Sunday, 18 September 2011

Pumpkin's Back!

Well, nearly. Before Liam stopped working at Waitrose (last shift today, whoop whoop!!) I asked him to find out something very important. Are they going to start selling Libby's tinned pumpkin again soon? The answer is YES! Apparently my local store is going to start stocking it again in a few weeks...I hope it's the same for other stores as I know some of you have also been having trouble buying it.

This means I can start using up the tins of pumpkin I've had stored in my cupboard since last winter - I didn't want to use them up too quickly until I knew I'd be able to replace my stash!

When I saw the rain pouring down this morning, one thing came to mind - Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

This was great, I loved having a different flavour to regular coffee, and it was less sweet than I was expecting from the recipe. As Averie suggests, I made a double batch of the pumpkin milk so I'd have more for coffee refills later...haha, yeah right!

I'd tried the pumpkin milk on its own as well and it was delicious, so I decided to pour some out to share with the children...

Needless to say, once the children tried this, I didn't get a look in!

As you might be able to tell from the above photos, Izzy didn't exactly get her fair share of the pumpkin milk either - Toby was very possessive of the glass/straw!!

So once Toby had gone for his morning nap, I used the last of the pumpkin milk to make Izzy and I some drinks - chocolatified! I'd left the pumpkin milk in the blender jug, so I re-blended it with cocoa powder and some agave nectar (plus a random splash of gingerbread syrup I had lying around) to make chocolate pumpkin smoothies...

I think I even preferred this to the coffee version...chocolate anything is usually a success!

Thanks for your well wishes for Izzy on my last post. She wasn't right at all on Friday - she even took herself off for a nap rather than having lunch which is definitely unusual for her! But she woke up on Saturday morning back to her normal self, and is now looking forward to going back to school tomorrow :) I don't know what caused it - she was only sick first thing in the morning, then just had a tummy ache all day - but I'm glad she's better now - I'll take bouncy, full of energy Izzy over quiet, poorly Izzy any day!

What are your favourite pumpkin recipes? Are there any other seasonal items you look forward to coming back into the shops? Next on my list for pumpkin recipes is pumpkin butter. I don't think I've ever tried any fruit butters before, but this recipe looks great, and pretty easy too. I do also love all the gingerbread type treats that Lidl seems to stock near Christmas. I noticed the other day that they've already started selling chocolate Santas, but I'm not ready for Christmas foods quite yet!


  1. I think I must be the only person buying cans of pumpkin round here as I've been able to buy it all year round. Keep thinking I should stick a load on ebay! Pumpkin butter is on my to make list as well. Looks yummy.

    Glad Izzy is feeling better.

  2. This is so strange I was just midway through a post about how much I wanted pumpkin in my blog when I read this.

    Odd question - what size waitrose is it, I've got one near me but its not the most reasonably sized, do you think they might have it? Also how much is a can? Ahhh you've made my morning with this discovery!

  3. Angela - you are definitely very lucky to be able to get pumpkin so easily! I've still got 4-5 tins left in my cupboard from last winter, but only because I had inside knowledge that Waitrose were going to stop selling it, so I stocked up!

    Charlotte - haha, that is weird - this weather calls for pumpkin I guess. I'm afraid my answers aren't going to be super helpful - I'd say our local store is a medium size Waitrose (!) certainly not the biggest I've been in though. I think the head office people told Liam that if the store had sold pumpkin last year then they'd have it this maybe worth asking/waiting a few weeks and then checking? I can't remember how much it was as I haven't bought it since last winter, but I'm tempted to say about £1.70? I could be completely wrong though, that does sound like quite a lot...I'll let you know when our store gets it in!

  4. Ugh, xmas stuff in the shops at this time of year is a bit much for me!

    I can't wait to make pumpkin oat bran...but I still can't find any in the shops!


  5. P.S So happy to hear Izzy is over her tummy bug. I remember when I was her age the time people knew something was really, really wrong with me was when I didn't want to eat!


  6. Hooray! I knew they only sold it in the autumn, but I did stockpile it just in case! I love oh she glows pumpkin spice gingerbread loaf- totally amazing. That pumpkin chocolate milk looks amazing too :) Oh and hummingbird pumpkin cupcakes are amazing and fairly low cal too.

  7. That is so funny! You and me have done the exact same thing - hoarding tins of pumpkin until it comes out again haha. We are like squirrels :)

    Those drinks look scrummy x

  8. Glad your daughter is better.

    I made pumpkin vegan cookies last winter from vegan with a vengance. They were awesome! But I tried the pumpkin on its own and I didn't like it. I hope somewhere near me sells it so I can buy some more to try new things!

  9. Bet the kids won't believe they were fighting over pumpkin in a few years ;-)

    I've never tried the tinned pumpkin, seems I may be missing out on something.

  10. It looks like the kids really enjoyed the drink! Not long until Waitrose starts stocking Libby's pumpkin - it should be in stores at the beginning of October!

  11. Thanks for blogging about it and glad you (and the kids!) are enjoying it.

    My daughter loves her pumpkin milk (almond milk + pumpkin). The pic of your kids is so cute :)

  12. Aww that pumpkin drink sounds fab! I love pumpkin in smoothies and pumpkin butter is fab!


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