Sunday, 9 October 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane: Previous Visits To Bath

This weekend we are in Bath, so I pre-wrote a couple of posts for when I am away. I hope you enjoyed yesterdays post about everything pumpkin! I'm glad I've still got some pumpkin butter and pumpkin cheese waiting for me in the fridge when I get back, yum!

Today I am going to look back at our last couple of visits to Bath. My Dad lives there so we go quite regularly, although according to my photos we haven't been since May 2010! I'm sure we came last year for the Christmas Markets (such fun!) but that trip must have gone undocumented!

So let's start with May 2010 - we went up to Bath for the weekend to celebrate mine and Liam's birthdays. I didn't take as many food photos back then - it seems my focus was more on cupcakes:

Oreo x2, Strawberry, Black Forest, Caramel Macchiato, Coconut-Lime
"Improved" by Isabelle for my birthday!


And, of course, people - I can't get over how young Izzy and Toby look!

Liam and I at the Ice Bar on my actual birthday night

I also love all the buildings in Bath - even just the regular houses look so grand! My Dad used to live in one of the flats pictured below, although he has since moved at least twice I think. I'm looking forward to seeing his latest place this weekend!


Going back even further, we also visited Bath for a week in September 2009. We had booked a holiday to Tunisia, but when I fell pregnant with Toby we cancelled that and booked a holiday to Portugal instead. But then there was all the issues with swine flu at the time, so we decided that with me being pregnant, it wasn't worth the risk of flying in a plane of potentially infected people. Instead, my Dad kindly swapped houses with us! He stayed in our house and looked after Izzy for the week, and Liam and I got to have a break in Bath.

I haven't actually got many photos of this trip as I think they were on my old camera which got broken shortly afterwards. The one food photo I do have is definitely worth sharing though - fudge!

I can't remember the flavours but I know that they were all amazing! We haven't been back to this fudge shop since this visit - over 2 years ago - so a trip is definitely in order this weekend!

I also have a few photos of Liam and I to share. I was only about 6 months pregnant at the time...I can't quite believe how big I was already!!!

Getting ready for a meal out...

If I remember correctly, we went to Las Iguanas that night, where I had an amazing Brie & Mango Quesadilla for my starter, mmm, must remember that combination next time we have quesadillas!

We also visited the Roman Baths which were really interesting...

Liam got very into the Audio thing!

And we also spent time chilling in the sunshine...


I imagine there'll be less relaxing this weekend, with both the children to watch out for, but I'm still really looking forward to it. On Saturday (yesterday by the time you read this) we are meeting my Dad for lunch. I sent him and Liam links to Demuths' menu and they both agreed we can go there, woo hoo! :) And today (Sunday) there is a Love Food Festival which I am excited to go to. It looks like it has lots of foodie stalls as well as an area dedicated to the children, and a picnic area for should be a great day!

Have you ever been to Bath before? Or to a food festival? I went to Exeter Food Festival with my Mum back in April, which was really good fun. I'd been once before to the Exeter one a couple of years ago, but I saw it through different eyes once I was writing this blog - I made sure to experience everything to share it with all of you! :) I love Bath - it is such a historic city with so much to do. Now that Liam doesn't work weekends, I hope we can visit more often. The Christmas Market there is really good so that will probably be our next trip.


  1. Have a lovely time- gosh Toby and Izzy look so little in those pics! We went to Bath last new year (when our flight got cancelled) and had a lovely time- we went to the Roman Baths and loved those audio things too- very interesting! :)

  2. Thanks, it was a good weekend...although quite a *different* experience now the children are older. "It's just a phase, it's just a phase!"

    I know, I can't believe how young they look. It really is true that children grow up so quickly!

    Glad you enjoyed Bath too, it is such a nice city :)

  3. The children look so young in the old photos, but then again, you and particularly Liam, do too! So cute. :)

    I have always wanted to see Bath. I never made it there when I was in London. Someday!

    I hope you are having a great time on your mini-break! Can't wait to hear all about it.



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