Thursday, 7 July 2011

Day Three - A Gaudi Great Day

Morning! Bit of a naff title for this post, but it is true - yesterday was a great day! (& centred around Gaudi for the most part, obviously)

I knew that the food troubles of Tuesday would be forgotten when I saw there was chocolate cake for breakfast! I completely failed at getting it out of the cake stand in one piece, but it still tasted delicious nonetheless. With a custard pastry, because you can never eat enough sugar at breakfast (!)...

this chocolate cake (despite appearances!) was amazing - I sometimes find chocolate cake too dry, but this was a layer of sponge, with a layer of chocolate mousse, topped off with a layer of chocolate ganache. So good. Also super rich, so my second plate just consisted of fruit - melon and tinned peach halves...

As well as the usual two coffees and fresh orange juice that make up my honeymoon breakfasts. I love buffet breakfasts! Liam on the other hand struggles to eat enough - because I'd been writing these posts and then going back to the room to wake him, he'd still be fast asleep and then eating breakfast 20 minutes later. That wouldn't be a problem for me, but for him it meant he wasn't hungry - he even missed out on the chocolate cake!! So today, he is sitting beside me as I type this, in an attempt to wake up enough to eat enough food to last until late lunch...we'll see if it works soon! My stomach has been growling for food from the second I woke up so I definitely don't have the same problem!

Anyway, back to Wednesday. After breakfast we headed to the Metro to go to La Sagrada Familia - an amazing church designed by Gaudi. We had a 30 minute wait to get in, but it was so worth it...this building is spectacular! Liam took literally hundreds of photos, but I'll just show some of the many highlights...
The Front Door - "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" in 50 languages

I'm so glad this computer is quick at uploading photos!! This is just a selection of the photos we took, there was so much amazing architecture to look at, so many details.

After we left La Sagrada Familia, we headed to another of Gaudi's well known works - Parc Guell. We were advised to enter the park from the top so that we could get a view over the city. Unfortunately it was quite cloudy yesterday, but it was still pretty impressive...

and the view over the park...

Before walking down into the park, we ate some lunch - a cheese and salad half baguette...

and we shared another cheese baguette once in the park as these were so tiny!

Obligatory couple photo...

I'm making the effort to get at least one photo of us together each day, as usually one of us is behind the camera. This photo was taken by setting the camera up on Liam's rucksack and using timer mode!

Gaudi's amazing architecture was evident in the park too, so here are some more photos...

And there we go! Sorry for the photo overload in the post - we just saw so many things yesterday that I wanted to record as many as possible! Almost done now though!

After leaving Parc Guell, we went back on the metro to the hotel for our late-afternoon nap! No sweet treat yesterday afternoon (sob!!) but I did nab a few of Liam's cookies.

For dinner, we asked the hotel for another recommendation, and I'm so glad we did - dinner was great! It was a little bar/restaurant called Tallers 76. It served tapas, which is what we'd planned to have, but in the end we were both drawn to the pasta part of the menu. Drinks first though, I ordered a sangria...

but ended up switching and having Liam's mojito - why I keep telling myself I like sangria when I hate red wine, I do not know!

For main, I had the vegetable lasagne...

This was delicious, lots of courgettes, onions and mushrooms, and a balsamic glaze on the plate which was mopped up by bread!

As this place had such good food, and the prices were really reasonable, we decided to treat ourselves to the first dessert of the holiday. I had an orange creme caramel...

Amazing! So orange-y...the perfect end to a great meal and a fantastic day! :-D

And with that, it's time for breakfast - I'm absolutely starving whereas Liam is "just starting to get hungry"!!!

Have a great day everyone! We're off to the beach to relax today I think, before a boat trip this evening :)


  1. So much stunning architecture. Barcelona looks wonderful!

  2. Yum! Looks like a really good quality veggie lasagne. Glad you had a good dining experience: you really deserved one afer the last time.

    And cake for breakfast? Heck, yes! I never understand how people are not starving come breakfast time...


  3. Hooray glad you are still having a lovely time :)

  4. The photos look amazing - Barcelona is such a lovely place. I'm glad that you had more success with your meal this time - yummy looking lasagna.
    I'm with you on breakfast - I'm ready to eat it as soon as I wake up in the morning.

  5. The photo's are lovely, it looks amazing! My boyfriend can go hours after waking up before he needs to eat, it's ridiculous! I need to eat within half an hour or I am fierce! Have fun at the beach :)

  6. Glad there is agreement that breakfast should be eaten soon after eating...I love breakfast so much, whereas Liam can often skip it entirely (but then is hungry for a sweet snack mid-morning!)

    This was probably my favourite day in Barcelona overall I think - we saw so many stunning things that it really stuck in our minds, and then a great dinner to finish it off...perfect! :)


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