Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WIAW - Lunch at the Beach

Morning everyone! It's What I Ate Tuesday Wednesday again! Thanks to Jenn, as always, for hosting such a fun party! :)

Before I get started, I just wanted to mention the horrific riots that have been happening in the UK the last few days. I have to admit, I'm not always the best follower of the news (when I do get a chance to sit down, I tend to prioritise reading blogs, oops!) but to be honest, I've found out more on Twitter than I've been able to find on the news anyway - the news I've read seems to be giving a very limited version of events? Either way, I can't believe everything that has been happening, it is so horrible :( I know there are some bloggers that live in the affected areas, so I just wanted to say that I hope you're all keeping safe, my thoughts are with all of you, and let me know if I can help in any way.

Moving on to lighter things for now...

After being away for a few days on holiday, I was extra glad to use my coffee machine yesterday morning...hello caffeine!

Then it was time for breakfast. Whenever I eat this for breakfast I always think I should make it more often, and yesterday was no exception! I wanted to use some of the reduced blueberries I'd picked up, as well as my new sunflower seed butter...

... so I made Averie's delicious Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cake! Topped with sunflower seed butter and more fresh blueberries...

This is so tasty and so filling, love it! :)

Late morning, we made the most of Liam having an extra day off work, and the sunshine, to head down to the beach.

We first played on the beach...

Mr Grumpy!
But he can smile really!
Toby hates the feel of sand on his feet so spent the whole time on our laps or the body board!

Before eating lunch at my Mum's beach hut. I had my favourite - egg mayonnaise salad from a local sandwich shop. It has cooked pasta, potato salad, coleslaw, couscous with raisins, leaves, grated carrot, beetroot, sweetcorn and red onion, topped with lots of egg mayonnaise...

This is so full of flavour, and really filling - I sometimes share a pot with my Mum, but this time my Mum and I got a salad pot each, but gave some to the children...more food for me, yey!

After lunch, we headed to the park to play for a bit and then went home via Costa. I had a vanilla iced latte and a banoffee cupcake...

The cupcake was great - lots of cream cheese frosting (my favourite) and toffee sauce in the middle, *drool*...

I think having a Costa in town is going to be an expensive habit!! Luckily I can only really go in when Liam, or a friend, is with me as navigating through the small entrance is a bit tricky with Toby's huge pushchair!

Once home, I had a couple more iced coffees...

I'm loving my coffee routine at the moment! I make a pot of coffee in the morning, have one or two mugs hot, and then put the rest of the pot in the fridge to have iced with milk and vanilla stevia drops. Yum!

As usual, I had a snack whilst cooking dinner. There was only one medjool date left in the pack so a bit of a smaller snack than usual...

but I was glad as it meant more room to eat the amazingness that was dinner!! Creamy coconut daal with some spinach stirred in at the end, topped with crispy fried paneer...

This was fantastic! I've had mixed success with cooking daal in the past, sometimes finding it a bit bland, but this recipe was perfectly spiced. The paneer added crunch and extra bulk, I was full after this plate!!

I didn't think I'd need an evening snack after that dinner, however just as we were about to go to bed, our wedding photographer arrived with our wedding photos!! So a late-night snack of rhubarb fool was needed to sustain me long enough to look through the photos!

We're going to look at them properly later when Liam gets home from work, but there are some really nice ones in there :) Can't wait to sort them out properly for albums/blog posts etc!! :-D

And that was the end of my Tuesday! I'm trying to eat a bit more consciously today as my sweet treat consumption has been creeping up lately! So far today I've had a nice big breakfast, so I'm going to see if that will keep me going til lunch! Lots of housework to be done as our landlord might be visiting this week, so that should keep me busy/distracted!! & with that, I better get on, make the most of the rest of Toby's nap time!!

What was the best thing you ate today/yesterday? And does anyone have any personal recommendations for websites/companies you've used to print photo albums? We decided to organise the printing of our wedding album ourselves to try to save some money, so we have a CD with the edited photos on which we own copyright to, but we need to decide what to do with them next!


  1. I always use photobox to print stuff out, I made a photobook on there once and it was good quality.
    Your breakfast looks amazing! Do you like the sunflower butter?

  2. Oooh that salad looks nice :D I love egg mayo.
    I made a photo book with blurb a couple of years ago. The shipping was very fast but it was quite complicated to make and i actually ordered 2 copies, one came with a lot of printing mistakes so i wouldn't recommend them.

  3. Haha, good question! I kinda avoided mentioning it as I'm not sure what I think yet - it was nice, but I'm not sure it was any more worthy of special attention than peanut butter...I'll have to try it a few more times and then let you know what I think!! :-D

    That's good to know about photobox - I've used them once to print photos out, but never made a photobook or anything. I seem to remember thinking the quality of the photos wasn't quite as good as those you print out in Boots though...did you find that? It may just be how all photos ordered online are though - I don't think the finish was quite as shiny, not that that's necessarily a bad thing! :)

  4. Cross-posted Sarah! I love egg mayo too, reminds me of childhood & it's just delicious! :)

    Never heard of blurb but now know to avoid them, thanks, don't want to be disappointed with out wedding album!

    Hope you're doing ok by the way Sarah - saw on Twitter about you helping with the clean up this morning, it's great to see that lots of people are helping rather than causing chaos! Hope things are calmer for you tonight :)

  5. It looks like you had a yummy Tuesday, plus a nice day at the beach! I love Daal, but I've never tried making it myself.

    Good luck finding someone to print the photo albums!

  6. I think that apple do photobooks, probably a bit more expensive, but probably nicer quality? I'm intrigued by the sunflower butter!

  7. That dhal looks great. I'm going to click over the recipe right now!

    I'm uber-jealous of the banoffee cupcake! I love banoffee pie, and of course, no one here in the US even knows what that is - let alone makes it. Hmmm... I guess I should make it? Why didn't that occur to me until now? It's not like I have a food blog or anything... ha, ha. :)

    Wedding photos! How exciting! I can't wait for you to post some. :)


  8. Yumm, I wouldn't like the egg mayo but asside from that the salad pot sounds like yummy picnic food! I want that cupcake too! yum!

  9. The cupcake look gorgeous - I've never had a proper cupcake before (shock!!)
    The oatcake looks delicious too - I'm definitely going to try them out!

  10. Best thing I've eaten today, probably the GIANT strawberries I've been snacking on!

    I don't know much about the photobooks, but Alex from Spoonful of Sugar free just did a post on one! You should check it out!

  11. Your creamy coconut dahl sound delicious! Looks like such a lovely day :-)

  12. enjoy pouring over your wedding photos! <3 I got mine earlier this year and spent weeks looking at them and remembering the day =) love it!

    Happy WIAW lovely! xoxo


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