Wednesday, 8 June 2011

100th Post = Giveaway!!!

This is my 100th blog post! The last 5.5 months since I started this blog seem to have flown by! Apologies for my lack of posting the last couple of days – I wanted to get everything ready for a giveaway before I posted…I know I technically could’ve done the giveaway on the 101st or 102nd post, but I wanted it to be on the 100th!! Open-mouthed smile

Before said giveaway though, please indulge me in a quick look back at some of my favourite posts over the last 5.5 months. I’ll try to stick to one a month as much as possible to stop myself looking back for too long!

One of my first posts, back in January, was to celebrate baby's 1st birthday. Perhaps not the best ever post (indeed I do cringe at some of the photos!!) but I like looking back at the teddy bear cake I made!

On to February. I’m going to struggle with this “1 post per month” thing already! I love my 'Weekend of Baking' post which included the yummy chocolate-raspberry cupcakes and lemon drizzle cupcakes…

The post where I give details of our honeymoon to Barcelona also seems to be a very popular post in terms of views, although I think that’s more to do with people searching Google for ‘Parc Guell’ and accidentally stumbling upon my blog!! I am still super excited about the honeymoon…only 3.5 weeks to go!!

Ok, March now. A bit of a traumatic day as my brave little daughter spent 4 nights in hospital, having to have an abscess on her neck drained under general anaesthetic Sad smile She was so brave though, I didn’t share any photos of her on the blog at the time as I hadn’t started showing photos of the children then, but here she is…still smiling!

March also saw me eat lots of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, delicious but I was glad to go back to healthier eating after that!!

The highlight of April for me was my visit to Exeter Food Festival, my Mum and I had such a great time there…so many things to see and try! Frozen Yoghurt had to be up there with one of the best things…

I pretty much squealed in excitement when I saw that stand!! I also came up with my chocolate-raspberry pudding smoothie in April, something I still eat a lot today!

May was such a fun month for me – Liam’s birthday, my birthday and our trip away to Woodbury Park made for a great long weekend. We also celebrated our 2 year engagement anniversary, and sent out our wedding invites!

Finally, June. We’ve only just started this month so I haven’t got many posts to choose from, but we have had some great times on the beach!

Considering I usually post about food, it’s surprising that the majority of the above photos are of people instead. I do post about food, honest!! I guess the times spent with my family are the things I remember the most fondly. Have a look at my recipe tab (underneath the blog header) if you are more interested in food!


Anyway, on to the promised giveaway! I wanted to thank you all for your support over the last 100 posts. I really appreciate people taking the time to read what I have to say, and I enjoy reading your comments and suggestions on what I post. That being said, I am sadly not made of money (!) so it will only be one lucky reader that gets to receive some goodies in the post as a thank you!

I had great fun going round Waitrose the other day picking up a few of my favourite treats to send to one of you. Here is what you will receive…

As you probably already know, I have quite a sweet tooth… I just hope the chocolate aspects of these products don’t melt in the post!! With the exception of the Bear granola nibbles, which don’t say they contain gluten but do contain oats, all these things are gluten free, and all really yummy!
Some bars…

  • Eat Natural 33g Cranberry, Macadamia and Dark Chocolate
  • Eat Natural 33g Almond, Apricot and Yoghurt Coating (LOVE this one!)
  • 9Bar 50g Nutty
  • 9Bar 50g Original

And some bags…

  • Nature with a hint of naughty – 125g of cashews, golden sultanas, pecans, raisins, apricots and dark chocolate drops (great for putting on porridge!)
  • Bear 30g Fruit Nibbles - Mango & Pineapple
  • Bear 30g Baked Granola Nibbles – Cocoa Cherry Pie

Right, how to enter…
  • Leave a comment on this post telling me something you particularly enjoy about this blog and/or things you’d like to see more or less of
  • Follow me on Twitter @PorridgeParsnip and tweet about this giveaway, including my Twitter ID and a link back to this post
  • Link back to this giveaway in your blog post
All these things count as one entry so please leave a separate comment for each one so that they get counted. This giveaway will end at 11pm (GMT time) on Wednesday 15th June. I will pick the winner using a random number generator and announce it the following day.
This giveaway is open to everyone… Good Luck!! Open-mouthed smile


  1. I love your smoothie recipes :) and your pretty baking, especially of cupcakes.
    And your general "life" bits too :)

  2. What a lovely thing to do :-)
    I like the pictures of your children, because they're so cute, but that's a lovely one of you and Liam too!
    I like seeing a mixture of everything on people's blogs; food, everyday life, pictures... congratulations on the 100th :-)

  3. Congrats on reaching 100 posts! My favourite thing thing about your blog are all the photos you post of the tasty foods you eat, including the recipes you come up with. I think you have a great balance between healthy foods and delicious treats and I love being inspired by your cooking adventures :)

  4. Conngrats on reaching 100 posts!! I am so far from there!!! I love how real you keep it on the blog, especially when you were struggling with your family accepting your new vegetarian ways.

  5. Oooo congrats on 100 posts!!! I would love to blog but I am the most unimaginative person ever!!
    I have actually been meaning to write a comment on this before now but one of my favorite things about this blog is simply how real you are. There are sooo many blogs out there that are all sugar coated "I really enjoy nothing but the perfect diet and have the most perfect life" you show sometimes that having the little ones does provide hurdles/crisp sandwiches and that sometimes it can be hard juggling life's obstacles its so nice to see a busy life being portrayed for once.

  6. I'm still pretty new to your blog, so I'm still trying t get a feel for the place, if you know what I mean? I guess I like any post which involves cake the most :)

  7. Loved the chocolate peanut butter smoothie :)
    And i completely agree with u of the fact that one should focus on the quality of food rather than the calories.

  8. Fab giveaway! I like your foodie posts!

  9. I only recently found your blog but I love that you're British! and I love hearing about your up and coming wedding, and your food posts too :)

  10. Congratulations on 100 posts! I especially love the recipes (especially the ones that use whole foods, because I don't always have access to the processed ones).

  11. I love hearing about your gluten-free lifestyle! It's nice to hear that it's possible!


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