Wednesday, 29 August 2012

WIAW - Izzy’s Party

Hello! Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

I haven’t taken part in WIAW for a while, but thought I’d re-join the party to talk about yesterday…quite a “summery” day as it included a trip to the beach and then Izzy’s party. First though, coffee. Every day starts with coffee, and yesterday I got to enjoy mine in bed, bliss, thanks Liam! Smile


I’ve gotten out of the habit of eating breakfast recently. I’ll still eat it some days, but yesterday wasn’t one of those days. Breakfast has been replaced by extra sleep though (love the lazy holidays!) so it’s not all bad. Once I’d drunk my coffee, showered and got dressed, it was time to get the children ready and head to the seafront. We were meant to be meeting my Grandparents but unfortunately they had to cancel at the last minute, but we decided to go anyway. The others enjoyed some ice creams…


And I went to Costa for the first time in about 5 weeks to get my favourite iced gingerbread latte, perhaps not so summery, but it is my favourite syrup!


I may also have had some of Izzy’s toffee ice cream, yum.


I was hoping for some of Toby’s mint choc chip but he gobbled it down too fast and then moved on to kidnapping Liam’s cone!!


After we’d all finished eating, we headed on to the beach for a little paddle. The waves were (slightly) rougher than they looked though…Izzy enjoyed squealing in faux terror and I got wetter than I’d anticipated!!!



Toby preferred staying nice and dry – throwing stones in is the closest he’ll get to the sea!


After a while we headed back home to get some lunch before the party – a sandwich with Philadelphia, basil tofu and cucumber…


Followed by one mini peanut brittle bite from this pack I bought in Lidl…I’ve been loving these as a little sweet thing to finish off meals Smile


Before we knew it, it was party time! Izzy had a joint party with two other children, so there were about 30 children in the hall in total, fun but hectic!! We had a bouncy castle, face painting and a couple of party games, plus food…the 2 hours ended up going by really quickly! I don’t feel comfortable sharing photos of other people’s children on here (still can’t quite decide whether to put the party photos up on Facebook…any thoughts/opinions either way??) so you’ll have to imagine all the other children, but here a couple of photos of the empty room and my two…



(the church hall we held the party in provided the bouncy castle, complete with slogan!)

Angel Izzy

Liam did Toby's face painting - incl devil horns!!!
Plus the all important food…I had quite a few egg and cheese sandwiches, plus carrot sticks, grapes, cheese straws, crisps etc etc…


and then a slice (or two!) of delicious cake



Once the party was over and we’d cleared up the hall, we went back home and after a little sit down (and an unpictured cup of tea) I headed out to spinning. The usual instructor is on holiday this week so this class was taken by a woman who I’d never spun with before. The class was very different, but really fun! Mostly fast tracks (although not as high resistance as the usual class) and a few resistance moves thrown in – one track she made us suck our belly button in 25%, then 50%, then 75% then back to 50% for 2 minutes spinning. Then another track felt a bit like body pump as she had us working our triceps whilst spinning by doing kind of push ups off the handlebars? I really enjoyed it anyway! She takes a class on Saturday mornings so I might try to go to that one sometimes.

After spinning, I came home and gulped down a glass of chocolate milk too quick to photograph, and then Liam made me a pitta bread filled with falafel, mayonnaise, blue cheese and cucumber…messy but delicious.


What kind of birthday parties did you have when you were younger? And/or what are your favourite type of children’s birthday parties to organise? This was my first time doing a joint party and, whilst it was kind of fun, I think I will go back to smaller parties next year!! Izzy was still only allowed 8 friends, which is the same number as I let her invite to her beach hut party last year, so in that respect there wasn’t any real benefit to holding a larger party. Plus both the other birthday children were boys, and the girls found them a little rough on the bouncy castle!! Izzy has been to a few at home parties recently which she enjoyed too – one at the start of the holidays, they all made bracelets and necklaces which I thought was a great idea, so maybe I’ll try to do something crafty next year, we’ll see…need to recover from this one first!! Winking smile


  1. For my cousin's 7th birthday recently she had a party at her local Lush store (she loves their bath products!). The girls had a nice time and all good a goodie bag to take home. I don't know if that would be appropriate for your daughter but Naomi and her friends all seemed to have a nice time!

    Your cake looks amazing!

    When I was younger I used to have about 7 friends (2 cars worth!) go to local places for a day out, such as the zoo or swimming pool. I think things were a lot cheaper then though.

    1. Your cousin's party sounds like fun! Izzy isn't really into beauty stuff at the moment, but who knows what she'll like in a year's time!

      I remember a few parties where I took some friends to a local (smallish) theme park...things definitely were a lot cheaper back then. Crealy - the park near here - is something like £15 per person now - child or adult once they reach a certain height - can't imagine paying for 7 of Izzy's friends to go to that!!

  2. Looks so much fun- and love that pic of you by the sea!
    I was always a bit phased by the bigger parties, I preferred the smaller ones. Some of the children at school do a "pots of art" party where they get to decorate their own plate/cup/bowl, and it gets fired and they get them later. Or glitter girls which is where they get their hair braided with glitter and things. But I like the sound of the craft ones the best.

    1. Thanks :)

      Yes, I like the idea of craft parties. I know the type of places you mean for pot etc painting, although I'm not sure where the nearest one of those is. I had a t-shirt painting party when I was younger once!

      Mum remembers that I also had an at home party one year based around cooking - apparently we made muffin half pizzas (plus little cakes I imagine) which then became the party tea...Izzy loves that idea at the moment so hopefully she still will in 11 months time as that sounds (relatively) easy for me to organise!! :)

  3. Love how happy y'all look <3 Such a beautiful family!

  4. Aw looks like you had a lovely day! That cake looks amazing too yum!

    1. Thanks! It was delicious, love lemon drizzle cake! :)

  5. Toby is my dude ... chic chip mint ice cream, staying dry on the shore :-)

    Jake has always insisted on home parties ... I now say NO MORE, it far to much work with the boys maybe girls would be different but 10 x 6 year olds was NOT fun in my house! This weekend Jared is 9 and him & a few of his mates are going rock climbing at the indoor wall locally with burgers afterwards - job done no cleaning :-)

    1. Haha, bless him, I agree with the choc chip mint ice cream but I love the sea so find it slightly frustrating (when Liam's not there) having to stay on the dry part of the beach with him!

      Yeah, I can imagine parties with boys are even more hectic than the girls - the boys at the joint party were so wild - kicking each other on the bouncy castle etc (!!), the girls were all too scared to go on so we ended up having to do seperate girl and boy "sessions" on the bouncy castle to make it fair!! Love the idea of rock climbing though, imagine it gets easier as they get older! Hope you all had/have a great time :)

  6. That cake is brilliant! I think it's lovely that you all made it together. There's something about birthday cakes that just stick in your memory when you're small. I was going through some (ancient) recipe books the other day and found the templates my mum had made for a sea lion on possibly my 4th birthday cake (I loved that cake. I think I requested a replica at one point).
    I tended to prefer smaller parties when I was little - bigger ones were a little overwhelming. But then I was an incredibly shy child ;)
    p.s. that's such a lovely photo of you and Izzy holding hands on the shore.

    1. Thanks! :) Yes, Izzy loves helping me make cakes, and I remember helping my Mum with mine too - she made a beach cake with a jaffa cake "Jaws" in the sea one year which sticks in my mind...I'm not that adventurous yet though!! A sea lion cake sounds very cool!

      & thank you, I'm pleased we've managed to capture quite a few family/children photos this week - helps having Liam at home as I never normally get any photos taken of me!


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