the first week or so. I mean, it was still HARD, but I think my body/bum/legs etc got used to being on the bike and I began to enjoy it a lot more after that. I know you can get padded saddle covers (gel-filled i think) that slip on over the saddle of the spin bike, a couple of my spinning friends use them. You could always investigate that option if the shorts are a definite no go :)

    Oh and this post has me craving sweetcorn and goats cheese like mad now!

    1. Yes, hopefully the ache will get less. The padded shorts definitely helped :)

      Ha, I do love the sweetcorn & goats cheese combo but it was the yorkshire puddings that I was really craving!

  9. I love spinning! It certainly is a killer class but you can feel your fitness improving with time; i dont like wearing padded shorts as i find them uncomfortable but if it works for you then thats fine :). I love body pump as well! Such a fun class!
    I agree with you about Clif bars..i heard so much hype about them that i just thought i must like them..i tried abotu 6 flavours before realising they really werent for me. Luna bars = yum though! Wish we could get them in the uk

    1. Yes, that's why I want to do spinning - I think it's probably a lot harder cardio class than any others I go to but I want to improve my fitness so need to do it!

      I've only tried two Clif bar flavours I think, but really wasn't a fan. I like the Clif Mojo bars though - I ordered a pack of those from iHerb recently and they are great!

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