Friday, 16 December 2011

Flashback Friday: Christmas 2010

Hello! I thought I'd have a little look back to last year today. As I didn't start this blog until the start of January 2011, I don't have any photos up of last Christmas! It was Toby's 1st Christmas, although as he was already nearly 1 (and was a very big baby to start with!) we keep thinking it was his 2nd Christmas. Those of you who read my old blog might have seen a few photos of the food I ate, but I wasn't sharing people photos back then which is what this post will probably mainly focus on :)

I'll start with Christmas Eve. Liam had to work during the day, so I took the children to the nativity service at the local church with my Mum and sister in the afternoon. Look how snowy it was!

In the evening, we started the Christmas eve "new PJs and DVD" tradition...

The children got changed into their new pyjamas and we took the obligatory family photos...

Toby then went to bed and the rest of us snuggled up with popcorn and Tesco party nibbles to watch DVDs (Princess and the Frog, and Up...I think).


Moving onto Christmas Day. We alternate between going to my Mum's and going to Liam's parents for Christmas lunch. They both live in the same town as us anyway, so whoever we're not having lunch with we go to see in the morning. Last year, we were due to have lunch at my Mum's...but on Christmas Eve her oven broke!! So it ended up being Christmas Day at our house last year!

We still opened the children's stockings in the morning like normal...

A very excited Izzy!!
Toby was more interested in Rudolph's leftover carrot!

and then my family arrived with all the food for Christmas lunch, and more presents!

My sister's boyfriend

Once most of the food prep was done and the turkey was in the oven, Liam and I took the children up to his Mum's house while my Mum stayed at ours keeping everything ticking along!

The children received yet more presents - it's lovely having so many family members nearby, but this post is a good reminder that I need to give away some of their current toys to make way for the new!!

Liam's Dad
Liam's sister

By the time we got back to our house, it was almost time to eat. It was certainly a little crowded, but my Mum  we made it work!

We had the usual turkey roast for main course, and then my Mum's "secret recipe passed down through generations" homemade Christmas Pudding, plus my lemon drizzle cake for dessert:

I love the Christmas Pudding so much. As it's our turn to go to Liam's parents' this year, I've begged my Mum to save me some. We fry the leftovers in butter as part of Boxing Day good! :)

After lunch, my family stayed at ours a bit for some more playing...

My Mum

And that is where the photos stopped. A long, but great, day.


Finally, Boxing Day. I don't know if you remember (!), but we had lots of snow last Christmas. We took advantage of that on Boxing Day by going sledging on the "slopes" near our house. Great fun!


Finally finally - I know this post has been a long one - I found a photo of me from 2 years ago, Christmas 2009, which made me laugh/shudder at how uncomfortable I was! Toby was due on 31st December (although didn't eventually make his appearance until 5th January) and I had gained 4.5 stone throughout the pregnancy. He was born weighing 11lbs 3oz, but that doesn't excuse all the weight gain! I was so uncomfortable - definitely ready to meet him by this stage!!

What are your favourite memories of Christmas? Do you have any Christmas traditions? We'll be doing the Christmas DVD night again - Izzy loved it and has been requesting it since well before the start of December! I haven't bought any new PJs yet though...something to add to the list!

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