Thursday, 29 September 2011

Wedding Photos - Evening Reception

Happy Thursday! Not long until the weekend! :) I never used to count down until the weekends as Liam worked Sundays anyway. But now he is working Monday-Friday, and is out the house for so much longer, I definitely welcome Saturday and Sunday so that I get a couple of days when I'm not alone dealing with the children and the house!

Today I'm going to post the last set of wedding photos. I can't believe they're all done! We'll have been married for 3 months on Sunday, it seems to have gone so quickly. Here are the other wedding photo posts in case you've missed them:
And now this one. They're all linked under my Wedding Tab as well. I might keep adding to the tab if we go out for meals for anniversaries etc - I'm not quite ready to let all the wedding stuff go quite yet!!

After we'd had the drinks reception outside, everyone went inside and downstairs for the evening. We stayed outside with the photographer for a few minutes to take a few more photos and so we could have a "grand entrance" - I'm not quite sure if I like these photos or not!

Once we were inside, we sat at the top table with our parents, Izzy and Toby, Liam's brother/best man Sean, and my sister/bridesmaid Olivia.

My Dad did his speech first...

His speech was really nice (thankfully, I was a bit worried beforehand!) but he must've been saying something *interesting* to get some of these reactions, the photos made me laugh!

Haha, my Mum's reaction makes me laugh the most!! What was Dad saying?!

Next it was Liam's turn to do a speech. He hadn't been looking forward to this at all, and he did miss a few bits out, but it was still a good speech.

He told me how beautiful I looked which was the main thing not to miss out!! ;) He also did a few toasts...

I can't remember exactly who he made toasts to, but presumably the bridesmaids...

and the boys...

and hopefully everyone else who helped to make our day so wonderful!

The final speech was by Liam's brother and best man, Sean...

He told a few jokes, but nothing too embarrassing for Liam - I was hoping to learn some new stories!!

After the speeches were over, it was time to eat. I detailed the meal that we had in my Wedding Photos post about the food, so I'll skip over it now (*gasp*, I know!) and move on to the dancing. The first dance was the part of the day that I was least looking forward to. I'm not the greatest dancer at the best of times, let alone when everyone else is just standing around watching us. As I expected...awkward...

Luckily, after a minute or so my Mum sent Izzy on to the dance floor to help take some of the attention off us!

After our first dance, I danced with my Dad and Liam danced with his Mum (whilst everyone else was dancing as well thankfully!)...

and it seems that Izzy made the most of both her parents being busy to "dance" with one of her friends!

After the first few dances, the photographer suggested that we went outside for a few more photos - "mantelpiece shots" as he called them - as the light was better. I think I like this one - I'm always super critical of photos of myself!

Izzy also played outside for a bit - she was getting tired by this point!

At 9 o'clock we 'cut the cake' (although everyone actually ate cupcakes - the top cake is sitting in my Mum's freezer!)

and then there was a bit more dancing before we called it a night.

Izzy and Toby left a little bit before us (they were staying with my Mother-In-Law for the night) and Izzy got a bit upset about the thought of not seeing us for a week - she was so tired by this point and had worked herself up! Luckily we saw them again when we met up with some of the guests for lunch the next day, so we had a chance to say goodbye to Izzy properly in slightly calmer surroundings! And, of course, she had a fantastic week with all her Grandparents while we were on honeymoon.

So there we go, the last post about our wedding. I hope I haven't bored you all with this series! I've had such fun looking back at all the photos, it was such a great day. And as we still haven't found time to sort out our wedding album yet, hopefully these posts will give us a head-start on which photos are album-worthy - there are so many to choose from!!


  1. Aww, I've loved this series. Everything looked so beautiful.
    I completely agree about the 'first dance' situation... awkward! I don't think I'll be able to do that, as I'm shy when I am the center of attention! I'm a bit "nontraditional" as it is - so hopefully I will just nix that from my wedding (if I ever get married - times a ticking! ha,ha).


  2. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it :)

    Yes, I kind of wish we hadn't done a first dance - it still makes me cringe, the song seemed to go on so long!!

    One of my friends had a barn dance for their evening reception, so for their 'first dance' she and her new husband sat on chairs in the centre of the room while everyone danced around them - a much better solution!!

  3. So many pretty photos :)
    I love these posts- I am not into weddings really ( I dont have my own book or anything!)- but I think seeing something different and personal on a blog is lovely.


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