Wednesday, 14 September 2011

WIAW - Cookies and Tarts

Happy What I Ate Wednesday everyone! Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting such a great party :-D

This is actually what I ate yesterday as I was out the house most of today without the camera. So here we go.

Breakfast was pumpkin porridge again as I still had some pumpkin to use up. I really must check that our local Waitrose are planning to start selling it again soon before I open another precious tin from the cupboard! I made the porridge with Oatly milk (does anyone else find this makes a more liquidy porridge than other non-dairy milks?) and topped it with butterscotch chips and a chopped medjool date...

No need for any other sweetener as the butterscotch chips are super sweet. Too sweet really - I originally bought them for baking, but even Liam - who loves really sweet things - finds them too sweet for use in cookies etc, so putting a small handful on top of porridge is a good way to use them up. They go all melty when stirred into the hot porridge.

Yesterday morning, my Mum came round for a coffee and catch up (she'd been away in Venice at the weekend). I, of course, took this as an excuse to bake. I made a triple batch of Katie's Single-Serving Peanut Butter Cookies and made them quite small, so they made 8 cookies (would've been 9 but I ate some raw cookie dough too! I had three with a mug of coffee...

Yum. These are so easy to make - just a bowl and a couple of spoons needed. Despite being peanut butter based, Liam quite likes them too which is why I made a bigger batch. We managed to finish them off by the end of the day though!

As I'd had quite a big morning snack, I kept lunch light. Two Rude Health multi grain thins topped with brie and grapes...

This was great. The Rude Health thins are much crispier than normal rice cakes, and I will always love the combination of brie and grapes. I actually bought them for Izzy as she requested brie and grape sandwiches for her packed lunch, but luckily there were leftovers :)

When Izzy came home from school yesterday, she had a "surprise" for me - a school-baked jam tart. Apparently her one had more jam than other ones (!!) I shared this with Izzy whilst trying not to think about all the 5 year-old germs surprisingly tasty!

For dinner, I made Mama Pea's Courgette Quinoa Lasagne. It seems that Toby was rather looking forward to dinner - I'd forgotten I'd taken this photo!!

It didn't look quite as pretty as last time I made it, but it still tasted delicious!

Mmm, I love this! I managed to resist having leftovers last night so that I could have another portion for lunch today, yey!

Once the children went to bed, I had a few snacks that were stuffed into my mouth too quickly  managed to avoid being photographed. I ate a 9bar, a few pumpkin fudge babies, and some of Liam's chocolate. I really fancied a proper chocolate bar (StarBar or similar), but didn't want to go to the shops to buy one, so ended up eating loads of other stuff instead and still wasn't satisfied. Gah.

Typical WIAW question, what was the best thing you ate today/yesterday? As well as all the yummy food I ate yesterday, I had a brie and apple quesadilla for dinner tonight which was delicious, quesadillas are great for a quick but tasty dinner!

Ps. What do you think of my new blog header?? Liam designed it for me, but it has taken a few days to put up as there were a few sizing issues! I think he thinks that by covering all the seasons, I wont ask him to design me a new one anytime soon...but really when I look at it, all I think is that I'll need another one when the year changes from winter into spring/summer. Haha! I do love it though, I liked the old blog header but think my blog is about more than just food now, which hopefully this header reflects.


  1. I really like the new header! It's really different, haven't seen one like that before. You're lucky that you have someone in house to help with stuff like that :D
    Aww I bet Izzy was so chuffed with her jam tart! I love that photo of Toby too, that'll be one to pull out to future girlfriends1

  2. I love your new blog header :)
    I need to update mine but need time for Andy to help me :)

  3. You've reminded me of the delicious combination that is brie and grapes, yum! I need to have this stuffed in a pita soon!

  4. Thanks everyone, glad you like the header :)

    Yes, Izzy was very proud of her baking - the reception children have started this week (she is in a mixed reception/year 1 class) but mornings only - so they are doing "fun" stuff in the mornings and "work" in the afternoons at the moment.

    Mmmm, brie and grapes in a pitta sounds great! When I was at uni I used to just melt a huge wedge of brie on a plate and eat it with slices of (pappy white!) bread...easy "meal"!!

  5. new blog header yay!!
    That is simply quite darling of Izzy to be making you things. I can't think of anything cuter! She and Toby are quite the prizes aren't they :) I'll have to find brie and grapes to make on those crisps when I get to the UK.


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