Thursday, 17 February 2011

Nibbled by fish...

Today we had a day out in Taunton, a really good day! :)

I started with a yummy bowl of porridge at home though. Pear porridge with a little ground ginger, topped with Graze milkshake mix (white chocolate buttons, dried strawberries and dried banana coins)...

I love this combination...

pear + white chocolate = so tasty! Sadly the last photo taken on the decent photo as Liam took it back to uni this morning, sob!

So onto our day out...

After Liam had handed in his uni project, we headed to Starbucks...

vanilla latte and a skinny peach & raspberry muffin...

Yum, we don't have a Starbucks in the town where we live, so it still seems a treat when we get to go to one! I love their skinny muffins, hadn't tried this one yet but it was delicious, I sometimes find muffins to be really dry but this one wasn't at all, perfect mid-morning fuel! :)

We then went for a wander around Taunton, we were so lucky it wasn't raining!

After a couple of hours walking and shopping (I bought some flavoured coffee syrups, a new cookbook and some new plates/bowls) it was time for lunch! We had decided to go to Pitcher and Piano. To start, we chose 3 grazing items for £10 - baby ate the smoked haddock fishcakes for his lunch, Liam had the garlic grilled ciabatta and I had falafels with yoghurt & mint dipping sauce...

these were really tasty, but proper green inside, any ideas why, what ingredients might have been in them???

For main, Liam had the chicken bacon & guacamole burger, served with chips. Especially following his garlic bread starter, this was way too much stodge - even he couldn't finish it!! I had the marinated lamb rump warm salad, which had roasted butternut squash, red onion, beetroot, baby spinach, radicchio and spring onion (plus according to the menu, new potatoes, but these were not in it, didn't realise til I got home!)...

this was amazing! The lamb was completely unnecessary (and to be honest, quite fatty and not cooked enough for me, bleugh)...I'd have been quite happy with just a big plate of roasted butternut squash and a bit of salad!

Yum! I haven't made roasted butternut squash in ages, one arrived in the Asda order on Tuesday...will have to cook it soon! :)

Liam and I were both too full to even consider pudding, and indeed, with the exception of one little square of chocolate my daughter gave me earlier, I haven't eaten since! I'm beginning to get hungry again now, but don't know what I feel like having this late, will probably just end up having some cereal or toast.

Before I go, I will leave you with (another) non-food referred to in the post title...

I had my feet nibbled by lots of little fish this afternoon!! If anyone lives in the South West, check this out - Fish Spa in Taunton - it is right in the middle of the shopping centre, I walked past it when we first arrived and decided I would give it a go if we had time on the way back to the car park! Apparently it's only been there 5 days so it's lucky I saw it - I only go to Taunton once every few of months if that, the fish spa is hoping to be permanent though so I might give it a go again another time!


  1. I have seen those fish things on tv before- didn't it feel weird?
    Love the look of the porridge (minus the dried banana coins which I am not a fan of)

  2. I'd imagine it was the coriander in those falafels that made them go so green ~ when I've had falafels with lots of fresh coriander in them they've always been a viridian hue too.

    Lovely pic of you with your Sbucks mug :)


  3. Maria - it felt a bit ticklish at first - I was clenching my hands on the seat for the first 30 seconds!! But after that I got used to it, and it actually was quite relaxing...although being in the middle of a shopping centre, I did get a few odd looks from people walking by!! Other people joined in though, it seemed quite popular! My feet are so smooth now, definitely did some good, although at £10 for 15 minutes I suppose I'd be better off buying good exfoliator/ amusing experience anyway!
    Pear porridge is good, I think I still prefer the tinned peaches/cinnamon/peanut butter combo though...have you got round to trying it yet??

    Jess - weird, I don't normally like fresh coriander but these falafels were really tasty! There wasn't a strong taste of anything I could pick up on though so you're probably right! Thanks re pic - looking relieved to have a chance to sit down with a big coffee I think!! :)


  4. I've seen those fish and heard a lot about them. The thought of them nibbling on your feet does freak me out a bit though.

  5. We have one of these fish places in Derby, I really want to give it a go, mostly because the idea freaks out all of my friends and I want to see the looks on their faces ;-)

    Falafel is definitely my new favourite food, I'm eating it everytime we go out at the moment!


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