Thursday, 19 May 2011

Two Days...Lots Of Food!

I've just got round to uploading my photos from the last two days...can't believe how much food I've eaten!

First up, yesterday. I started the day with my favourite tropical green smoothie...

Mmmm, lots of green goodness! This one had more pineapple and less spinach - it made a pretty pale green! I'm so annoyed - whenever my smoothies turn out a pretty pastel colour, the camera never seems to pick it up very well...I must work on learning how to use more settings!

Yesterday morning I took baby to my friend's house to play with her youngest child. I had an, unpictured, cup of tea and 2 mini caramel shortbread bites whilst there, yum.

Back home, and time for lunch. I'd seen Meghann's Sweet Potato and Almond Butter Pita Pizza the day before and couldn't wait to try it out!

My version was on mini peshwari naan breads and used peanut butter instead of almond butter. This was a surprisingly good combo, although the sweet potato was a bit bland. I normally bake it in the oven for an hour, but as I was pushed for time I followed Meghann's instructions of microwaving for 5 minutes instead...I think I'll stick to oven baking in future for the nice caramelised flavour :)

Despite lunch being really filling, it seems I "needed" a big snack just a couple of hours later. Enter a glass of Innocent Lemon, Honey and Ginger smoothie...

and the leftover vegetable crisps from my birthday picnic grilled with some goat's cheese on top...

Yum. To counteract the saltiness of the vegetable crisps, I followed this up with two DCD Covered Fudge Babies...

Oink. But so good.

Luckily, dinner was relatively light. Mama Pea's Sloppy Joesphines served with brown rice...

This was good, but a bit bland. Next time I need to refer to Mama Pea's recipe before cooking.

Finally, I ended yesterday with a cold latte...because that will help my sleeping habits.


On to today, and a great breakfast. Inspired by Oh She Glows' Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard. I give you Fudge Baby Smoothie...

This was delicious. And really easy to make too.

Fudge Baby Smoothie
(inspired by Oh She Glows, using Katie's Fudge Babies)

  • 1 large banana (frozen)
  • 170g pot 0% Greek yoghurt
  • 15g agave nectar, or preferred sweetener to taste
  • 3 cocoa fudge babies
  • 2 cocoa fudge babies, or more as desired
First I blended the banana, yoghurt and agave until smooth. Then added the 3 (frozen) fudge babies and blitzed until partially combined. Topped with a couple more, defrosted, fudge babies.

A luxurious start to the day! So thick and ice cream :)

We then went to see my friend, the second attempt after the failure to catch a bus on Tuesday. This time Liam drove...much more reliable!

First my friend and I spent time catching up in the park while baby slept in his pushchair, and then we all went for coffee. The cafe is great - really child-friendly with a gated off area filled with toys for toddlers to play in, great fun! I had a latte and a slice of banana-chocolate cake. I love the cute cups & plates!

This cake was really good - I might have to try to re-create it at some point!

I would put a bit more banana in it I think, but I loved the swirls of chocolate. Mmmm, cake! :)

On the way to the cafe I had been super excited to see a frozen yoghurt shop...

Despite having had cake, I had to go back before heading to the car...

I had a Mango Heaven - mango and raspberry frozen yoghurt - topped with granola...

This was soooo good - not too sweet, with a slight sharpness provided by the fruit, and I loved the crunch of granola on top. Can a Fro Yo shop open up in my town please?!!

Liam liked the sound of the non-alcoholic cocktail thick shakes...

He had a Mojito - mint & lime...

This flavour should have been nice, but honestly, it was just too sweet. Not surprising when it consisted of ice cream, milk, mint syrup and lime syrup! Liam was able to drink it but even he said it was too sweet...I'm definitely pleased I went with my frozen yoghurt! :)

Cake + Frozen Yoghurt = lunch right?! It did for me today anyway - the coffee & cake was at about 12pm and Fro Yo at 1pm so it made sense in my head!!

Dinner was a family favourite - Cheesy Mustardy Broccoli Pasta Bake...

this is so simple & tasty...

Mmmm. I love pasta. Liam saved me from myself by eating up all the leftovers. Good thing to, as tonight Mum and I went to our first ever class of Zumba!

I have zero coordination so was a step behind everyone else for most of the routines, and had to follow the woman in front of me rather than the instructor as my brain wasn't fast enough to reverse the movements! (She was standing facing us, so when she went left, we went right) Having said that, it was ok. Kind of fun as there were so many of us doing it. Better than being at home. But going to the gym would have worked up more of a sweat. I prefer circuits which I will definitely stick with, but probably won't return to this one again. I'm liking trying lots of different classes at the moment though, just wish our gym did Body Pump which loads of you seem to love. Not sure if I'm brave enough to try spinning next??!


  1. Yum! I drooled all over your blog! Everything looks so tasty x

  2. Yeah go for spinning- I have never done it but I know a few people who love it- and if you dont like it well then it is only for an hour or whatever.

  3. Ahhh I'm so jealous you have a frozen yogurt place where you live. Do you live in Devon? I'm guessing close by because you went to the Exeter Food Fest. I'm from Plymouth so I'd love to know if I can get a frozen yogurt fiz fairly local!!!

    And your cheezy broccoli pasta bake looks so delicious. My mouth is seriously watering!

  4. Thanks Rachel, glad you like it! :)

    Maria - I will give it a go soon! Cycling is probably my least favourite thing at the gym (after treadmill perhaps), but I'm bizarrely intrigued to give it a go anyway!!

    Emma - sadly the frozen yoghurt place isn't in my town, but it's in Exmouth, so yes Devon but not that close to Plymouth I don't think. When I went to Plymouth a few years back though, we went to Drake's Circus (that's the name of the big shopping centre right?) and I had delicious frozen yoghurt topped with passionfruit, was so good. It was on the food hall level, I think it was actually a smoothie and/or icecream place, but it did some frozen yoghurt too. Hopefully it's still there!


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