Friday, 20 July 2012

Who Put The Cookies In The Cookie Jar?

Ok, not quite the right words, but that's what Izzy & I did last night!

As usual, I had left things until the last minute and hadn't anticipated quite how long it would take to fill 7 jars with brownie/cookie mix, and label them etc...but we got there in the end!! Izzy helped me with the first 2 and then I finished them off once Izzy was in bed...finally finishing the last label just after midnight!!! I'm pleased with the final result though, luckily!

For Izzy's main teacher, we made a brownie mix in a jar - but using milk and white chocolate chips and no walnuts, and for the six teaching assistants we made chocolate chip cookie mix in a jar.

The jars themselves weren't actually too difficult to do (well, apart from the first jar which I turned into a "test batch" of cookies as I hadn't packed the layers tightly enough), but the labels took quite a long time. Luckily I have a graphic designer for a husband ;) so he made them for me and then I just had to write out the instructions...

Everyone seemed to really like them when we took them in this morning. Well, except perhaps the male teaching assistant. I hadn't wanted to single him out by getting him something different, and for all I'd known he might really like cooking. But after thanking me this morning, his next words were "so I just cook this like it is, I don't need to add anything?" and then he seemed a bit puzzled when I suggested an egg and some butter, haha, hopefully he has someone he can pass the jar onto to make cookies for him!!!

Izzy also spent the week making cards for her teacher and teaching assistants. I just bought her some packs of blank coloured cards and lots of stickers and then left her to it...

I especially loved all the messages she wrote inside...spelling mistakes make it cuter at this age right?!! Although I can't believe she's going to be 6 in less than 2 weeks, where on earth has that time gone?! I'm feeling old!!! ;)

I photoshopped the surname out of this one...she doesn't just call her teacher "Miss"!!

Izzy has been in the same class since she started school back in January 2010, so she has had the same teacher for the last 1.5 years. We've been so lucky that she has absolutely adored her teacher, and I think she has been the perfect person to help Izzy find her feet in school and grow some confidence. Although having said that, it was funny to see Izzy at the celebration evening on Wednesday - all the other children bounced up to the front of the room to shake hands with the head teacher no problem, whereas Izzy shuffled up nervously sucking the sleeve of her jumper, bless her, she's still my little girl!

Anyway, Izzy's teacher is going to work at a different site next year so Izzy won't see her very often. I was getting a bit tearful just talking to Izzy about it this morning so I imagine it's been quite an emotional day for them all today! We also bought her teacher a pretty scarf as Izzy wanted to give her a little something extra. No photo of the scarf, but I just love the wrapping paper...

Liam (aka the resident gift wrapper) thought I was slightly crazy when I asked him to try not to use the whole sheet of wrapping paper so I could save some. According to him it is not good wrapping paper at all as it is too thick and sellotape refuses to stick to the glittery butterflies. I still think it's pretty though!

Have you ever made or been given layered baking mixes in jars? Can you still remember your first teacher? I can't remember the name of my reception teacher, but I remember she was an older lady - I remember her curly grey hair and that she gave us all lots of cuddles! Izzy's teacher is much younger, but as she has a young daughter herself she is very good at being a second "Mum" as well as a teacher to them. I think at that age, when they are just starting school, that is quite a good thing - a bit of comfort to get them used to school routine, although she can also be strict when needed! As for the jar mixes...I really really hope they work! As I wrote, I did end up testing the cookies and they worked well, but the brownie mix is untested, eek! I'd be so embarrassed if they were a complete fail but hopefully, if that's the case, I'll never find out!!!


  1. Those jars look amazing- that sort of gift is so thoughtful- spending time making something is just lovely. And I love her writing in those cards too- children write such sweet things. And gosh- 6 teaching assistants is a lot! I have 2 in my class (as a job share) but most classes have one.
    I can remember my first teacher- Mrs Cox- she was older (probably mid fifties) with a grey bun, and all I remember was learning to play the recorder sat in a circle, and then the race to give in our handwriting sheets as we always had a competition to see who finished first! I can't remember my nursery teachers (that was at a different school) but I remember the yellow dress in the role play area- me and my friend used to argue over who got to wear it every day!
    Well now you can relax and enjoy the summer holidays :)xx

    1. Thank you :) I was really pleased with how they turned out, and Izzy was so excited to give them to everyone. We got into class quite early that day, so only her teacher and one TA were in. So she spent the next 15 minutes watching out the window, and everytime a TA entered the playground, she ran to the door - jar in hand - to wait for them!! I think some of the TAs are one-to-ones for children in Izzy's class, but they all help Izzy out with reading and just general kindness/chatting so she wanted to give gifts to them all.
      Oh yes, I remember learning to play the recorder too!
      Hope you're enjoying the summer holidays too :)

  2. PLease can you share the mix recipes, the jars look absolutely amazing and I'm feeling all inspired so thank you.

    I remember my first teacher, Miss Human she was lovely. ALways tanned and she had the most amazing head of black curly hair ... I think I loved her ;-)

    1. I hope the jars turn out well if you try them! I didn't test the brownie one, but the cookie ones worked quite well, but I still think if you're making them just for cookies then creaming the butter & sugar first works best. But obv with the layered jars you can't do that, so I found that the cookies came out of the oven a bit thinner/more fragile than usual. Still really tasty though! :)

      I think reception teachers need to be loveable...Izzy certainly loves her teacher, we've already had a few sad moments when she's excitedly said that she's going to tell Miss ... about something she's done, and then remembered she isn't her teacher anymore! :( hopefully her new teacher will be just as nice though!


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