Friday, 26 August 2011

Lots of Fudge Babies!

Do you remember the majorly reduced dates Liam brought home for me the other week?

Well, I still had lots left and didn't want them to go to waste.

The solution?

Fudge Babies!

I first made a double batch of Samoa Babies...

These worked perfectly, and I loved the light taste of chocolate running through them.

Next I made a quadruple batch of Pumpkin Pie Babies (this was actually the same size as all my other batches - just Katie's pumpkin recipe was smaller than the others...all my batches made approximately 30 babies)...

These didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. The 'batter' tasted amazing, but despite adding extra almonds, and even, in desperation, some oats, there was no way these were going to roll into neat babies. I managed to form them into rough blobs and quickly get them into the freezer (hence they filled so many containers, as I put them flat in one layer). They still taste delicious - but have an almost ice cream consistency, as opposed to the normal chewiness of the other fudge babies.

For my final flavour, I made a double batch of Macaroon Babies, except I added in 10g of cocoa powder as I realised none of the flavours I'd chosen were properly chocolatey!

Despite the unattractive photo, these were great. Not surprisingly, as they contain coconut butter, these were quite oily. But once they'd been in the freezer a while the texture was fantastic, so rich and smooth.

When I first made them, the Samoa babies were my favourite. However after being in the freezer a while, the Macaroon babies are now my favourite, I just love the almost velvety texture they have! The Pumpkin Pie babies aren't really comparable - within minutes of getting them out of the freezer they have melted all over your fingers. I do adore the taste of them though, just have to eat them quick! I've taken to eating a tasting plate of the babies most nights...


Have you made any fudge babies or similar recipes before? What are your favourite flavour combinations? I love all the ones when you can taste the nut, but also love chocolatey ones, and I adored the pumpkin variety - the texture just wasn't quite right. So I really love them all - dates, nuts, mini can't go wrong really!!


  1. Oh my goodness, you made a lot of babies! (Haha that sounds so wrong!) I'm so sorry about the pumpkin babies... I think I've always only used kabocha for those, and it's such a dry squash. Maybe I need to experiment with actual canned pumpkin or make a note in my recipe. So sorry!! :(

    But I'm so excited the other ones turned out well... I love the macaroon ones frozen too. Coconut butter is incredible stuff. And YOU are incredible and put a big smile on my face!!! :)

  2. Haha, baby making is great fun!!! ;)
    I did think afterwards that maybe the tinned pumpkin was too wet, ah well, they still taste delicious! :)

    Mmm, I love coconut butter...I think you were the one who first introduced it to me when I made your naughty girl fudge - back then I made my own, but now I have some Artisana stuff via iHerb, divine! & thank you, your recipes always make me smile!! :)

  3. I love fudge babies! I have a recipe on my blog for cherry bakewell babies that is my fave :-)

  4. Oooh, I love cherry bakewell - I'll have to look that recipe up next time I have an excess of dates/these batches run out! Thanks Laura :)

  5. Lucy - this post was my inspiration for making some Fudge Babies of my own! I just posted about it. :)


  6. your recipes are soo good!


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