Saturday, 6 August 2011

Packing Essentials - Food

As we're away on holiday at the moment (I'm hoping this will auto-publish correctly!!), I was going to write a post about packing essentials. But then I decided it didn't really interest me that much - we've taken the usuals, you know - clothes, swim stuff, toiletries blah blah blah, plus pushchair, travel cot etc (that's what really filled the car up - travelling with children involves a lot more 'stuff' than when we went to Barcelona!)

What does interest me is food!

As we are staying in a caravan, we have decided to eat breakfast and dinner "at home", and just eat lunches out. Eating out in the evenings is not exactly pleasurable with young children anyway. So this is some of the food we've brought with us.

For breakfasts...

Cereals, coconut milk, fresh fruit, tinned fruit, peanut butter and coconut butter. We'll also buy some milk, bread and butter/jam from the shops once we get there.

For dinners...

Pasta, rice, quinoa, tinned lentils, tinned chopped tomatoes, passata and tinned sweetcorn...we'll also need to buy some more things like cheese, vegetables etc.

Random bits...

The essentials! Coffee (decaf for Liam, regular for me), banana nectar, orange juice, snack bars (for me), oatcakes and skittles (for them). Plus....

This (Friday) morning a package arrived for me from the lovely Maria at Running Cupcake! Perfect timing for our holiday!!

Maria had kindly offered to send me a couple of Earl Grey tea bags to try, and then also offered to send a few Nakd banana bread bars. I wasn't expecting to receive all this though!! Thank you so much Maria, it is so generous of you! :-D I adore Eat Natural bars so was very excited to see these - I've only tried the apricot one (which I love) out of these flavours as well so some new bars to try! I quickly put some in the car to take with us, yey for extra snack food!! Those of you who already read Maria's blog will know she loves tea! She sent me several varieties of tea to try, so I'll let you know what I think once I've given them a go! Thanks again Maria, such a lovely surprise!

What are your packing essentials when you go on holiday? Do you take food with you? I didn't take any food with me when we went to Barcelona, and there were times that I regretted it. Hopefully we're more prepared this time although I'm sure we'll still end up buying other things from the (expensive) campsite shop!!


  1. Hooray! Just saw this - glad they arrived safe and sound and fingers crossed that you like some of them.x

  2. I do travel with food these days... mostly snack bars and little packets of Justin's nut butters. You never know when they might come in handy! Airports are especially poor at providing something that I will want to eat - except coffee, that is!! :)



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