Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Smoothie "ice cream"

This morning I didn't really get moving properly - apart from lying on the sofa to write a blog post, my brain was all foggy! Consequently I didn't end up eating breakfast until almost 11am, so decided to keep it light. I whizzed up a smoothie with just a banana, some frozen raspberries, a little milk and a pinch of Xanthan gum...

This was fab! My daughter, of course, loved the bright colour!

Really tasty too, no need for any added sweetness :) I'm really glad I tried out a simpler smoothie version, this will make a perfect healthy substitute for all the ice cream my daughter likes to consume in summer (well anytime of the year really, whenever my sister takes her out, she wants to go to the seafront for ice cream!)

Healthy, bright pink "ice cream"... ideal for a 4 year old, or for this 24 year old's light breakfast! :)

For lunch, I tried out Mama Pea's Sloppy Josephine recipe, although I used tinned green lentils rather than dry puy lentils for convenience...

This was really delicious, I loved the flavour of Worcester sauce and BBQ sauce in it, really tasty, if a little messy...

loved by all, although the others did have fried chorizo slices as a garnish, which according to Liam "made it"...hmmm, at least I got him eating a healthy lentil mix alongside the chorizo!! I went back for sloppy seconds...very sloppy seconds - there was more left over than I'd realised!

This will definitely be one that we make again, so good! A bigger lunch than we normally have as we were off to a friend's house late afternoon so I wasn't sure if we'd be back in time to cook much for dinner.

Before we went out, I snacked on the last lemon drizzle cupcake (well Liam had one too, I'm not a complete piggy!!)...

these are so good, although my weight will probably be glad that they're gone!!

We then went over to my friend's house, about half an hour drive away. She has a son the same age as my daughter so she was entertained, and they'd got a new puppy yesterday so he kept the baby amused! Didn't eat anything at my friend's, just had a glass of squash, so didn't get my camera out.

When we got back, Liam made us all poached eggs on toast...

as my daughter says (when she makes us cut all our eggs open to check!), these were perfectly "olky"!

Yum, we hadn't had poached eggs on toast for ages, a simple but tasty meal.

Once I'd put the children to bed, I ate the last chocolate raspberry cupcake (minus the last raspberry on top which had gone mouldy, yuck!)...

I think chocolate cakes are actually nicer a couple of days after baking, less dry :) All the cakes are gone now though, phew! There are still lots of chocolate oat cookies but I find them easier to resist so hopefully I'll be able to get back on track tomorrow!


  1. The Sloppy Josephine recipe looks really tasty :) my husband love chorizo so I think I could probably convince to give it a go :-)

  2. I like the look of the lentil sauce thing :)

  3. It was yummy :) I sometimes find lentil things can be a little bit bland, but this isn't at all - lots of flavour!


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