Sunday, 26 August 2012

Lots & Lots of Peanut Butter!

I haven’t been blogging as much lately (making the most of the summer holidays…they are going too fast!!) and my camera is filling up with photos that I want to share with you!

A major recent highlight are all these amazing nut butters that my Dad brought with him when he came to visit this morning. He was on a business trip in America last week and managed to find time to do a bit of shopping as well, thanks Dad!


Last time he went, he’d brought be back lots of Reese’s peanut butter cups and peanut butter M&Ms, so this time I’d just prompted him with PB&Co and Justin’s nut butters (and Lara/Luna bars but he didn’t manage to find those sadly), I wasn’t expecting him to lug so many jars back though!!
I love all four of these PB&Co flavours…


And it has been far too long since I’ve had any Justin’s nut butter, my favourite!


I'm also very excited to try Justin’s version of peanut butter cups, amazing!! Open-mouthed smile


I have also been eating some other new-to-me peanut butters recently. I ordered the PB Crave peanut butters from American Sweets. So far I have tried the Razzle Dazzle and Cookie Nookie…


I have to admit, these aren’t as amazing as I’d been hoping. They are fun, but they are a bit artificial tasting. The Razzle Dazzle one was the flavour I was most looking forward to, but it uses artificial raspberry flavour and that doesn’t come across particularly strongly anyway. Sweet, smooth peanut butter…I’ll eat it, but I won’t be buying another jar.

Another new thing I have tried recently is Tina’s two ingredient pancake. As my bananas were quite large, I used one banana and 2 eggs. I made sure to cook it really slowly as Tina recommends, and it came out perfectly. Topped with PB&Co Bees Knees honey peanut butter…delicious!


I have also been enjoying some old favourites. Lots of fried eggs sandwiches (with cheese & ketchup, both in bread & muffins, yum!)…


Salads with falafel and egg mayonnaise…


and lots of fruit and cheese plates…


I have also started receiving Graze boxes again as they sent me an email offering me 3 boxes half price. However I was reminded why I stopped ordering them when I ate all 4 punnets in one morning, whoops!


I loved all of these, but was surprised by how much I enjoyed the tropical daiquiri punnet – dried sour mango didn’t sound sweet enough for me (!) but it was really smooth and moreish!


Right, I think that is me mostly caught up. I didn’t end up making any cake decorations today as my friend persuaded me to go out with her last night and whilst I didn’t have a lot to drink (folk week is still too fresh in my memory!!), I didn’t get home til 2.30am so I have been super tired today! I did manage to go to the gym for a quick workout with Liam this afternoon though, and I have most of tomorrow free to sort out the cake. I wanted to be able to concentrate and enjoy doing it, not force myself when I was exhausted!!

Have you ever received Graze boxes? What do you think of them? I do like the idea of them, and love the novelty factor of receiving lots of different dried fruits without having to buy big bags of everything. However I always end up eating them way too quickly to justify the cost of them, so I think once my half price offer has run out I will stop getting them again. I've started buying little packs of Nakd flavoured raisins, and some fruit and nut mixes which are also good for snacks, so I don't really need the Graze punnets. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!


  1. drrrroooooooooolllll, peanut butter, I had to talk out loud to myself today in Tesco as I passed the almond nut butter!!!

    1. PS totally agree with how quickly this summer has just flown by and we've not even been to see 1 single movie yet!! Normally we see 2 or 3 AT LEAST. Maybe next week ;-)

  2. Wow that is a great gift of pb- I would love to bring back that much but I always worry about the weight allowance of the baggage! I saw those Justin pb cups out here, but they were expensive so I stuck with Reece's :)
    I get a Graze box- once a fortnight but I often push it back (it lets you do that on the website)- as I tend to share the punnets with Andrew at the weekend with lunch, and so often we have a little pile of them on the side as we don't always get around to eating them that much. I did at one point go to Julian Graves and get some nuts and fruit, but I prefer the fact that they are portioned because otherwise it is too easy to have just one more!
    Glad you are enjoying the summer- that is what it is all about. xx

  3. I love Graze! I know it's expensive and buying in bulk from a supermarket would be much cheaper, but I like the variety that comes in the Graze boxes. I've been able to try different rice crackers, dried fruits, nuts etc without being left with a big bag of them if it's something I'm not too keen on. Like Maria I usually get a box once a fortnight and split it with my boyfriend... he prefers the savoury punnets whereas I'm all about the sweet dried fruit and chocolate/yoghurt coated ones!

    I'm so jealous of your amazing PB haul! The cinnamon/raisin PB&Co one is my favourite in the whole world, I could easily just eat it all with a spoon!

  4. Lucy, if you would ever be interested in my sending my brother to England (he lives in London) with American goodies, please let me know. I would LOVE to be able to fulfill your desires for PB and American Goodies.


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