Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Flowers, Nail Polish and No Snow!

Aka a list of random things! The longer I leave it between blog posts, the more I have to say but the harder it is to actually sit down and write a coherent post. So I decided to just list a few “catch up” things today – I usually find that once I get back into the swing of writing a couple of posts it becomes more natural again, we’ll see!

1. Toby started pre-school a couple of weeks ago, and he loves it! He goes two afternoons a week, so I use one of those afternoons to go to the gym, and the other to catch up on sleep housework…I’d like to start helping out in Izzy’s school on one of the afternoons, but at the moment I am still enjoying the novelty of having a couple of hours to myself during the day!!

photo (175)
photo (174)

He’s wearing Izzy’s old age 5-6 jumper in these photos, cutie! Although the jumpers must run small as Izzy only went to the pre-school age 3-4.

2. Have any of you tried the new body pump release yet? What do you think about it? I’ve only done it once so far, and I’m not convinced – the music isn’t as catchy as the previous release. I’m hoping it’ll grow on me though, they usually do after a couple of classes!

3. Speaking of exercise, my routine is still going well. Like most, my gym is packed with new joiners this month but the classes haven’t been that much busier. I currently go spinning twice a week, body pump twice a week, and then I try to fit in a few gym sessions depending on childcare. I want to do a more detailed post on my exercise, hopefully soon!

4. Another post I’m planning to write soon is about nail polish…those of you who follow me on Instagram will realise I have a slight addiction!! I’ve started ordering indie nail polishes recently too – these arrived in the last few days, love the ones I’ve tried so far!

photo (176)
photo (177)

My stash has definitely grown since I last showed it!!

5. I bought myself some flowers for the first time in ages on Saturday! Definitely a benefit of being single, haha, Liam didn’t used to like me buying flowers for myself as he liked to buy them for me, so I made the most of it when I was in Tesco at the weekend – purple tulips are my favourite!

photo (179)

I thought tulips got droopier as the went on, but the above photo was taken on Saturday and this is how they look now…

photo (182)

I love them both ways luckily, so pretty!

6. While I was at Tesco I also treated myself to a Costa lunch before doing the shopping – there have got to be some benefits of spending my child-free day in a supermarket right?! Winking smile I had a gingerbread latte and a cheese & mushroom toastie, my favourites!

photo (181)

7. If you’re wondering why there is no mention of the snow that everyone’s talking about, that’s because we have none! It did start snowing this morning…

photo (180)

It only snowed for an hour and only settled on the roof tops and the cars as the ground was too wet, yet that was still enough for the school to close at lunchtime, haha, seems so silly! A lot of the teachers live in the surrounding towns/villages which did have slightly worse snow though, but it was a shame that even on a “snow day” there was still no snow for the children to play in.

For those of you who have blogs, do you find it easier to blog every day/couple of days, or do you just blog as and when you feel like it? Those of you without blogs, do you prefer reading any particular style? I prefer it when I’m writing regularly as I find too many things build up that I want to say otherwise and I never know where to start! At the moment I’m struggling to find the time to actually sit down and write though – trying to persuade Toby it’s way past bedtime, housework and sleep have been demanding my attention too much!


  1. Hello :)
    Shame for the kids that they can't play in the snow, although I am getting very fed up of it now (mainly because the pavements are so dangerous as they don't get gritted so are just smooth ice sheets now).
    I have done the new pump- some of the music is so annoying (esp the chest track- that song annoys me when Andy plays it on rock band!)- a few songs are getting catchy, but not many. And the biceps track is so boring, just up, down, up down....
    With blogging, I don't blog each day- I don't have the time, so I just do as and when really. Sometimes I have nothing to write about. But then some of my posts (OK, most of them) are quite long, so if I don't blog for a while sometimes they are super long, but then I figure if people don't want to read it all, they don't have to. I have a couple of US blogs in my reader (which I can't delete)- they really annoy me, and seem to post about 3 times per day- the same boring stuff. I don't want to end up like that!

  2. I find that if I leave it too long then as you say there's too much stuff to talk about, and I don't know where to start! I try and think ahead for the week, maybe 3 or 4 posts, then I just write them when I get the time. If I think of something else I can add it in, and if I miss one, then no big deal really. Love the tulips!

  3. Ah pity about no snow, the kids & I have had loads of fun in it :-) Enjoy your new routine while you can, soon you will be wondering again why you don't have MORE free time because free time is no longer free!

    I blog as and when I can/feel like it to be honest; sometimes I am too busy other times there is nothing to blog about.

  4. Those indie nail polishes look lovely. I'm on a beauty spending ban this month but venturing into indie polishes are definitely on the list for Feb!!

    I don't have a blog but I like reading posts as and when they appear. Don't set a schedule that you can't keep. Your blog should be about your life not the other way round.

  5. I've been lucky and mostly escaped the snow too! I just tend to blog when I have time rather than to a schedule although I am trying to do it more frequently.

  6. Hello- I tagged you in a blog question thing. :)

  7. 1. Toby looks SO cute!

    2. Yay for Nail Polish :)

    3. I love buying myself flowers, ultimate treat!

    4. I blog every day out of habit now, sometimes I just don't feel like it though, I'm guided by instinct and inspiration for a post!


  8. Those flowers are beautiful!
    And Toby is ADORABLE!
    I hope you and your kids are doing well :)


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