Wednesday, 27 July 2011

WIAW - A deliciously snacky day!

It's Wednesday again - What I Ate Wednesday!! Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting the party! :)

I am actually going to post my Tuesday food as today was super busy - I was unexpectedly out of the house for most of the day so have hardly taken any photos. So this was my Tuesday...

9.30am - breakfast. I'm loving the more relaxed morning routine now it's the summer holidays! Sometimes I'm super hungry and eat earlier than this, but yesterday I took my time. I went to Waitrose on Monday and, as well as the usual food, picked up a few treats for me, so I had lots of yummy food to choose from!

For breakfast I decided on some Lizi's chocolate granola and fresh cherries, on top of a cocoa-raspberry "pudding" smoothie...

This was delicious, I haven't had this smoothie for ages, not sure why!

I've been eating loads of fresh fruit the last couple of weeks - cherries, raspberries, strawberries, nectarines... I love it all! Also, plums...these are just some of the plums that have suddenly ripened on our tree...any recipe suggestions to use some of them up??!

Back to What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday though...

10.30am - coffee time! Since getting our new coffee machine just over a week ago, I have already got through a whole bag of coffee (Liam drinks decaff so it was literally just me), oops! So when I went to buy some more, I bought a different brand to try as well...

Percol is the brand I've already been drinking, which I really liked, but the Cafe Direct coffee is quite a bit cheaper so I decided to give it a go. The verdict: quite a lot stronger - it gave me the shakes after just this mug!

1.30pm - "oops I've left lunch too late so I need to snack while cooking". A laughing cow cheese triangle. Did the job to tide me over whilst I gave baby his lunch and cooked mine.

1.45pm - lunch. Another new-to-me purchase from Waitrose...

When I opened the packet, I was a bit surprised at how small it was 355 calories - the downside of pastry filled with nuts and cheese!! It was delicious though, I served it with a salsa made of diced cucumber, diced nectarine and some lemon juice...

and an iced coffee or two or three!

A delicious, summery meal! I'm really glad I finally bought the nut roast wellingtons - I've been eyeing them in the freezer section for a while! Not cheap, but really tasty. The "meat" bit had whole (cashew?) nuts and mushrooms in it, and the centre was goats' cheese and apricots. Yum.

5.45pm - I felt snacky again just before dinner. Luckily I managed to rescue this sachet of honey peanut butter off baby!

I ate it straight out of the sachet, alongside a few cherries...

Before my afternoon snack, I'd started preparing dinner. I made up this marinade by randomly splashing sesame oil, soy sauce, sweet freedom, ground ginger and garlic granules onto a plate (x2)...

and then placed slices of pressed tofu into it...

6.15pm - dinner. I grilled the tofu and served it with brown rice, grated courgette and a quick "sauce" made of soy sauce, sesame oil and agave nectar.

Very similar to this meal, but perhaps even better - the sugar in the marinade gave the tofu a lovely smokey sweetness...

and made it crisp up even more than usual under the grill, amazing! :)

Despite the delicious dinner, my snacky mood continued into the evening...

7.30pm - evening snack #1. My first ever taste of a chocolate Alpro pudding (I've seen these a lot on blogs so couldn't resist trying them!) with some desiccated coconut stirred in.

Despite the ugly photo, this was really good - smooth and chocolatey. I can't wait to try it on porridge in the style of Emma @ Sweet Tooth Runner!

8.15pm - evening snack #2. Katie's Single-Lady Peanut Butter Cookies.

Ah-mazing. Mine were more cakey than biscuity, which Katie said was probably due to using agave as the sweetener - if you want a crisper cookie then use the suggested dry sugar amounts. I loved them like this though!

One of the reasons I was so eager to try this recipe is because Liam hates peanut butter in desserts (as well as dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts...he doesn't like mixing things with each other!!) so I often have to drool over peanut butter recipes and then not make them - I wouldn't trust myself with a whole batch!! But actually, when Liam saw these he asked to try a little bit, and declared them "quite nice, with a good texture"...maybe I will attempt some other peanut butter recipes after all! Or just make these cookies every single day...quite possibly including when I hit publish on this post, so good!! :)

And that is the end of my WIAWT...quite a delicious day I hope you'll agree!! :-D
I'm now off to lie pathetically on the sofa whilst reading some more WIAW posts - I'm loving how many there are already today!! I had the stitches taken out of my neck and waist this afternoon, and it was way more traumatic than it should have been!! The letter the hospital had sent was pretty useless - just calling the appointment a "wound review" and therefore not telling the nurses how many stitches there were to remove. The first nurse couldn't see any stitches in either wound, but when I insisted there should be some she had another look and found one in my neck. A second nurse then came in to help, and thought she saw a stitch in my waist "but didn't want to cut it as she wasn't sure if it was a stitch or my skin"...not the most confidence-inspiring thing to this point I was gripping the bed trying my best not to pass out and/or throw up!! They did eventually find 2 stitches in my waist, but couldn't find anymore in my neck - instead telling me to come back if any more appear (!) My neck still feels really sore though, and Liam says it appears to be a larger wound than my waist, so I'm a bit concerned that there may be another stitch in there that they've missed. I've got another nurse appointment on Friday anyway, so I will get them to check my neck again while I'm there I think.

Do you find that your meals reflect the weather? We've been having lovely sunny weather around here recently and I think yesterday's meals/snacks definitely reflect that - lots of fresh fruit, and raw side dishes like grated courgette and the nectarine/cucumber salsa - I don't fancy heavy meals when the weather is so great! Don't forget the plum recipes either please!! :) I gave some to my Mum too and she says they are more sour than the ones you normally buy, so I think I definitely need to cook with them rather than eating them raw. Ideally something I can freeze as Liam doesn't like plums at all, raw or cooked!!


  1. Yum! Tuesday or Wednesday... it looks like a lovely day of eats! Your breakfast looks particularly amazing... I never have chocolate for breakfast!
    Also those peanut butter cookies look delicious, I may have to click on over and try that tonight - as I'm a 'single gal' tonight (My partner has plans w/friends this evening). :)


  2. Oooh, I've just had a look at that cookie recipe and I think I may very well have to try them out, I loved the pb cookies I made the other day but these look nice too.

  3. OH your coco smoothie bowl and cherries combo looks so good!i need to try some new smootie flavours and that looks awesome.
    I was gonna bake up those cookies tomorrow... i defiantly will now.

  4. I love those calorific nut roast wellingtons, my mum and dad get them for when I have sunday dinner there

  5. I find that I eat more things like yogurt and smoothies in the summer time because I want something cool and refreshing! I eat a lot more soups and things like that in the winter!

  6. totally delicious day =) happy wiaw!!!!!

    ps: I think I always snack while cooking! the second i see food my tummy barks out NOW! <3

  7. A really delicious day of food! I love the look of those cookies - yum!
    I'm loving the seasonal fruits - I bought some cherries yesterday that are just perfect. I'm also looking forward to autumn fruits - apple and blackberry crumble ... yes please!

  8. Ooh that tofu marinade looks very easy and yummy, I will have to try that out!

  9. Plum jam! With cinnamon! Amazing! :)
    Poppy47 on WLR sent me a recipe, can't remember where but I bet if you post on there you will get a reply.
    Also, try the dark choc alpro- I only see them in Sainsburys (and 2 for £2.50 at the mo) but they are amazing. :)

  10. I have some of that Justin's nut butter that I have been saving from my swap. I can't wait to try it!

  11. Thanks everyone :)

    Glad lots of you like the look of Katie's peanut butter cookies - they are delicious! :)

    Maria - that plum jam sounds fab! I think I'm going to just stew these ones as with birthday cakes to make etc I'm running out of time to do anything with them before they go too ripe. I'll keep the jam in mind for next year though! :) We have no Sainsbury anywhere near us, boo, our local Waitrose just stocks the chocolate and vanilla - not even the caramel!!

    Jemma - I still have a few more sachet flavours saved from my blog swap, so good, thanks so much for organising it! :)


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