Sunday, 23 October 2011

Food From The Weekend

Hello! How have all your weekends been? Good I hope :) We've had a relaxed one here - bit of tidying, bit of exercise and, of course, lots of eating!

I've been trying to eat a bit "better" this weekend - cutting down on my snacking and processed foods - as I realised that it is less than 2 weeks until Liam's graduation ceremony and I have nothing to wear, eek!

This has resulted in some quite yummy meals - going back to basics + trying new things is good! :)

Saturday morning I had a smoothie for the first time in ages. It was a bit cold, but delicious - about a quarter of frozen avocado, frozen blueberries, a banana, milk and a little agave...

This was really tasty, I love how thick the avocado makes smoothies!

After this Izzy and I headed to the gym. She started going to a gymnastics club which she really enjoys. Last week I stayed to watch to check she got on ok, but this week I spent the time in the gym (just down the corridor) instead - a bit of exercise for me while Izzy has fun, win!

Lunch on Saturday was a big plate of roasted red kabocha squash, with a couple of scrambled eggs and ketchup randomly on the side!

I've got majorly into roasted squash recently, I just wish it wasn't so difficult to cut! Luckily at the weekends Liam is home to do the knife work for me. We had squash again today, and I asked Liam to chop some extra up for me to use tomorrow/Tuesday - save my fingers from getting chopped off!! :)

Dinner last night was a quick stir fry - courgettes, peppers, basil tofu, noodles and soy sauce:

Simple but tasty. We hadn't had stir fry in ages for some reason, despite Liam often asking for it, so this was appreciated by all of us.

After dinner treat of a Halloween "Scream" Egg! I love Creme Eggs and this tastes just the same, with a seasonal colour, yum!


This morning started off with another smoothie, but an even better one - Oh She Glows' Pumpkin Gingerbread Smoothie. Minus the chia seeds as I really don't like them, this was delicious. The recipe says it makes only 1 serving, but I managed to fill the glass below 2 and a bit times - no complaints here! :)

This was fantastic...I'm planning to have it again tomorrow! It somehow didn't seem as cold as Saturday's smoothie, although I'm sure that was just psychological - pumpkin is such a comforting food no matter what temperature it's served at.

Lunch today was a random assortment of foods that needed eating. The others all had cheese on toast, but whenever I have that I end up having two slices, and then wanting another two slices immediately after! Not such a good idea on day 2 of "better" eating! Instead I had this warm salad that filled me up and kept me full for much longer than cheese on toast would have.

Cooked quinoa/bulgar mix, last of a bagged salad that needed eating, roasted beetroot (thanks Mum!), avocado and Munchy seeds. This was delicious - I'm always pleased when I make a bit more effort with my food. Trying to improve my eating has made me realise how much we rely on bread, especially for weekend lunches (yesterday the others had poached eggs on English muffins when I had my squash egg combo) but I never find that bread fills me up for long so finding other alternatives is great. This salad was perhaps a bit too filling - I spent a good 20 minutes unable to move after finishing eating!!

Tonight's dinner was another one that we haven't had in ages - butternut squash risotto. This time without spinach, and with a red pesto "sauce"...

I love this recipe. It's actually really quick to make, but tastes like more effort has been put into it. Today I used a mix of red kabocha squash and butternut squash (with half the butternut left for another day) which worked just as well. I did miss the spinach - next time I must remember to buy some. I used to always have some in over the summer, but I haven't been making any green smoothies lately.

What was the best thing you ate this weekend? Pumpkin smoothie for me I think - I loved all the meals I've had but my sweet tooth always wins! Also, any suggestions for what I can wear for Liam's graduation??? I'm thinking black trousers and a nice top maybe? I'd quite like to wear a dress, but I always have an issue with shoes (size 8, wide, flat feet = shoe-shopping nightmare!) and I can probably squeeze into the black trousers I already own which would cut down on the new clothes I need to buy. Feel free to link to any nice clothes you've spotted recently please - I'm thinking a shopping trip will be needed later in the week!


  1. Best thing(s) I have eaten all week-end are three of the four Kabocha squash I finally managed to locate. The fourth shall be gone tomorrow. Two were enjoyed with ketchup, the other with peanut flour/rice milk sauce. Delicious, decadent, satisfying!

    So, suffice to say I am loving the abundance of squash in this post :)


  2. Your butternut risotto looks amazingly yummy. My best meal this weekend has to be fresh tiger bread with brie and green grapes Ii had for lunch ..... I was naughty this weekend!

  3. That risotto looks lovely- I need all the squash ideas I can get :)
    I think I would make that pumpkin thing into a warm latte- warm almond milk, pumpkin, molasses, spices and maybe a bit of tea- I bet that would me amazing.
    PS we shall convert everyone else to prepare for Christmas too haha!

  4. 1. Ripe banana mashed on a slice of soreen 'toastie' bread for breakfast this morning
    2. TVP, vegetable and pearled spelt stew which I made and portioned out for work lunches this week :)

  5. I love scrambled eggs with ketchup. Now I wish I was having that for dinner! :-) I had some pumpkin pie this weekend--that was probably the best thing I ate. Sweet tooth wins over here, too!


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