Saturday, 13 August 2011

A Mexican Meal Out

Yesterday was Liam's brother's 21st birthday, and also Liam's Auntie's we all went out for a meal out to celebrate! As I haven't written about food in ages though (well it feels like that to me anyway!) I'm going to first show you the rest of my food yesterday.

My eating recently has been out of control, so I decided yesterday to try to eat a bit less, eat a bit more consciously and eat a bit healthier. It started with a yummy breakfast of Total Greek yoghurt, a chopped nectarine, Sweet Freedom and a little desiccated coconut...

This was really tasty, and surprisingly filling. I love having smoothies or porridge for breakfast, but when I then load them with toppings they don't exactly make the best option when I'm trying to lose a bit of weight. Lighter breakfasts like this yoghurt bowl are great for days when I'm not exercising (that'd be pretty much every day at the moment then!!) and especially when I know I'm going out for a meal in the evening.

Mid-morning, Izzy wanted a snack and I would usually join her. Instead, yesterday I decided to have a mug of tea. I got out all the tea bags Maria had sent me...

I decided to try the Dragonfly Tea Rooibos Chai...

I had this with milk and a little Sweet Freedom and it was lovely :) It felt like a real treat so I didn't feel the need to have a snack in the morning. I loved it so much in fact that I had the second of the same teabags yesterday afternoon...I think I'll have to buy some of these myself soon! :)

Lunch was one of my favourites for when Liam's coming home on his lunch breaks - sweet potatoes. I stick them in the oven an hour before he's due home and it makes for an easy meal that is ready to eat as soon as he walks in the door...aren't I a good wife??!! :-p (as opposed to Wednesday, when we had quesadillas on his lunch break, and he didn't end up sitting down to eat until 10 minutes before he was due back, oops!). I had my sweet potato with goats cheese, cinnamon and sweetcorn...

Delicious! We hadn't had sweet potatoes in a while so this was particularly appreciated!

As I mentioned, on Wednesday Liam came home from work with reduced flowers and a reduced cupcake for me. Well, on Thursday he came home with something even better (!!), reduced medjool dates!

5 packs of medjool dates reduced to 10p each on staff shopping! I gave one pack to my Mum, but I still have a lot to get through. Liam doesn't like them, but luckily Izzy does! We each had a couple stuffed with peanut butter for our afternoon snack yesterday...

Admittedly I hadn't planned to eat this snack - I just made myself some whilst making Izzy's without really thinking about it. It was good though, as we usually eat dinner 6-6.30pm, and last night the restaurant wasn't booked until 8.30pm, so by the time everyone had ordered, we didn't start eating til 9pm!

I'd originally decided to only have a main course at the Mexican restaurant. My willpower, however, was not feeling that strong! So for starter I had deep-fried breaded brie...

I had read the menu. But when this arrived, the sauce looked like cranberry, so I scooped up a lot of it with my first mouthful...forgetting that it was actually sweet chilli jam! My poor throat!! It was really tasty though, I love cooked cheese :)

For my main course, I chose a roasted vegetable burrito, which also came with vegetable rice...

This was huge! I ate most of the burrito, but had to leave a lot of the rice. After this, I was completely full and my stomach was really hurting. I wasn't even tempted to order dessert (despite there being a yummy looking Key Lime Pie on the menu!) but then everyone was brought around chocolate birthday cake and I found myself eating it...

This was quite nice, but completely unnecessary...I felt so uncomfortable afterwards!

Woohoo, a whole post with just food photos! I'll spoil it by adding in a photo of me last night though - Liam took this when he was sat right next to me, so a bit too close for comfort, but I quite like the top I was wearing...

I'm desperately in need of a haircut though!!

Today I'm going to a friend's hen do. She's getting married next Saturday, I can't wait for her wedding! :-D We lived next door to each other in halls in the first year of uni, and then we shared a house in our 2nd year (when I was pregnant with Izzy). She's been with her now-fiance all that time, so it's really exciting that they're getting married so soon! Speaking of which, I better get on! I have to leave to catch a train in an hour, and I have biscuits to ice before then!

Have a great Saturday everyone! :)


  1. Have fun at the hen do!
    That breaded brie looks so delicious :)

  2. That whole mexican meal looks delicious! Hope you enjoy the hen do, I have one next weekend and I can't wait :-)

  3. I love that roobois chai - it's delicious!
    The mexican meal looks yummy, especially the breaded brie!

  4. Thanks everyone - the breaded brie, and indeed the rest of meal, was great! & we all had a great time at the hen do :)

    Rachel - the dates were in staff shopping - there are always great bargains to be picked up there if Liam remembers to look!! :)

  5. Hope you had a great time at the party! The Mexican food looks lovely - it's definitely one of my favorite cuisines!

    And what a deal on those dates! Amazing. :)


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