Wednesday, 17 August 2011

WIAW - Meal out at Herbies Vegetarian Restaurant

Happy What I Ate Wednesday everyone! Thanks as always to the lovely Jenn :)

Today's WIAW is actually what I ate Monday as my laptop broke on Monday night (grrr!) and I seem to have stopped taking as many photos since! Monday was a yummy day anyway so it's worked out well :)

Breakfast was a light one as a) I was running late, and b) Liam and I were going out for lunch. So I just had a chopped nectarine drowned in peanut flour sauce! (Plus the usual unpictured iced coffees)

This was so refreshing! I'm going through a major peanut flour sauce phase at the moment, but I keep messing up the consistency - this had too much milk splashed in again.

On Monday, I had a hospital appointment. My Dad, who was looking after the children, agreed to have them earlier so Liam and I could go out for lunch, bliss! We went to Herbies Vegetarian Restaurant, which I had been to once before with my Mum. This time, we learnt from my previous visit, and didn't order starters. We still had no room for desserts though - the portion sizes are huge!

Liam ordered nachos with bean chilli...

and I chose to have a wrap with houmous, tandoori daal and roasted vegetables...

I couldn't really taste the houmous in the wrap, but it was filled with lots of daal and loads of veggies - mushroom, courgette, aubergine (which I don't normally like but was nice in this), peppers etc - delicious! Both meals also came with the house salad - Liam's came separately in a bowl but mine was on the plate. Monday's salads were a Chinese noodle salad, green salad and red cabbage, apple and walnut salad. Yum. No wonder we were too full for dessert!!

After my hospital appointment, we treated ourselves to Starbucks before driving home. I had a vanilla iced chai latte...

and two mini square treats - chocolate torte and caramel pecan...

These were really good, and just the right size! My stomach was already quite full of liquids as I'd already had 2 unpictured lattes at the hospital as when we arrived they told us they were still catching up on the morning clinic so we may as well go to the cafe and come back in half an hour!

I also did a bit of food shopping on Monday. Before lunch, I was very excited to spot an Oriental Grocery...

I'm not sure why I was so excited as it was only small, but I still managed to pick up a few things...

I haven't tried any of these yet, but apparently the sesame bananas are crunchy, the "magic creams" at the top look like peanut butter sandwich biscuits (I almost squealed when I saw these, haha, anything peanut butter excites me!!) and the shopkeeper recommended the mixed nuts.

We also quickly stopped off at Waitrose on the way home - I haven't been drinking enough water recently so I bought some new cordials to encourage me to drink more...

I haven't tried the blackcurrant & ginger one yet, but the pear & elderflower is delicious with sparkling water, and the raspberry & pear great with just plain tap water, yum!

Monday dinner was very simple. Just leftover potato insides from Sunday's potato skins heated up with sweetcorn,  and then mixed with blue cheese and goats cheese and grilled for a little bit...

Perhaps not the most attractive meal, but comforting, filling and yummy is good enough for me! :)

What is the favourite thing you've eaten today/this week? My daal and veggies wrap on Monday was definitely a contender, and I also I had some sesame smoked tofu nachos last night which were great! Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  1. I loveee oriental grocery stores! I always get so excited and try to buy something wacky every time I go in.

  2. Ooooh yum! That all looks fab.

    I love shopping at oriental food shops, so many different things to try! I always spend a fortune!

  3. The leftover potato skins and cheese look amazing! As you said - real homecooked comfort food.
    I've been really loving smoothies this week, so they are probably my favourite meals.

  4. I need to utilize the Oriental Grocery store for sure!

  5. I need to find an oriental grocery store. I want miso paste. O.O

  6. Shopping in oriental food stores is a blast, so many unique items.


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