Thursday, 20 October 2011

Illness Strikes Again!

There's been plenty of illness going round in our house lately. Last week, Izzy had a day off school, and this week it was the turn of this little boy...

On Monday he had a bit of a cough, and then on Tuesday we were downstairs by 5.30am (super early for him... and me!) and every breath he took was a wheeze. I managed to get him an on-the-day doctor's appointment on Tuesday morning, and she diagnosed croup. She put him on a three day course of steroids but I knew we'd be in for a rough night that night. Five wake-ups during the night as well as a few wake-ups Tuesday evening...yeah you could say rough! Being without sleep makes everything so much harder to deal with.

Yesterday he was really ill too, and he was so tired but unable to nap properly as he couldn't breathe (in the above photo you can see that we had to prop him up with a duvet to try to help him sleep). He usually sleeps loads so illness + lack of sleep definitely = miserable Toby. Today has been a bit better - he slept through the night 7pm-8am and then also napped for two hours this morning - catching up on lost sleep! He's still not himself though - his breathing is almost back to normal, but his cough is lot worse... I'm hoping that's the start of him getting better though.

Moving on...this being mainly a food blog... There isn't much to share from Tuesday as my morning literally consisted of just coffee - only eating for the first time about 12.30pm when I inhaled a big bowl of pasta! I did take photos of my meals on Monday though - ready for a WIAW post I never got time to write - so I will share some food photos from the last few days. I haven't managed to photograph everything I ate so these might seem a bit random!

My latest Lidl Christmas love - I think I prefer the apricot filled chocolate covered gingerbread hearts, but I do love the crusty sugar top on these gingerbread rounds:

Monday lunch - the apple falafels I bought at the food festival in Bath, in a salad with Brie, apple and the apple walnut spread I also bought in Bath. The spread was a lot runnier than I expected - just like super sweet apple sauce with a few raisins thrown in. Slightly strange, but the salad as a whole was delicious. Thanks to Maria for the idea of eating the falafels in a salad with apple and cheese, yum!

The last of the brownies I made at the weekend. These are so delicious - we ate them up way too quickly!

A big bowl of pasta for Tuesday lunch. I was so pleased to finally get some food, I didn't really care what it looked like!! Toby loves pasta too so it's always a pretty good bet he'll eat it...we've therefore been eating a lot of pasta this week!

This morning's breakfast - a couple of cheese & chive muffins, warmed with Pure spread. Liam gets these for breakfast every morning - jealous - they were delicious!

Toby still looking tired this morning, even after 13 hours sleep! The teddy he's clutching is now actually missing :( Izzy took it into school today as they were having a teddy bears' picnic, and it disappeared sometime during the day! We searched the whole school when I picked her up this afternoon, but no sign of it...hopefully it will have turned up during half term. I've managed to convince her that the teddy will have a great time over half term with all the other toys in school...but she'll be devastated if it's still missing when she goes back!

Finally, some mini crustless pumpkin pies I made this afternoon. I used Girl Meets Life's recipe for Individual Pumpkin Pie but just made up the filling and split it between 4 mini silicone cake cases. These worked quite well - satisfied the pumpkin pie craving anyway - but they were a bit too sweet. I used the maximum 3 tbsp of sugar that Gracie suggested, so next time I would use a bit less.

Well, that's been my last few days! Hopefully things will settle down now as Izzy doesn't have school tomorrow or next week for half term, so we will be able to spend a bit more time relaxing and getting us all healthy again. I've already told Izzy she'll be having a nap tomorrow afternoon - she was sooooo tired after school today, she kept bursting into tears at the slightest thing!

How have all your weeks been? Sorry for not commenting on any blogs this week - I've tried to read as many posts as possible on my phone, but I've been so exhausted so most of the week has been spent giving Toby lots of cuddles - he gets super clingy when he's ill! Also, do you have any good pumpkin pie recipes please? My Mum used to make pumpkin pie each year for Halloween (& Mum - if you're reading this - feel free to do so again this year!!) which was delicious, but when I was looking for recipes today most of the recipes seemed to call for evaporated milk, which I didn't have in. I want a recipe that I can make easily when I get a craving! I did like the mini ones I made today - they had almost the texture that I remember, so hopefully if I reduce the sugar next time they will work better.


  1. Oh lots of hugs and cuddles all round, I'm also mucho jealous of Liam having those gorgeous muffins every day!!!

  2. Oh your poor children- hope Toby gets better soon. The children in my class were all exhausted too- we always say that terms should be 6 weeks, as after that they just get so tired! Enjoy half term. My best pumpkin pie is the Hummingbird one but I think that uses evaporated milk.
    Those brownies look amazing- and yay for the falafel salad too :)
    Could you sub the evaporated milk for some normal milk + extra sweetener? I think that is all it is. Maybe heat it to thicken first?

  3. Poor old Toby and Izzy! Fingers crossed that Bear turns up (erm, you can't remember where said Bear came from, can you? I just thought perhaps a replacement might be found if he really is gone for good...)

    Hugs to all!


  4. Hope Toby gets better! I swear everyone I know has fallen ill this week.

    Those gingerbread rounds look delicious, I might have to see if my local shop has anything like it. I love eating gingerbread flavoured things because it reminds me christmas is coming!


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