Wednesday, 7 September 2011

WIAW - Two Similar Days

Happy What I Ate Wednesday everyone! Go join Jenn's fantastic party! :)

Today you are in for a treat - not one, but two days of my meals! Haha, today and yesterday I've eaten pretty similar meals, so I decided to join them up in one post.

So first, breakfast. Pumpkin porridge is back in my life! I make it with 40g oats, 200ml Kara milk, 50g pumpkin, 15g agave nectar, and cinnamon. Yesterday I topped it with chocolate and peanut butter drops...

and this morning I topped it with a big blob of Dark Chocolate Dreams...

I do love pumpkin porridge - sweet and creamy with a hint of spice - there have got to be some benefits to summer being over!

For lunch both days, I needed to use up the red pepper houmous left over from our celebrations on Monday. Yesterday I baked the leftover sweet potato coins (ie the ones too thick to turn into crisps) and some pitta breads, to dip into the leftover houmous and guacamole...

This was just my first plate, I did of course go back for more. In fact, I ended up quickly toasting another pitta bread as there wasn't enough food for Liam and I!

Today's lunch also involved the red pepper houmous, but this time mixed with pasta and sweetcorn and topped with a Quorn breaded fillet with Gruyere...

I don't normally buy Quorn products, but I just fancied one today for some reason. I took Toby to toddler group this morning and then we went to Waitrose quickly before getting a lift home with Liam on his lunch break, so I had the opportunity to satisfy my cravings by picking this pack up. It was really tasty, but it did make my stomach hurt quite badly afterwards. It could have been the cheese, or it might have been the gluten in the pasta, or it might have been something else entirely...who knows.

I sensibly decided (!!) to ensure my stomach was completely wrecked by having a dairy and gluten filled snack in the form of peanut butter sandwich crackers soon after lunch today...

The delicious taste of these things made the pain almost worth it - I love the creamy peanut butter with the slightly salty cracker...I'm amazed I still have some of these left!

Dinner yesterday and today was identical - Mama Pea's Thai Fried Quinoa. I topped ours with scrambled egg instead of scrambled tofu (sorry Mama Pea!) and I didn't use coriander, but apart from that I followed the recipe. Yesterday's...

It was so delicious that I made it all over again tonight!

My photos really don't this justice, so I recommend you look at Mama Pea's recipe to see how great it is! This was so tasty, another fantastic way to enjoy quinoa. I wasn't expecting Liam to like the pineapple in it, and whilst he wasn't sure about it last night, he was sold by this evening! Izzy loved it so much that she insisted on finishing off Toby's leftovers, so no extras for me!!

There have also been many snacks over both days, but most of those were eaten before the camera had a chance to take a photo! A couple of fudge babies taken from the freezer every so often, a spoonful of peanut butter most times I went into the kitchen etc...I really need to take better control of my snacking, it's been getting a bit too much lately. I'd rather have one or two snacks a day that I actually sit down and enjoy, rather than just grabbing handfuls of things whenever I go in the kitchen!

What has been the best thing you have eaten over the last couple of days? And are you a snacker? Do you eat 'controlled' snacks or do you find yourself eating without really thinking? Any tips to be more mindful of my eating would be appreciated! I just need to get back in the right mind frame - at the moment I feel so tired most of the time that I'm eating for comfort, and therefore telling myself it's ok no matter how much I eat or how it makes my body feel!


  1. I saw that quinoa dish yesterday and really fancied making it, yours looks lovely :)
    Sometimes a simple lunch of pita and dips is just what you need!

  2. Mmmm pumpkin porridge! I haven't had this in ages!! Thanks for the reminder :)

    The best thing I've eaten recently was a Krispy Kreme doughnut - shhhhhhh!! x

  3. Sarah - the quinoa dish is fab, you should definitely give it a go! :) I do love dips with crisps/veg etc, such an easy meal!

    Rachel - *drool* I am so jealous right now - Krispy Kreme doughnuts used to be one of my favourite treats when I lived in Winchester but I can't get them anywhere down here :( which type of doughnut did you have? The chocolate iced, custard filled ones used to be my absolute fave, but I loved trying out all the other flavours too. One time me and my friend got a box of 12 to share and it only lasted a couple of days!!! :)

  4. Oooooh pumpkin porridge hooray! I made like a squirrel last year and have maybe 10 tins in my cupboard (yeah they take up half my little cupboard!)- that is something I need to start again soon!

  5. Maria - yes, me too! :) I only have about 6 tins left now though, sad times!! My local Waitrose haven't started selling it again yet this year...I hope they start soon or I'm going to run out before we even get to October!

  6. Yum! Pumpkin porridge looks good :)

    YES! I am a snacker! :) I snack on a few handfuls of cereal throughout the day :)

  7. I think everyone is on the same wavelength. Seems as if everyone is eating quinoa- myself included!


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