Thursday, 22 September 2011

Wedding Photos - Drinks Reception and Group Photos

It's that time of the week where I get back to look back on our wedding again! :) I nearly didn't manage to post today as my laptop is very much on its last legs. I managed to revive it this time by taking the battery and charger out, and holding down the power button to reset it, which is what the repair man on the phone always says to do. Then my laptop ran "start-up repair" and, for now, it seems to be working again...a new laptop is definitely top of my Christmas list this year, I just hope this one lasts til then!!

Anyway, moving on to happier times! Last week, I wrote about all the food we served at our wedding, the first round of which was served at the drinks reception 4.30pm-6pm ish.

After the ceremony, Liam and I went to get our drinks first and then, although not planned, we ended up waiting in the archway between the two rooms, chatting to everyone as they passed through. It was really nice to get a chance to speak to everybody - that was one of the things I wanted to make sure I did as it would have been too easy to get caught up in the day and not actually have time to speak to everyone who had travelled to share our day. So this worked well, although admittedly it did mean that it took quite a long time for everyone to make their way outside. Here are a few photos from when we were still inside:

Lots of people getting drinks

Izzy pretending to drink champagne!
Me with Liam's Uncle Chris
Us with Liam's Nan
My friend with her daughter - I love that expression!!!

We then went outside, where some people drank more than others...!!

Haha, sorry Marion, I couldn't resist! :) This is my youngest sister's Godmother (and a very good friend of my Mum's)...apparently the 2nd glass of fizz was Olivia's!

Izzy had a fantastic time playing with my cousin...

So much so that she's not in half the group photos, and those she is in, she's looking wistfully over towards the fun!!

The only photo of the 4 of us and she's not looking at the camera!

Paul, our waiter for the day, handed round more nibbles...

And after a while, Paul, the photographer, started taking group photos. I won't share all the group photos with you as they're probably less interesting, but here are a few of them:

Us with Liam's brother - the best man - and my sister Olivia - a bridesmaid
All the siblings, and children (with Izzy not looking at the camera!)
With my parents
With Liam's parents
The "boys"

The "girls"

After the group photos, we had a confetti throw...

And then I also threw my bouquet (there was no space to throw it inside later on)...

Liam's sister, Danni, caught it...

People asked me afterwards if I'd thrown it at Danni on purpose, but my only aim had been to throw the bouquet as far as the line of people!!

After this we all went inside for speeches, food and dancing...but I will save those photos for my final wedding post next week :)

What would be your choice of drink to serve at a wedding? Or, what is your favourite "special" drink? We went with pink fizz, but if it had been purely up to me we would have had Pimms. Pimms is my favourite summery drink, and we've been to a couple of weddings where they did serve Pimms - including the wedding we went to this August. However, we decided that, as the drinks reception was being manned by my Mum's friends, having Pimms would have meant more work for them. I don't really like wine or fizz so I stuck to the fizzy elderflower cordial in the afternoon, and then the venue manager made up a jug of Pimms to have behind the bar especially for me in the evening so I still got to have my favourite drink! :)


  1. All your photos are fab- I love the ones with Izzy looking the wrong way! I don't drink wine or anything, so I choose water mostly, and then get looked at for being a weirdo! But I don't mind.


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