Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Toby’s 3rd Birthday

On Saturday, my baby boy turned 3.


The children spend Saturdays with Liam, but I did get to quickly open some presents with them before he picked them up…


I’m not sure if it was a clever or self-punishing idea to buy him a CD player, but he & Izzy seem to love it so far!


They then went to spend the day with Liam – swimming followed by a pirate party with all his family – and I went to Exeter for shopping, Yo Sushi and Fro Yo (I will do a post on that another time!) with my Mum and little sister.

On Sunday, we had a smaller party for my family. Lemon and “slime” fairy cakes…


More presents (Toby now has lots of clothes that actually fit, yey!)


Plus a huge digger truck from his Auntie Livvy…Toby’s favourite present for sure! Smile

DSC_1583 (2)

As Toby had already had a proper birthday cake the day before (Liam stayed up til 3am Friday night/Saturday morning making an amazing pirate ship shaped cake!) I just recycled a chocolate orange cheesecake that I’d made for Christmas, but had been put in the freezer as no one had any room for it on Christmas Day! Still tasted really good after 10 days in the freezer Smile


And, as with most family gatherings, there were a few family photos taken at the end…


I can’t believe how big my baby is getting! He starts pre-school tomorrow and is so excited! He doesn’t get funding until Easter (as the cut off is January 1st and his birthday is January 5th, annoying!) and the pre-school didn’t have anymore spaces anyway, so he is only going one afternoon a week for now. I’m hoping that by paying for that one session for this term, he will then be in the right place to get first dibs on any other sessions that come up in the future – from Easter he is entitled to 15 hours funded by the government, but at the moment the pre-school doesn’t have any more spaces until September! I’m crossing my fingers that he loves pre-school as much as we all think he will. It is the same one that Izzy went to, but whereas she had already been to nursery and a child minder by this age, he hasn’t really spent much time away from me before. Haha, worried “Mummy” ramble over…I’ll try not to cry tomorrow!! Winking smile

I’ve just realised this is my first post of 2013…don’t know where that time’s gone! I hope you’re all having a great start to the New Year!


  1. Aw hope he had a lovely birthday- and I hope he has fun at pre school now!
    Our Nursery (at the school) might start taking children all in in September, so children could turn 3 in August and then start school the next month- crazy! (That is all to do with the funding too).
    And I see you got that pretty Next cake stand too with the ribbon- I remember seeing it before Christmas, and I am sure you mentioned it on here!

  2. Belated Birthday wishes to Toby, he's such a cutie! x

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