Sunday, 22 May 2011

Weekend Highlights

Sure I've used the above title before but hey ho, that's what this post will be - the highlights of a great weekend :) can't post every little thing as we'd be here all evening!

Before I properly start, I have updated the Creme Egg Cupcake post, so you can all see the not so successful insides of this weekend's batch of cakes! Lots of those cakes were consumed by all of us, yum. I had a good deal going on with baby - my favourite part is the icing (sweet tooth!) whereas he only eats the cake as icing would be too messy, so we shared each time we had one...waste not want not!

As I mentioned yesterday, one of my friends was down for the weekend. "Hi Sarah" if you're reading this! :) She arrived late afternoon, plenty of time to play with daughter (she loved all the attention!) before dinner! Dinner was one of my favourites - Roast Vegetable and Lentil Lasagne. I hadn't seen Sarah since I stopped eating meat, but I hoped this dish would be a success with meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike, especially served with some garlic bread. As there were more of us eating, I cooked extra peppers...

pretty bright colours! This did mean that the lasagne filled up the whole baking dish...and overflowed in the oven creating a bit of a mess...whoops. Worth the mess when it came out though...

My plate...

I honestly can't remember if I had any garlic bread with this. I don't think I did. I know I wasn't intending to. I remember saying to Sarah that I wasn't having any. Yet a small part of me is niggling at me that I did have a slice in the end. Gah. My memory is getting worse. We didn't even have any alcohol! The lasagne was delicious anyway. That much I remember!

We also had pudding - something I'd been saving since the Exeter Food Festival...

Sticky Chocolate & Walnut Pudding...yum! Annoyingly this photo didn't turn out too well...

...but the taste was amazing! Slightly disappointingly, I only had one small bite of walnut, but the rich chocolate flavour and lots of fudgy date pieces made up for it! So good.

After dinner (and daughter's super late bedtime!), Sarah and I decided to rent a DVD rather than go out - we were both in need of a relaxing weekend. We watched The Rebound to make up for the lack of chick flicks on my birthday. It was pretty good, certainly the easy-to-watch type of DVD we were looking for, although I don't like how open they left it at the end...I want to know how the story actually ends!

While renting the DVD, I also picked up some cheap strawberries. Which leads me nicely onto this morning's breakfast. A change from the usual smoothie. Seeded toast with crunchy peanut butter and sliced strawberries...

This was really good. The strawberries were super sweet and juicy, a great contrast to the crunchy pb and bite in the toast. My new favourite plated breakfast combo I think (not to be confused with smoothies in a bowl which are still my current favourite breakfast over all!)

Lunch was something I'd been meaning to try since I came across it recently - Red Head Recipes' Bacon and Sweet Potato Frittata, minus the bacon.

I should've served this upside down so the sweet potato slices were visible. But I didn't think of that until after eating of course. Served with tiger bread (and more once the photo was taken!), mmm...

This was really tasty - I love the sweetness of the soft sweet potato. And a new, much better, method to cook frittatas! I've always previously just cooked them in the frying pan, and ended up having to grill them to cook the top as the bottom cooks quickly but takes ages to cook all the way through. Usually resulting in a burnt, stuck to the pan bottom too. But today's recipe said to cook over a low-medium heat with a lid on the pan. Duh! Why didn't I think of that before! The frittatas cooked much quicker and were perfectly set all the way through, and came out of the pan in neat slices easily, yey!

This afternoon, when Liam was back at work, Sarah and I took the children for a walk, to the play park and along the seafront. Some much needed fresh air! :)

Dinner tonight was a random selection of leftovers/food that needed using up. Tiger bread + leftover sweet potato (roasted) + sesame smoked tofu + some pesto to bring it all together? Yes please. I ended up having it as open sandwiches as there was so much of the filling.

This was delicious. I loved all the different textures and flavours :)

Predictably, there have also been lots of coffees and cupcakes consumed this weekend. However I'm feeling a little sick right now - a combination of over-eating and a cold appearing out of nowhere last night - so I won't include any photos of them in this post! Let's just say they were delicious at the time but I'm really looking forward to having a refreshing smoothie tomorrow morning!!

Hope you've all had great weekends too! What was the best thing you did and/or ate? For me the best thing was catching up with my friend, and the best food was probably the strawberries & peanut butter on toast. So good. All my other meals were really good too, but that was probably the lightest and therefore the most appealing right now! I just realised I ate bread at all three meals today, plus quite a bit of cake, eeek, no wonder I'm feeling so bloated!


  1. Yum- love the look of those open sandwiches.
    I know what you mean about forgetting what I have eaten (eg when I fill in my WLR food diary)- terrible!
    My fave was my raw chocolate and date brownie thing, partly because it was amazing, and partly because I got to use my new food processor! :)

  2. Mmmm, I saw your choc date brownies, they looked great - already added to my "must make" list! :)


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