Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Flashback To Two Years Ago: The Day Liam & I Got Engaged

24th May 2009. 2 years ago. The day Liam proposed to me.

I thought I'd take a little trip down memory lane. More for my sake than anyone else's - I like having something to look back on to help my (ever worsening) memory :) Sadly quite a few of the photos of that day are missing - I found an "engagement day" folder on Liam's laptop, but it doesn't contain the photos I was expecting, so I think I must've lost the photos from my camera when my old laptop died (I don't have much luck with laptops, but am pleased to report that writing this is the first time I've used my laptop since it came back from repair and, touch wood, it seems to be working so far!) I'll have a look on Facebook in a minute to see if there are any photos I can use from there.

Anyway, back to two years ago. It was a Sunday, just a week or so after my birthday. Liam, daughter and I went swimming (hence my bedraggled look!) and then went for a picnic on the hills overlooking the sea...

even back then there was lots of food...

although I hope the overall quality of my food has improved slightly in the last 2 years - the above was a 'pick it all up from Tesco' jobby - unlike the recent picnic we had for my 25th birthday - same blanket, but no Pimms or fresh fruit here! There were lots of sweets though - this is my favourite photo from that day - the only one we look back on really, I quite often have this as the screen saver to my laptop :)

I think Liam must've been a bit nervous about proposing as he left it until right at the end of the picnic. I will use this opportunity to admit (sorry Liam!!) that I had half guessed what was going on. I'd had no birthday present as my "special" present was delayed, Liam had started being secretive and wouldn't let me look in the boot of his car, so I knew he was hiding something in there! Plus we had discussed getting engaged a month or so back. I tried to test the water by putting a Haribo ring on my finger etc to see if I'd get a reaction, but no game. By the time he actually got up the nerve to propose, I had almost given up - assuming I'd got it wrong - and was lying down half-dozing in the sun. He got daughter to tap me on the arm, holding the box with engagement ring in, and the Liam said the classic words... "Lucy, will you marry me?" I was so busy admiring the pretty ring that he had to prompt me to actually give an answer!!

I said "yes" though, clearly - we are now only 5.5 weeks away from actually getting married, exciting!! :)

No "Engagement Story" would be complete without a photo of the ring right?! Sadly no photos from back then, as my old old camera (ok, so I'm just not very good with technology in general...I get through a lot of cameras/laptops!) couldn't cope with the light flashing off the diamond. But a more recent photo - excuse my pale hand!!

the engagement ring has since been joined by a diamond and emerald (Liam's & my birthstone) eternity ring, which he gave me when baby was born in January 2010. It looks even better now - as much as I loved my engagement ring before (my first "grown-up" piece of jewellery!!) the slenderness of it kind of emphasised my not-so slender fingers!! Whereas now, as a pair, the rings are chunky enough to suit my hands. And of course, before long they'll be joined by another ring...note to self: must buy our wedding rings!!

Moving on from jewellery, I thought it'd be nice to have a look back at some of the photos of Liam and I over the years. Apologies if this doesn't interest you...I'll be back posting about food tomorrow! There aren't that many photos of the two of us together as one of us is usually behind the camera, but here are some photos I managed to find:

September 2008 - Holiday in Corfu
October 2008 - Liam's Freshers Ball
October 2008 - My Graduation in Winchester
February 2009 - Valentine's Weekend in Falmouth
September 2009 - Mini-Holiday in Bath
September 2009 - TGI Friday Bristol - 5 months pregnant & looking huge!!
May 2010 - Ice Bar in Bath for our birthday weekend
October 2010 - going to a friend's wedding
I have loads of photos of me & daughter, Liam & daughter, me & baby, Liam & baby etc or on the rare occasions that we go out for meals/drinks I have photos of each of us on our own that the other has taken. Hardly any of the two of us...October 2010 was the most recent I could find! Shame. Must get people to take photos of us more often!

Anyway, that concludes my trip down memory lane. It's been fun looking back over the last 3 years. We've had lots of good times, and of course these photos share just a few of them. Hopefully many more years and memories to come! Happy Engagement Anniversary Liam!!

Oh, and for those of you who want to see food photos (ie me!), I found this photo whilst looking back at all the old ones. My birthday cupcakes from when we went up to Bath May 2010. How cute are these!

We got these from Bath Coffee Festival - 2x Oreo (Dad & Liam), Strawberry (daughter), Caramel Macchiato (Dad's then girlfriend), Black Forest and Coconut-Lime (both mine - birthday girl got two!). These were really good...mmmm...definitely some good memories in this post!! :-D


  1. Aw what a lovely story- I like to see the other side of bloggers lives too- I am a bit nosey I think :)

  2. Hi Lucy! You have a lovely engagement story. I hope the last 5 weeks before your wedding are stress-free and everything turns out beautifully. Thank you for including me on your blog roll. I'm honored! :)

  3. Thanks Maria :) I like seeing more details as bloggers lives too...as much as I love seeing food photos/recipes, it's also interesting to learn more about who the bloggers are as people. Or maybe I'm just nosey too!! :)

    No worries Kelly, I enjoy reading your blog. Glad you liked the post. I'm quite laid back about wedding plans (I think anyway!) so hopefully next 5 weeks will go well! :)

  4. What a lovely engagement story! You're such a good looking couple too! I wish you all the best in the future =)

    On a side note, I'm currently studying in Winchester too =). What did you study?


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