Thursday, 1 September 2011

Wedding Photos - Group Photos Before The Ceremony

This is the third post of my wedding photos. I hope you are enjoying these posts - I know they're not my usual food posts, but I love looking back at my wedding photos and wanted to share them with you all!

Previous posts are:
Part One - The Details
Part Two - Getting Ready

I've also linked (and will carry on linking) all these posts, as well as wedding planning posts and honeymoon posts under my Wedding tab.

As I mentioned in the last post, our photographer came to my Mum's house before the ceremony to take some photos. This was a really nice way to get a few photos of my side of the family before things got frantic, and he also then went to the venue before us and took some photos of Liam etc.

He got some nice ones of me and my sisters...

Me, before I changed into my dress!
Olivia (bridesmaid)

and Izzy, of course, always looks beautiful...

He also took some group shots. I won't bore you with all of them as there are so many different combinations of us all! But these are some of my favourites...

The photographer also got a couple of shots of Izzy and my Dad without them realising. I love these photos as they are so 'Izzy' - she loves doing sums and practising her writing more than almost anything!

Finally, to finish up this post, here are a few photos at the venue, before the ceremony. Liam with "his men" - best man Sean (brother) to his left, his Dad far left, and then the other 4 men were his ushers (his sister's boyfriend, 2 cousins, and my sister's boyfriend)...

Our gorgeous page boy...

and, finally for this post, my Mum's friends who were so kind to be our waitresses/waiter for the drinks reception immediately after the ceremony...

They requested the purple aprons, I think they looked really neat! They did a great job as well - serving the initial fizz after the ceremony, and then coming outside with trays of canapes and more fizz for top-ups...thanks all of you! :)

I can't think of any question tonight, so I will just leave you with the above photos, I hope you enjoyed looking at them! I am so tired this evening - with the exception of dinner, I've mainly eaten sugar today - not a good idea for my energy levels!!

Thank you for all the comments on yesterday's WIAW post - I will respond to them all...but probably not tonight, I'm rapidly losing the ability to do anything other than snooze right now!!!


  1. Everyone looks so fresh and beautiful, Izzy & your dad would due my favourite though :-)

  2. You look so much like your Mum!

    I agree that Izzy and your Dad look adorable together :)

    I like these posts: the mix of subjects makes your blog really refreshing, and it's a more accurate reflection of 'you' than blogs purely about food, for example.


  3. Awww, the candid shots of Izzy are adorable. And I think I like the shot of you and Izzy together the best of the posed shots. They are all so pretty, though!


  4. I love these pictures! I like the ones taken that are not posed, they are so much more natural like you say, and really reflect personalities and things.
    I am enjoying all these posts too by the way

  5. Beautiful photos! I especially love Izzy's thinking face hehehe x


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