Monday, 8 August 2011

Home Sweet Home

When we got home this afternoon, I was greeted by this on the doorstep...

My iHerb order a day earlier than I was expecting!

This is the 3rd time I've ordered now, and I use airmail delivery (much cheaper, so long as your order weighs less than 4lbs). The last two times my order took 14 days to arrive...yey for only 13 this time!! Although I'm not so sure about the freebie - some kind of mushroom coffee??! It's the same as I got in my 1st order, and last time I received the hot chocolate version...Has anyone received the same samples? And tried them??

Aside from the freebies, my order looked like this...

Peanut butter filled pretzels (a random item I added in because I had some weight allowance left!!), lots of stevia - I'm loving stevia sweetened coffees at the moment! I bought two more bottles of vanilla stevia drops, and one bottle of cocoa stevia drops to try. And finally, a jar of sunflower seed butter - I've heard great things about this so I have high hopes!!

We had a great time away - I will write a few blog posts about it over the next few days - but I think we're all glad to be home. The kids are certainly pleased to have more space to relax in!!

The mobile home we stayed in was nice, but a bit on the small side!

Once we'd unloaded the car of all our suitcases etc (there would have been no room for any shopping else!) we headed to Waitrose to re-stock our fridge! After a few days away, eating lots of stodgy carbs, all I really wanted was fruit and veg! We picked up some bargainous grapes...

Because of the 2 for £5 offer, the reduction made the grapes 22p total for both packs...gotta love staff shopping!! :) These went straight in the freezer - I have been loving frozen grapes recently, so refreshing!! We also picked up reduced plums and blueberries, as well as full priced nectarines, apples, bananas, spinach, courgettes, sweet potatoes etc...lots of fresh produce for us to enjoy this week!

We did also pick up some convenience food - Liam and I were both way too tired to contemplate "proper" cooking tonight, so fresh pasta it was!

Two packs of goats cheese and caramelised red onion fresh pasta that were on offer, and roasted pepper pesto sauce that was reduced...I was loving the bargains today!! This made a simple, delicious dinner that was ready in just a few minutes...

I loved the pesto sauce - lots of yummy pine nuts in it! :)

Question time! Whilst I'm talking about food and orders, does anyone have any suggestions for foods to buy from Wholefoods Kensington?? My Dad went to Wholefoods Soho for me a while ago, but this time he is going to be closer to the Kensington one and apparently that one is bigger? :-D I wish I could go myself to browse all the aisles, but as I can't I need your recommendations - my Dad will need a list with pretty specific product names or he will be lost!! Can you get Cliff bars there? I've never even seen them in 'real life' so don't know which flavours you can get in the UK/which are best? And what about Pulsin' bars? I've seen them on quite a few UK blogs, a raw chocolate brownie flavour? I'm not a big fan of protein bars (well Trek ones are the only ones I've tried) so am I likely to like these? So many questions! I liked most of what my Dad bought me last time, but some things (like bee pollen!!) have sat in the cupboard unused so I want to try to just ask for things I'll love and use this time!!


  1. nunaturals is the BOMB!! yes you ca get cliff bars AND pulsin bars!! raw chocolate and maple protein are the best!

  2. Oooh that pasta looks delish! I love goats cheese with onion!

  3. What fun to come home to a package waiting for you. I love it when things come in the post for me. :)

    Unfortunately I can't recommend things from Whole Foods Kensington for you, as I don't know what they sell there in the UK...

    Nakd bars are similar to our Larabars, I think? They look interesting.
    Maybe we should do a package swap...? ha,ha. ;)


  4. I really want to try out some of that stevia. They have so many yummy flavours on iHerb.


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