Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wedding Photos - Getting Ready

This is Part Two of my Wedding Photos series. If you missed the first part, you can find it here... Wedding Photos - The Details.

Compared to the stress of last-minute wedding preparations, my wedding morning was so relaxing. I'm not sure Liam would say the same thing - Izzy and I stayed at my Mum's house the night before the wedding, so Liam had Toby on his own on our big day! Like I said though, I had a relaxing morning! It started with breakfast, which my Mum made for me and I got to enjoy in her garden - poached eggs, hollandaise sauce on a gluten-free English muffin...

This was also enjoyed along several coffees - it was so nice to be able to relax in the sunshine! (Plus I may have had a few too many Pimms the night before, haha, having long-distance relatives around the night before the wedding was not such a good idea!!)

Because the wedding wasn't until 4pm, I didn't experience the rush that most brides have - I didn't even have to be at the hairdressers until 11am! Before that my little sister, Olivia, painted Izzy's nails. It was only a pale pink nail polish, but Izzy was so excited!!

We then went to the hairdressers. We'd basically booked out the salon from 11am onwards for me, Izzy, both my sisters, my Mum, one of my cousins from Portugal, and one of my Mum's best friends. I also had my nails done after my hair...

We'd ordered cream gerberas for our hair, but they ended up being more yellowy. Didn't really matter on the day though.

The bride...

My littlest sister, Olivia, the bridesmaid...

and Isabelle, the beautiful flower girl...

Before we all left for the ceremony venue, the photographer came to my Mum's house to take some group photos. I will share those in the next post, but a few more photos that I feel fall under the "getting ready" category... My Dad making last-minute notes on his speech...

Me trying to work out how to tie the rings onto the ring cushion...

Before getting changed into my wedding dress I had lunch, which was half an egg salad pot - from the sandwich shop we regularly buy from when going to the beach hut. Love this!

It was then time to get into my dress - not long to go now!! My Mum helped do me up and put on my, frankly hideous but comfortable, shoes...

and I walked down the stairs for the "big reveal"...well, to my Dad and sisters anyway!

I'll leave the "Getting Ready" post here - next week's post will be group photos, both at home of my side of the family, and at the venue of the men - you'll finally get to see a photo of Liam! :)

What would you choose to have for breakfast on your wedding day/the day of a special occasion? I wanted something quite substantial, as I knew I'd only want something quite light for lunch as it would be getting quite close to the ceremony. I've only just realised as I'm writing this that I actually had eggs for both meals, haha, I guess I was focusing on getting some protein in me!


  1. Ahhh you look so pretty! I bet you had the most amazing special day! :)

  2. What lovely photos! I can't remember what I ate the morning of my wedding, it was in Italy I think I had a pastry with a cup of coffee at the hotel!

  3. I think I'd be paranoid about my stomach sticking out so I'd be avoiding anything for breakfast ideally...yet I think it's been ten years since I skipped breakfast so I'd probably end up grabbing more than a little something ;)

    Your hair in those photos is stunning!


  4. You look beautiful!

    I have a 'nervous tummy', so I'm not sure what I would eat. Probably not much!

    I definitely love the idea of a later-in-the-day wedding though, no need to be rushed! :)


  5. The bottom picture is absolutely beautiful - your dad looks so proud and you look so happy!

  6. Wow what beautiful photos- love your hair so much.
    I think I would go for good old porridge as I like my routine and I would worry about anything different upsetting my stomach or making me hungry earlier.

  7. Thanks everyone! :)

    Jemma - it was a wonderful day, I wish I could do it all over again! That's one of the reasons I'm enjoying doing these posts - great to look back at the photos!

    Laura - it must've been amazing getting married in Italy, do you have any posts about it? I went to Sorrento when I was younger, so beautiful!

    Jess - my stomach did stick out by the end of the day (ie when I'd forgotten to hold it in!) - you can see it in the photos of me cutting the cake. I didn't care at the time, but I do notice it in the photos. Something I have to work on - not being so critical of my body! & thank you - I was really pleased with how my hair turned out!

    Angie - it was great having the wedding later in the day. We went to a wedding last weekend which started at 1.30pm, and the bride had to be in the hairdressers by 7.45am! Plus, from a budget point of view, it meant we only had to feed people properly once!! :)

    Leigh - thank you :) That's one of the better photos of my Dad - in quite a few photos (as you'll see in later posts) he's grimacing, but apparently it's the same smile he had on his own wedding day so maybe that's his apprehensive smile?!!

    Maria - thank you :) I did consider porridge, but I only really like it when I make it myself... and I was enjoying being a lady-of-leisure for one day too much to turn down my Mum's offer of making me breakfast!! :-D


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