Sunday, 4 September 2011

Summer Holidays Week #5

I can't believe school starts back tomorrow! These last 6 weeks have gone so quickly! My last recap post was a bit too link heavy, but the last few weeks I don't feel I've been posting as much so I still have loads to share with you! So as not to make this post too long, I will only write about week 5 in this post, and I will look back at the week we've just had in the next few days. I'm sure once school has started back I'll need an excuse to reminisce about the holidays! So the last post ended on Friday 19th August, so let's start where I left off.

That weekend, Liam and I went to Torquay for our friend's wedding. When we got back on the Sunday, I ate two English muffins with blue cheese, plus an apple for lunch...

Yum. I adore cheese - it always makes me miserable when I try to give it up!

We were all pretty tired by evening so dinner was a quick one - meat free "chicken" fillets, pasta and corn on the cob - this is our version of fish fingers, chips and sweetcorn that my Mum used to cook for me when she was in need of a quick dinner!

Plus lots of butter and ketchup, of course!

On Monday 22nd we went to Crealy. We also met up with my Auntie and Uncle in the morning, who were visiting, so I made a batch of lemon drizzle cupcakes.

I love these - love the crunchy lemon sugar drizzle under the butter icing!

I used my Tuesday as my WIAW post so you've probably already read about that. On the actual Wednesday, I made Oreo cheesecake and we ate baked Camembert for dinner. For breakfast I had scrambled eggs, a crumpet with raspberry jam, and a chopped nectarine. Random, but delicious!

Oh, and Toby sat in a "big boy's chair" to eat his breakfast...noooo! My baby's not allowed to grow up!!! :(

He's been climbing out of his cot the last few days as well, sad times, I want him to stay a baby as long as possible! He's 20 months old, and has always been big for his age (11lb 3oz at birth) but he still doesn't speak so it's easy to still "baby" him. I'm sure it wont be long before he's chatting back to me as much as Izzy does though!

Lunch on Wednesday was another random meal. Liam wasn't at home, so I decided to make the most of eating things he wouldn't want. It's not so much that he wont eat these things (although he's not keen on avocado) but he wouldn't have considered it a proper meal. The children and I were happy though - raw mushrooms, avocado and goats cheese, plus balsamic vinegar for me.

Yum. I adore avocado, Toby liked the mushrooms and Izzy loves goats cheese so we all swapped bits of the meal...a good combination of favourites!

On Thursday, I had a bit of a bad start to the day. Or good, depending on how you look at it. Breakfast was most of the bowl of chocolate cashew butter...

Plus a coffee, whoops.

There was then an incident with Toby chucking his cereal all over the kitchen floor.

So, understandably I feel (!), I took myself back to bed when the children had their morning nap (as much to stop me carry on eating chocolate as anything else!) and started again at lunchtime.

Lunch was a good re-start - mashed avocado and nutritional yeast on top of seeded toast, topped with pumpkin seeds...

Izzy liked this combination too, but Toby wasn't impressed by the mess the mashed avocado made. He's the boy who hates getting sand on his hands/feet when we go to the beach. He's sometimes better with food now, but when he first started eating solids it was really difficult, as every time he went to grab something, he'd then insist we wipe the muck off his hands, so he never actually ended up eating anything!

For dinner, I tried to make Mama Pea's "Cheese" Stuffed Bean Burgers however they didn't exactly work - they fell apart in the pan, so the "cheese" filling oozed everywhere. They still tasted good though, re-shaped onto bread rolls and served with corn on the cob...

This is one of the reasons why I like cooking meat-free meals - less chance of giving me and the family food poisoning, I hope!

On the Friday, I posted about Fudge Babies! I did eat some regular food as well though - a smoothie for breakfast which Toby wanted to get his hands on!

A baked sweet potato with goats cheese for lunch:

and my favourite roast vegetable lasagne for dinner:

I love this - so many flavours! Izzy and I also shared a piece of Oreo cheesecake for dessert, deliciousness in mini form!

My sweet tooth wasn't satisfied though, so I also had the last lemon drizzle cupcake once the children were in bed.

Last Saturday I posted about here, and last Sunday and Monday were covered in my Bank Holiday Sunshine post. I will write another post about Tuesday through today soon...I'm finding this post a bit long now, so I'm sure you all are too!

Question(s) of the day: If you have children, do you feel you "baby" the youngest child/other children? Or if you don't have children, did your parents try to "keep you young" when you were growing up? My sisters and I always felt that my Dad wanted us to be/treated us as younger than we were when we were growing up (he preferred the toddler stage to grumpy teenager stage I think!!) and I used to hate it. But now I am doing the same to Toby! It makes me sad, the idea of not having a "baby" baby anymore, but I will have to accept that he's growing up one day! I think once he starts talking I will start calling him a toddler, but, as I say to Izzy, they will both always be my "babies" really!!


  1. Aw, they'll always be your babies! I kind of know what you mean, even though I haven't got children; my goddaughter's just a year and starting to walk which is brilliant - and she's so cute... but you don't want them to grow up too fast!
    I'm loving cashew butter at the moment so your chocolate version sounds right up my street :-)

  2. I think I tended to revert to the role of 'child' because I was picked on at school so much, very quiet, and a little socially backward, so my Mum always had to step in and sort things out for me. Being a hobbit and looking ten years younger than I am means that I'm still not much of an 'adult' even now.

    So glad to hear that Izzy is doing well!


  3. Its really hard not to love the stage they are at in a given moment, fortunately my boys still hug lots which is what I still need, although my eldest had not kissed me on the lips since he was barely 2 :-( !!! I think I may stifle snrs *growth* because as soon as he's allowed to do something then jnr thinks he can too.

  4. I love the little mermaid plate!
    I am the oldest so was always a little grownup and sensible! I think me and my sister used to baby our little brother (he didnt talk for ages as we would talk for him!) and I think my mum was sad when he went to uni, although he lives at home now and she loves it!


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