Saturday, 21 May 2011

Shared Smoothie

I probably won't have much time to write blog posts this weekend, as my friend - daughter's Godmother - is arriving later on to stay for the weekend :) I'll be back Sunday night/Monday though!

Before I get on with tidying, baking etc in preparation for her arrival, I will quickly share this morning's breakfast...

Cocoa-Raspberry "Pudding" Smoothie. This made loads so I shared it with the children. Baby did have some too, without toppings, but he was too impatient to wait for a photograph before slurping!

I made the smoothie with frozen raspberries, but then topped with fresh raspberries and granola. So good. Healthy dessert for breakfast is a great way to start the weekend!

Daughter wanted me to point out that her and baby had already had toast so this was their 2nd breakfast. As soon as I finished topping the bowls she asked if her bowl could be included in the photo for the blog as well! She's learning's a good thing right?! :)


Right, enough drooling! Daughter has gone to a "pink" birthday party this morning, and baby has just gone for his nap. So it is time to bake some cupcakes before my friend arrives!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


  1. That smoothie looks amazing :)
    Have fun baking cupcakes!

  2. This smoothie looks so yummy! I love raspberries and chocolate together. x


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