Monday, 8 August 2011

More Honeymoon Photos!

This post has been a long time in the making!! I started it the day after I finally got round to putting my honeymoon photos on Facebook, but then Blogger was playing up and this post sat in my drafts for a couple of weeks! We are still waiting to get the professional wedding photos back, so I will do wedding recap posts when we get those (we do have a few wedding photos on our camera, but they are mostly random shots of people dancing in the evening as my sister used our camera when her camera battery ran out part way through the day!) but there are a few more honeymoon photos I wanted to share with you.


Iced coffee at Bristol Airport (of course)
Yummy nachos to share at the airport
Our hotel room

Monday: (original post and photos)

The view from our hotel room
Cute mugs we liked
La Boqueria - the huge food market
I already showed a few photos from the food market in the original Day One in Barcelona post, but here are a few more...

Architecture on the way down to the docks
Business card of the amazing tapas restaurant we went to
Edited photo of the divine tempura asparagus, so good!

Tuesday: As you can see from the original post, Tuesday wasn't the best day of our honeymoon, so I don't have many more photos to share with you. Here are a couple though...

Me at the outside bit of the Picasso Museum
Barcelona's version of the Arc de Triomph

Wednesday: I already posted loads of photos of this day in the original post - with visits to La Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell, it was a great day! Here are a few slightly more random photos that didn't get posted the first time round...
Escalator in the street, up to Parc Guell

View from the top of the escalator
Our rings, aww (!) - we took a moment in Gaudi Park to sit down & feel all sentimental!!!

Thursday: The day we went to the beach and on a boat trip. Again, most of the photos were covered in the original post, but this was the beach hut we ate lunch at...

And me in oh-so-fetching (!) sunglasses...

Friday: The final day of our honeymoon. We were so stupid. We got so burnt on Thursday that we ended up spending a lot of Friday in the shade by the hotel pool, with as much time spent in the freezing cold water as possible!! I think I put all the photos that I did take into the original post, but I wanted to re-show a few photos from the magic fountain - I loved our final evening so much!

And that was the end of our honeymoon. On the Saturday we just had breakfast at the hotel and then headed straight to the airport for our lunchtime flight. I can't believe it was a month ago since we were in Barcelona, it doesn't feel that long ago!!

As I've waited so long to write this post, I figure a couple more days won't hurt. So I'm setting this to auto-post on Monday when we're away...hope it works!!

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  1. It looks lovely!

    And those mugs are cool.



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