Thursday, 14 July 2011

It's All About The Sauces

I've been thinking about writing this post for a couple of days now, and consequently have had the song lyrics "it's all about the money, money, money" going round in my head pretty much constantly!

I've mentioned quite a few times recently, especially since getting back from honeymoon, that my food has tasted a bit bland. I decided, rather than constantly complaining, to do something to change it!

Sauces are so helpful in adding in flavour to meals, yet I often find myself forgetting about them in the rush to get food on the table, and will only think about them at the last minute when serving which time it is too late to do anything other than grab the ketchup or sweet chilli sauce from the fridge.

So the last couple of days I have been making more effort to make sauces in advance. I've pretty much stuck to the same sauces all the time though, so any ideas for other sauces would be appreciated!

For savoury, we've been having Mama Pea's Mmmm Sauce. First on the tofu, rice and veggies that I originally made the sauce for, and then I have been using the leftovers to dip roasted butternut squash into...

"Do you think if I use this plate they won't notice that there are no green leaves with my roast veg??"

as well as unpictured meals of meat-free fillets, pasta and sweetcorn drowned in Mmmm sauce, and as a dipping sauce for lots of Kettle crisps! It really does liven up all meals. The meat-free fillets, pasta & frozen veg combo is what I cook when I'm feeling tired and run down - an easy meal that can be on the table without any hassle. It is usually pretty boring, even with lots of ketchup, but the Mmmm sauce really made it into a proper meal. I mixed it into the pasta and smothered it on the fillets. Delish!

Of course those of you that read my blog regularly (or even those that just read my cake filled post yesterday!) will know that I have a very sweet tooth. As soon as my peanut flour arrived from iHerb, I couldn't wait to make a sauce with it. I made my sauce just by mixing the peanut flour with a little agave nectar to sweeten, and thinning it with milk to the desired consistency. The first time I made it a little too thin, but now I've got the hang of it!

It is delicious on...

Waffles with fresh strawberries and cherries (this was the thin sauce so it doesn't look quite so appetising, but still tasted great!)...

Granola with fresh strawberries and milk...

And finally, this morning's green smoothie (spinach, banana, milk & a few drops of vanilla stevia) with peanut flour sauce, coconut butter and yet more fresh strawberries...

This was so good that I added a second round of toppings half way through!

Looking back at these photos has made me realise how many strawberries I've been eating the last couple of days too! My Mum gave us her strawberries & cherries as she was away for the week. The strawberries, not surprisingly, are all gone now, and the rate I'm going the cherries will be soon too! I also loved, loved, loved the coconut butter on this smoothie! It was the first time I'd used it for anything other than spoonfuls straight from the jar and it was divine! The peanut flour sauce is, of course, delicious too...I love the distinct nutty flavour it gives to everything, and it is so quick to make too...ideal for when I'm rushing around in the mornings getting daughter ready for school!

So, I've shown you what are yours?? Favourite sauce recipes/ideas this way please!! :)


  1. That peanut sauce sounds really tasty :)
    Balsamic glaze is my go-to sauce at the moment, either bought as-is or i just reduce some balsamic vinegar in a pan - easy peasy!
    My favourite sauce in the world is probably chinese curry sauce but i haven't a clue how to make it (even less, how to make it healthy) and the powder sachets of it that you can buy are gross compared to the real deal.

  2. I've been trying to get more into sauces and dressings recently too, but have only got as far as mixing some EVOO with lemon juice!

  3. I *love* sauces and condiments too, I probably have one with every meal as they just add so much flavour and variety! I'm guilty of relying on the ketchup a little too often (reduced salt/sugar version so it's atleast a little bit healthy, ha!)

    That said I did make an amazing stirfry sauce lastnight. I simply mixed a few spoonfuls of smooth PB with some sweet chilli sauce and a splash of tamari soy sauce. I poured it over some tofu and baked in the oven. I really recommend it!

  4. I normally go for balsamic mixed with some olive oil for a nice salad dressing. I have those righteous dressings at the mo, and the pink one with basil and raspberries is lovely- really creamy. I also love things like caramelised onion chutney or spicy tomato chutney/relish, but don't have any at the mo. I am not such a fan of ketchup (went to have some recently and found out it went out of date a year ago oops!).

  5. I'm loving the cherry balsamic glaze that I bought from wholefood recently. I also love the stir-fry sauce I make with peanut butter and soya sauce.
    I've heard so much about Mmm sauce - I think I really have to try it!

  6. It definitely is all about the sauces! I've got that song in my head now too :-)
    I love the Veagnomicon cheezy one - just nutritional yeast, flour, broth, a bit of mustard and lemon juice - and usually make loads then pour it on everything!
    And I love, love coconut butter... couldn't be without it :-)

  7. Oooh, some great suggestions, thank you, lots of new ideas to try out! :) Balsamic seems to be popular - I used to have that all the time with avocado & mozzarella, but had forgotten about it recently!


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