Monday, 18 July 2011

Lots Of Bread And Sleepy Heads!

Ha ha, it seems I've become enamoured with my rhyming titles!! First and foremost, the sleepy heads - a photo I took this morning - so cute!

I love lazy, sleepy mornings! Looking forward to the school summer holidays so we can have a break from the rush to get daughter ready each morning :)

And onto the bread...

Liam came home from work yesterday with 3 loaves of crusty bread that he'd picked up for free before they were chucked out. Which would've been great, except I'd bought the 2 pre-packed loaves reduced earlier on that day. Eeek, lots of bread that needed freezing and not enough freezer space!!

Lots of bread to use then? The baguette was screaming to be used with baked Camembert, so that was last night's dinner...

Mmmm, I love this ooozy gooey cheese! :)

So good! Embarrassingly, I did actually eat everything that is in this photo to myself. I originally gave daughter a small amount of my Camembert, but then I ended up taking some of Liam's as I finished mine first! Oink oink, my tummy was so sore after this but I just "couldn't" stop eating - too yummy!

I mentioned it on Twitter earlier, but I am a bit worried that my portion sizes are on the large size. Especially as I haven't been to Circuits since before the wedding and that was the only exercise I did each week as it was. Another example was today's lunch. Two Food Doctor pitta breads, 2 eggs with mayonnaise and an avocado...

Most people would have egg mayonnaise OR a whole avocado wouldn't they? It doesn't help that I normally use WLR - a calorie counting website - but I haven't re-started after our honeymoon yet. So I keep telling myself that I'll be back to calorie counting soon so need to make the most of eating lots before then. Not helpful. I love food and wish I didn't count calories, but whenever I try to "go it alone" I end up eating way too much and gaining weight. It's partly down to healthy home-cooked food vs junk food. For example, today I managed to convince myself that it was ok to eat a big lunch as I wasn't going to snack in the afternoon, but then I ended up mindlessly eating a Penguin cake bar that my Grandma had brought round, and then we ended up eating Indian takeaway with my Dad this evening, eek!

I also had a big breakfast - another ploy to use up some bread - French toast with two nectarines and lots of peanut flour sauce...

There is some egg-fried bread under all that sauce somewhere!!

Dinner had no bread in it, but was still pretty tasty. I had planned to use up some more bread by making bread and butter pudding, with a light dinner beforehand. But my Dad is down for a few days and suggested bringing an Indian takeaway round...and curry followed by bread and butter pudding is too much even for me!! I'll make it tomorrow instead! :) So tonight... vegetable pasanda (which was mainly green beans, mushrooms and potato), pilau rice and a little saag aloo...

this was really good. I would have preferred green beans not to have been the bulk of the curry as they're not my favourite, but it was still tasty. Thinking about it, I did have some bread even with this - some naan bread as well as a bit of poppadom.

One other bready meal to share with you all - yesterday lunch - another two Food Doctor pitta breads, with (reduced) guacamole and (reduced) spiced carrot and sweet potato dip. I went to Waitrose without the children yesterday so actually had time to find some bargains!!

This was ok. I love the (new to me) pitta breads, but the dips were both a little spicy for me so I didn't eat that much of them. More tangy rather than spicy thinking about it - maybe, despite saying they weren't use by until today, they were going slightly off already. Boo. Not such a bargain.

Last two photos to show you. Some of the many things I bought in Waitrose yesterday were some new bars!

Along the bottom of the photo - they're part of Waitrose's new 'Love Life' range. The squashed fruit bar in the middle sounds like a Nakd bar, and the other too are made up of nuts (left) and seeds (right). I haven't tried them yet, but they look good! Plus, I of course stocked up on some 9bars and Lindt sea salt chocolate - I hate running out of those!

Finally, I have spent most of my day writing. This morning I wrote lots of thank you cards to all the generous family and friends who came to our wedding, and then this afternoon I wrote out daughter's party poor hand! I'm not used to writing things by hand these days! I had to stop writing thank you cards temporarily though as we ran out. Luckily the shop I bought them from had some more, albeit with slightly different designs. All drool-worthy!

The ones on the left are the original designs we used (and we also had ones with daisies, roses etc on them) and the others are new in the shop. I particularly love the pack on the right - the cupcake bottom right especially looks so full of icing, yum! Sadly not to eat, but I almost wish I had more thank you cards left to write so I could share the pretty pictures! I will have to keep them for other occasions - they're blank inside so very versatile :) They're from 'The Works' if you have one near you - lots of other designs and on 'buy one, get one free' at the moment too!

I was about to finish this post by asking your opinions on my portion sizes (although I know that's difficult to answer anyway) but I think I answered my own question. Just as I was about to hit "publish post", Liam brought this in...

Ben & Jerry's Fairly Nuts ice cream with a brownie crumbled on top! At least it's not the half tub he wanted to bring me (I exclaimed "No! I don't need that much!" when he suggested that, ha ha, one benefit of writing this post!!) but I doubt it's far off! Delicious - caramel flavour ice cream with hazelnut praline running through it I think - but really unnecessary after I felt so full of curry not long ago. Sigh. Maybe one day I'll be able to eat intuitively and still maintain my weight. But for now I think I need to keep a closer eye on things unless I want to keep on gaining weight as I have been recently!


  1. Ooooh yum I would be in heaven with all that bread!! I love those food doctor pita's! so good, and they're on offer in Tesco at the moment! yay! :)
    You have me craving Ben & Jerry's now! My problem is that I would eat the whole tub, no problem! :P

  2. Free bread?! Wow!
    I had to wear a really efficient calorie counter for a work feature once and it's amazing how much you burn by doing everyday stuff - I found I was actually sometimes burning more calories on a work day, with just general stuff but hardly any "proper" exercise, than I was on a weekend when I'd done loads of cycling... so I bet your running around after your (gorgeous) children burns loads!

  3. I'm really going to have to look out for those Food Doctor pittas- they look yummy- as do the rest of your eats!

  4. I love those food doctor pittas! So yummy! The wholemeal bagels are nice too.
    A while ago in Waitrose I bought 3 mini tubs of ice cream (green and blacks and ben and jerry's)_ they look teeny and I thought we would have a tub each, but in fact so far we have shared them, as the ice cream is so sweet and it is nice to have just a taste of it. So maybe try to buy things in smaller packs?
    And those bars in Waitrose look lovely- thanks for showing them.

  5. Also in the food doctor pitta loving club, they are delicious.
    The baked camembert looks amazing, oh my gosh i love melted cheese.
    Have you read intuitive eating? I found it a great help and I really feel I made a lot of progress after reading it.

  6. The camembert photo has really made my tummy rumble, even though I only just had lunch.
    In terms of portion sizes I've tried 2 different approaches. I weighed everything when I was doing Weight Watchers and that worked for me when I was trying to lose weight. However, I don't think counting calories is sustainable. As Leigh said, intuitive eating has some really useful techniques for portion control which I've found useful as I've tried to move away from calorie counting.

  7. I'm going to be thinking about that ooey gooey cheese all day now!


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