Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wedding Photos - The Food

Evening everyone! It's time for another wedding photos post...this week I'm going to focus on the food! You can see what I personally ate for breakfast and lunch on our wedding day in the post about getting ready. This post will take a look at all the food we shared with our guests...I hope you enjoy it!

Immediately after the ceremony, we had a drinks reception. The food and drink was laid out in a side room, and then everyone went outside after they'd grabbed something, which gave us a nice chance to talk to everyone as they filed through. My Mum's friends - the waitresses and waiter - prepared all the canapes and drinks themselves on the afternoon of the wedding so it was all really fresh...thank you so much!

For the canapes, they made blinis with smoked salmon and sour cream, and blinis with blue cheese and fig pate...

It's only looking at these photos that I've realised that the vegetarian blinis weren't kept separate from the fishy ones, whoops. There were also bread sticks for the children - we decided those would be the least messy things!!

I ate one of the blue cheese blinis, but didn't get a chance to eat anymore as I was too busy talking to people and then being in photos!

There were also drinks - pink fizz, elderflower cordial with sparkling water, and fruit shoots (wouldn't be my choice of childrens' drinks, but the venue had ordered a load in for a previous function and wanted to use them up!)...

Not the most attractive photo of any of us, but it shows the drinks! I had a glass of sparkling elderflower as I'm not a fan of fizz, plus figured that starting drinking at 4.30pm wasn't the best idea on my wedding day!

The drinks reception went on for about 1.5 hours - including lots of group photos - and then it was time for the evening reception. Speeches first (which I'll cover in a future post) and then the meal. We had formal seating arrangements at tables, but the food was a, mainly cold, buffet catered by a local caterer. Some photos of the main course...

Cold meats, poached salmon, coronation chicken, quiche, quinoa stuffed peppers with goats cheese and lots of salads - mango & beansprout, couscous, quinoa, coleslaw, beetroot, tomato mozzarella & basil, and by the looks of it one other but don't know what that was!

I only took two photos during the wedding - of my plates of food!! I had two stuffed pepper halves, coleslaw, quinoa salad, mozzarella & basil (no tomato, yuck!) plus a couple of hot potatoes with butter...

As well as the potatoes, the stuffed peppers were also served hot, and delicious! I was a bit worried when I first spoke to the caterer as she'd never heard of quinoa (*gasp*!!!) but, bless her, she bought some and experimented and it was really tasty. I don't think she really believed me that people actually ate quinoa though - she still did a big couscous salad but also did a small quinoa one to keep me happy! :) She also did a separate stuffed pepper without the goats cheese for one of our guests who is vegan, and kept it separately for her. Overall, I was really pleased with how the food turned out, and I've only heard good things since so I hope everyone else liked it too!

For dessert, the caterer gave several options - some that she made herself, some bought in.

Raspberry roulade, lemon syllabub, chocolate lumpy bumpy cake and profiteroles. I think it was only actually the lumpy bumpy cake (coincidentally my sister's favourite!) that she didn't make herself. I had a lemon syllabub and one profiterole...

These were really good, although I wish I'd had some raspberry roulade (as well!) - it looks fantastic!

We ate the buffet from about 6.30-7.30pm, then about 9pm it was time for cake...

We cut the top layer - which was just a Victoria sponge - for the photos, but actually served the cupcakes. The purple ones were lemon sponge, and the white with purple flower ones were coffee sponge...

I had a lemon one, which had a lovely texture but was a little bit too sweet. Luckily there were lots of leftovers (more than are pictured below) so we took some on the car journey to the airport the following day (Liam's sister drove us) and I got to have a coffee one - by far my favourite!

It was great that there were some leftovers as Izzy took one in for her teacher on the Monday, Mum gave some to her friends who were waitresses etc - she managed to give away/eat all but one coffee one by the time we got back from Barcelona...and I quickly ate that one!! :)

What food do you like to have at weddings/special events? Or what would be your ideal "event" meal? We went to our friends' wedding last month where we had a delicious three course meal and then a buffet. The vegetarian option was really tasty and it was really nice to have the choice of desserts etc. I liked our buffet too - I think (hope) there was a wide enough variety to cater for everyone and there was certainly plenty of food - the quiche was also vegetarian, but I didn't even think to take any of that as there were plenty of other (tastier in my opinion) options :)


  1. All the food looks delicious!

  2. Those cupcakes are so pretty. I am not too fussy about the food at weddings- but I find generally they serve too much and too rich things.


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