Saturday, 27 August 2011

Condensed milk plus butter equals...

...amazing caramel sauce!! (well, after about 5 minutes over a low heat)

Liam had this on top of an already saucy chocolate sponge pudding, but I went for the "healthier" option and chopped up two nectarines and some strawberries...

Yum, this was a good choice as the caramel 'sauce' was so thick and sticky that Liam found it too rich with the chocolate pudding, whereas it was the perfect balance with lots of fresh fruit...good Saturday evening snack! :)

Other eats today have included a messy but delicious fried egg sandwich on soda bread for lunch...

breaded courgette "fries" with houmous for dinner...

and lots of snacks! A few weeks ago I ordered a box of chocolate brownies and malteser traybake for my sister and her boyfriend, from KitschnBake. We were on holiday when they received them, but my Mum saved one of the brownies for me. Even after 3 weeks in the freezer, this still tasted amazing!

So fudgy, and with chunks of white chocolate in it, yum, thanks M-J! Liam wants us to order a box for ourselves...I know I could make brownies myself, but I never usually do, so ordering from KitschnBake is a great solution. Think we'll have to wait until a special occasion before I feel we 'deserve' to order a box though!!

I did a big shop in Waitrose this morning. Liam took the children to his parents house while I went, so I got to shop in peace, bliss! Although it did of course mean I spent more than usual! We were already fully stocked with fruit and veg from Friday's veg box, but I stocked up on non-dairy milks, pasta, tinned beans, frozen fruit etc etc, plus a few treats that caught my eye...

Clearspring brown rice noodles in a miso ginger soup that I saw on Laura's blog, rice noodles, Rude Health multigrain thins that I saw on Maria's blog, Vogel's sunflower and barley bread (I usually get the soy & linseed version), and some little coconut cakes that were on offer 2 for something, so I got a chocolate pack as well for the others.

The coconut cakes are delicious, especially spread with raspberry jam...

ugly photo, but tasty cake...a few of these have already been consumed today! :)

How have all your Saturdays been? I don't feel we've really done much today (apart from shopping and eating!) as we'd planned to go to the park this afternoon, but it started pouring with rain just as we were about to go out. Poor Izzy has been desperate to go for the last few days but the weather hasn't allowed it. Luckily my sister was around to take the edge off the disappointment! I did go swimming yesterday though, yey, my first exercise in over a month!!


  1. oooh the coconut cakes look lovely :D
    Tasty fried egg sandwich sandwich too!

  2. Ooooh that caramel sauce looks absolutely scrummy, well done on the healthy option I don't know if I would have done that ;-)

  3. Yum that looks fab! I would have made fudge I think :)
    My saturday was a 300+ mile drive to the airport, and then the flight home, so not normal. And I think my next exercise will be Tuesday so snap for the long time off!

  4. Oooh, I love caramel sauce... yum!!

    My Saturday involved the usual... up early for the Farmers' Market (where I spent FAR too much money), coffee out, and then back home for the usual Saturday clean. (ugh).


  5. Sarah - the coconut cakes are good, really nice for a bought cake!

    Lara - haha, I'm not sure that anything covered in caramel sauce really counts as "healthy", but the summery fruit was delicious with it :)

    Maria - I thought of fudge, but I only had half a tin of condensed milk left from the cheesecake + it was a late night/can't really be bothered but want something sweet adventure, so I wanted to make something quick. I must make fudge soon though, I always drool over it on your blog!

    Angie - your Saturday sounds lovely (well maybe not the cleaning!), I used to love going to a Farmers' Market where I used to live :)


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