Wednesday, 12 October 2011

WIAW - Old and New Favourites

Happy What I Ate Wednesday everyone!

Thanks, as always, to Jenn...I love having this party to provide some kind of structure to my blogging week!

This week's posts will be based on yesterday's eats. I had lots of favourites - some old, some new.

The morning started with a new(ish) favourite - coffee! I'm not sure when exactly I started loving coffee, but it was certainly sometime this year. Before that I rarely used to drink hot drinks at home, and would always order hot chocolates or smoothies when we went to coffee shop. Yesterday started with two large iced coffees - one before the school run, one after.

Breakfast was a really late one yesterday - I'd already planned to wait until Toby had his nap (the only way to enjoy my breakfast in peace!) and then just as I was starting to prepare it, my Grandma texted me saying she was round the corner and could she come round for a coffee! So breakfast was put on hold, and a new pot of coffee was brewed.

Breakfast was worth the wait when I did finally get to eat it (about 12.30pm!!) - an old favourite. I haven't had this in ages but I used to love it - mushrooms on toast. I cooked the mushrooms with Pure spread and loads of garlic granules (the easy way to get garlic flavour without garlic smelling fingers!!) and served them on a slice of toasted Vogel's sunflower bread.

Mmm, this was such a treat. This will become a regular on my meal plans again I think.

I had another new favourite for lunch a couple of hours later - half an avocado with some Munchy seeds. I've never not liked avocado, but I didn't used to love it or eat it particularly regularly. Now it's one of my absolute favourite foods!

Mid-afternoon I started feeling really snacky. Luckily my Graze box had arrived that morning...

Of course I went for the fig roll box first - the little sesame fig rolls reminded me of mini fudge babies!

The sponge pieces were nice too (although I was expecting them to be softer rather than crispy) and I adored the cinnamon raisins!

I still felt a little hungry though so as a sweet snack hadn't done the trick, I decided to go salty with 'the herb garden' punnet...

This kept me happy until dinner, phew!

Dinner was an old favourite - my Mum used to bake jacket potatoes a lot when we were children, but I hardly ever cook them - preferring sweet potatoes. I'd bought a few potatoes for when Izzy had a friend round to tea last week (but then ended up doing peanut butter sandwiches as the mother said that was the little girl's favourite) so we had them for dinner last night. I baked them for 1.5 hours in the oven so the skins were super crispy, and served them with ratatouille (courgettes, peppers, tinned tomatoes, garlic) and grated cheddar.

This was really tasty, and filling. I managed to resist eating anything else after dinner, yey! After my weekend in Bath, I've been trying to get back on track with healthier eating. The last couple of days have gone really well, and I'm beginning to get some energy back. I always feel so tired and sluggish when my eating gets out of control!

Do you have old favourites that you sometimes re-visit? Have your eating habits changed as you've grown up? I've always eaten quite a wide variety of food, but my eating habits definitely changed for the better when I became pregnant with Izzy and decided it was time to start cooking. Before that, my idea of a meal (at uni, I did eat Mum's cooking when I was home) was a ready meal container of egg-fried rice with grated cheddar stirred in! Since starting this blog I have also become much more interested in food - now I have such a wide range of inspiring blogs to read and lots of new recipes to cook!


  1. Your breakfast looks lovely- I might have to give that a go this weekend when I have some extra time in the morning :)

    My eating habits changed drastically in my early twenties but have settled over the last coupek of years and I definitely cook and eat a wider range of foods now!

    P.s. I see you studied at Winchester? I'm from Southampton!

  2. I used to love jacket potato with baked beans but I have not had that for ages- probably over a year! Might have to have one soon now the weather is colder.

  3. i love the idea of mushrooms on toast. am trying that for sure - thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Herb Garden is my favourite savory Graze box at the moment. So unexpectedly yummy.

    I love jacket potatoes. Beans & cheese is the best topping. If you have a microwave pop the potatoes in there for about 4 mins and then into the oven to crisp up. They only take about 30 mins to cook that way. I hardly ever made them when it involved a hour wait.

  5. Garlic mushrooms are one of my favourite meals ever! I may have to go and get some for my breakfast after this. Also I am on a massive jacket spud kick at the moment, they are so easy and comforting! I think spuds get a bad rap but they are pretty cheap and nutritious in my opinion.


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